Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Comet ISON Signs: Recent Outburst Produces Six Tails Which Means Man

I love numbers in the Bible, because they have hidden meanings. Why is it thirty pieces of silver? Why are their twelve tribes? Why is David (dalet-4, vav-6, dalet-6) fourteen in normal passages, and a twenty-four (extra yod-10) in Chronicles? The numerical questions never end.

Although I’m not a huge proponent of Gematria and its cousin Kabbalah, sometimes Gematria numbers makes sense. One is unity, two is union, three is divine completeness, four is creation, five is grace (loving kindness/chesed), six is man/sin, seven is completeness, eight is new beginning, nine is divine blessings, and ten is law/judgment.
Hypothesis A: According to scientists, Comet ISON received a plasma from the sun yesterday causing it to sprout six tails. Since comets are ALWAYS an omen from HaShem, it seems like HaShem is telling us that the sins of man have reached the apex. If you derive another meaning, please tell me.

Hypothesis B: Let’s say that the sun has been accurately launching plasma salvoes at Comet ISON on November 13, and 19, 2013. What would happen if the sun would reverse polarity as Comet ISON circumnavigates it?   


Here is my favorite Comet ISON source:

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