Thursday, November 28, 2013

Coming Soon To A Church Near You: “When The Devil Takes A Vacation, He Goes To ____?”

Over the last few days, a few conversations have caused me anguish. One was about our churches falling apart, and the other was about our families falling apart.

Where do we turn when the family collapses, and the churches are no respite? We need to turn to HaShem, and his word; however, few of us realize that.

Let’s begin with addressing the imploding Church. Days ago, an accountability partner chided to me that there will not be a lone individual bearing the moniker: Antichrist. He believes that soon our greatest enemy will be a hybridized church that will persecute the godly. He is right, and he is wrong.

During the last days of the USA/Western hegemony, we won’t need to fear the Antichrist, for there will be many antichrists railing against the godly. Your family and neighbors, and world-wide church leaders could be the antichrists. Then, much later, we’ll see one man persecute and kill the Edomites, the Ishmaelites, and two-thirds of the Jews. We Gentiles have little to fear from him, because we’re not on his radar. So don’t fear one man, instead beware of the soon-coming hybrid world religion that kisses a False Mary.

Watch for signs of an amalgamation or bastardization of faiths centered on a False Mary. “Unity of Faithlessness” will be the sign that marks your departure from organized religion, and empty buildings. When the Satan is able to preach your weekly sermon, then it’s time to leave. We’re seeing the church weaken more every day. And John MacArthur’s preaching against the power of HaShem’s Spirit isn’t helping our cause either.
Now let’s examine the family and satanic strongholds.

My families’ deconstruction story pales in comparison to what I heard last week. This person needed to hear from another beleaguered soul that we don’t personify what we’ve been labeled: CRAZY. In this case, it was good to remind this kindred spirit that we’re not crazy, rather we’re enduring persecution. The details of this person’s story will remain private; however, the principles are the same: The Satan yearns to destroy families.
This person’s story came in response to a recent blog where I cautioned friends to avoid me. To their credit, no one took my advice. All my friends EXPECT persecution soon, regardless of an affiliation with me.

The Satan knows our principals, and our adherence to decorum. Read: “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. Thus, he wins nearly every fight with a standard Christian. There will be times in the future where we will literally need to be wise as serpents. We will need to be cunning in the face satanic attacks against our families. Is your family worth the fight?
This is the time to close ranks on the outside world and strengthen your family. Read the Bible together, and pray together, so the attacks will deflect-off elsewhere.

Where is a safe place for a family?
I recently heard this powerful phrase: “When the devil takes a vacation, he goes to Tibet.” Believe it or not, there are many satanic strongholds across the planet. The Bible lists one great example.

Then he said to me, “Don’t be afraid, Dani’el; because since the first day that you determined to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words have been heard; and I have come because of what you said. The prince of the kingdom of Persia prevented me from coming for twenty-one days; but Mikha’el, one of the chief princes, came to assist me; so that I was no longer needed there with the kings of Persia. So I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the acharit-hayamim; for there is still another vision which will relate to those days.” Daniel 10:12-14 (CJB)
In a recent blog, I mentioned that I won’t go into a satanic stronghold without a competent accountability partner. An accountability partner should be of the same sex, and willing to get in your face when sin is crouching at your door. If possible, spouses or children shouldn’t be accountability partners, and the battlefield is no place for your family. Just as you need to be aware of your surroundings and fellow friendly warriors, families need to be aware when they are entering dominions of the Satan. I avoid many places. Note to self: If Fatima will be your Waterloo, then don’t go to Fatima. Not every fight is an essential fight.

The end times are like this Hebrew word: qol. In English we translate qol as all. It actually means the essential part, the all of the all. Then note that the end times will be more like triage, than saving everybody. As HaShem will save the essential part, you will need to concentrate on what you can do minimally, and not on everything that needs to be done. While you may find it easy to extinguish a burning sheet of paper, you can’t personally extinguish our soon-coming world-wide forest fire.
Just as the weeds are collected and burned up in the fire, so will it be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will collect out of his Kingdom all the things that cause people to sin and all the people who are far from Torah; and they will throw them into the fiery furnace, where people will wail and grind their teeth. Then the righteous will shine forth like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let him hear! Matthew 13:40-43 (CJB)

When greater authority is transferred to the Satan soon, please don’t venture into his strongholds alone. Don’t be cocky, for that is not what boldly coming before the throne means. Instead, run away from fights and riots. Your Lord may return within nine years, so stay alive and keep fighting, and don’t lose your faith.
When the shaking and fires begin, take my friend Bill Cloud’s advice.

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