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Watch The Markets, Watch Iran, Especially Watch China!

Months ago, I mentioned to an accountability partner that Kim Clement, a questionable prophet, was touting a season of making financial profits. I thought the idea was silly. Then he confided that there was still an opportunity to profit from the markets. I laughed mockingly, citing that there was nothing supporting the USA markets ascendance. Literally, the DOW was growing because all the other options were so appalling. Then I cited the Chinese conspiracy to drive our markets up—to acquire cheap gold—and then crash the USA markets. My friend cited a short window of opportunity, and to my chagrin, I ignored his advice.

Now, the Dow has risen to 16,000, and I’m on the sidelines. Because I couldn’t determine the window, I lost this last opportunity to profit quickly. In all actuality, I prayed about this issue. After my prayerful petition, I was fired from my software position in early October. A pink slip was my answer. No need to worry, HaShem supplied me with a much better job only days after I was terminated. Praise HaShem!
HaShem wants me to trust him going forward, and not in conventional thinking. Conventional thinking allows one to be deceived like in a card trick. Let’s examine our most serious issue today: The Chinese conspiracy card trick.    

Conspiracy: While our eyes are focused on war with Iran (Iran is HaShem’s problem-watch this),
and crazy markets, China is busy acquiring vast surpluses of gold. I truly believe that China is pushing USA markets up, only to crash them when it’s convenient. The only thing restraining China from crashing the dollar is HaShem’s hand. We’re that close.

Quote: Both the Pentagon and the People’s Liberation Army are building up their military strategies. It appears that a global war is in the making.
Saunders wrote that the Pentagon is proceeding with war preparations without oversight from the White House or Congress. This gives the impression that the Pentagon is operating as an independent state within the state. The Pentagon is relying on the AirSea Battle strategy, in which the US Army and Air Force will stand ready to support 320,000 military personnel in a simultaneous land and air attack against China in the event of a spillover war in the South China Sea or surrounding areas.

President Obama has spoken of a pivot to Asia, followed by the US Defence Department’s plan to move most of the US naval capability to the Asia Pacific to counter the rise of China. We can feel that the US military, in spite of the turmoil in Syria, Egypt and the Middle East, is re-asserting its influence in the Asia-Pacific. The US and China are now engaging in a full-scale currency war. A physical war could be the inevitable course. A rise of China threatens the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the US supremacy.
On China’s side, we can assume that the Chinese leadership has ordered a full preparation for a war with the United States. China has secretly built up its military capability, with modern weapons and sophisticated technology. China said it is ready to develop an anti-AirSea Battle strategy. China’s President has urged the military to prepare for the war and to fight to win.” -Doug Saunders of The Canadian Globe and Mail
What is China doing to divert our attention or position itself? Watch Money and Military.
(I don’t know who these people are-below.)

My opinion: The above opinion is astute.
USD is dead: China caps its dollar holdings & plans crude oil futures priced in yuan 21 Nov 2013

China’s central bank has said it no longer sees any benefit in increasing its $3.66 trillion foreign currency reserves – already the world’s largest. China will cap its purchases of US dollars in an effort to limit the depreciation of the yuan.
“It’s no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves,” Bloomberg quoted Yi Gang, a deputy governor at the central bank as saying Tuesday.

My opinion: China is awaiting HaShem’s orders to crash the dollar.
China's planned crude oil futures may be priced in yuan - SHFE

Nov 21 (Reuters) - The Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) may price its crude oil futures contract in yuan and use medium sour crude as its benchmark, its chairman said on Thursday, adding that the bourse is speeding up preparatory work to secure regulatory approvals.
My opinion: This is a subtle and clear message that China doesn’t need the dollar or the USA anymore.

U.S. vows to defend Japan if China air zone sparks crisis

Kerry urges restraint amid latest escalation

GENEVA – The United States said Saturday it was “deeply concerned” and committed to defending Japan after China announced an air zone in the East China Sea that covers disputed islets.

In a move that U.S. ally Japan branded as “very dangerous,” China said it was setting up an “air defense identification zone” over islands administered by Tokyo to “guard against potential air threats.”
China ‘challenging’ US military power: War Fears Rise After China Missile Tests Over Oregon
By truther November 24, 2013

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that the Vityaz early-warning radar system deployed along the entire Russian border has confirmed the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) launching from their Type 092 Xia-class nuclear ballistic-missile submarine (SSBN) of two atomic JL-2 missiles off the Northeast American coastline near the State of Oregon on Wednesday 30 October and Wednesday 20 November.
According to this report, these two latest sub-launched nuclear ballistic tests by China off the west coast of the United States were preceded by a similar test conducted on Monday 10 November 2010 when a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, deployed secretly from its underground home base on the south coast of Hainan island, launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from international waters off the southern California coast in full view of Los Angeles.

As the Pentagon and their US mainstream media sycophants covered up the 10 November 2010 China missile launch, this MoD report continues, they have likewise labeled the 30 October missile launch as a fireball-meteor and the 20 November one as ‘maybe’ another fireball-meteor or contrail.
Important to note, Russian intelligence analysts in this report say, was that China “cryptically warned” the US about its planned 30 October launch test when on Sunday 27 October the world was given a rare glimpse into China’s nuclear-powered submarine fleet, with State-owned media carrying extensive coverage of the previously mysterious strategic deterrence force.

The unprecedented revealing of the underwater fleet was a demonstration of China’s confidence in its sea-based nuclear strike capability and serves as a deterrent to any attempted provocation amid the changing geopolitical situation, said military observers.
My opinion: I reported the 11.10.2010 Chinese missile launch in my book, because it was that huge. As the USA was busy monetizing its debt, China proved a point: China would soon be the hegemon on the planet. Comet ISON may mark our fate.  

Below is China’s published plan to nuke the USA. I won’t laugh like I did about investing in the stock market months ago. China is deadly serious.

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