Friday, November 29, 2013

ISON: Comet Of The Century? No, Yet It Survives Its Trip Around The Sun.

When I recall watching Comet ISON’s trek around the sun on Thanksgiving Day, I fondly recall the Peanut’s Cartoon show about the “Great Pumpkin,” where Linus dupes Sally into wasting her evening on waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. Comet ISON reminds me of the Great Pumpkin.

Comet ISON survived its sling-shot excursion around the sun. Big deal! Yawn.

What’s left of Comet ISON is not the comet of the century. I doubt if it has any meaning at all. I was hoping for a Halley’s Comet experience like 66 CE, where the comet hung in the sky like a sword over Jerusalem, for nearly six months. Nothing says “Judgment” like a comet hanging over your head like a sword!
I guess its back to the drawing board for this frustrated eschatologist! Signs of the Fourth Seal of Revelation will have to wait for another day. I know that I’m close to a breakthrough; however, there’s nothing specific to note…today.



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