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Do Mary/Fatima Patterns Indicate World War 3 Begins After 5.13.2017?

revelation_1“The main message that people need to know in order be prepared is that between May 13th [17 Iyyar 5777] and October 13, 2017 [23 Tishrei 5778-Simchat Torah-eighth day of Sukkot], this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death.” Horacio Villegas (I haven’t vetted him yet.) Mystic claims World War 3 is IMMINENT & predicts ‘the death of president Assad NEXT Month’

Since 2006, I’ve been attempting to unlock the mysteries of the end times by researching all available sources, from the Bible, to Called Prophets, and even the mystical False Prophets. By triangulating information, and vetting more sources, readers have been offered possible scenarios that will help them prepare for the worst, and be edified regardless. Eschatologists should never fit into a mold, rather they should follow the Bible and data wherever it leads, with a constant prayer-covering and good prayer warrior friends. This produces better results.
What drives me on is ascertaining why, during the time my former wife began her affair, demons rampaged my family like the Job story, with open visible warfare. (Yes the shedim, the demons, wear masks.)

Because some of my scenarios seem wildly bizarre, I switched my book from a Master’s Thesis to a novel. Speculators speculate, while scholars cite facts and vetted sources. I employ both in my findings with a Confirmation Bias: Our Messiah is returning soon. It’s a novel concept.
I trust many Called Prophets, dead or alive; but I follow others because they have information that demands being vetted. Some of my sources include Roman Catholic Mystics, Jewish Mystics, and Muslim Prophecies. Blanche if you must, but these sources provide a critical third leg for triangulating against vetted godly sources. Nearly all my author peers read the mystics, including the Zohar, the most mystical of Jewish commentators. However, I’m the only one with a familial connection to Moses de Leon that wrote the Zohar.

I’ve researched old Roman Catholic prophecies, and gleaned much. St. Malachy’s (1094-1148) mystical Prophecy of the Popes seems to be highly accurate. I’ve listened to old Art Bell tapes of Fr. Malachi Martin describe the end times, and concluded he was a good man. His reference to the Third Letter of Fatima, harmonizes well with the 1917 Mary Apparitions, and the UFO appearance on October 13, 1917, with the present-day drum beat of war.
T or F: How do you categorize this? Fatima and Third Secret Exposé 3/11: Fatima Censure, 3 Days of Darkness/Warning, Underground Cities   

All of those thirteens were unnerving. It’s a pattern. Am I attempting to state a case for WW3 beginning on May 13, 2017? No, but the evidence is odd, and merits further investigation. And, the last day of Horatio Vilegas’ prediction is on Simchat Torah (Hebrew: שִׂמְחַת תורָה), which is "The Day of Rejoicing in the Torah.” We celebrate the end of the Torah reading annual cycle, and the beginning of a new cycle, like moving from the seventh to the eighth millennium. The seventh day of Sukkot is called Hoshana Rabbah and the eighth is called Simchat Torah, the Biblical holiday of Shemini Atzeret ("Eighth Day of Assembly"), which follows immediately after the festival of Sukkot in the month of Tishrei (mid-September to early October on the Gregorian calendar).

Dates of Mary Visitations to Fatima, Portugal
13 May 1917            21 Iyyar 5677  >  13 May 2017           17 Iyyar 5777 Pope arrives in Fatima
13 June 1917            23 Sivan 5677
13 July 1917              23 Tammuz 5677
19 August 1917         1 Elul 5677
13 September 1917   26 Elul 5677
13 October 1917       27 Tishrei 5678 > 13 October 2017   23 Tishrei 5778 Simchat Torah Eighth

Saturday, May 13, 2017 (5777): 10am Outdoor Mass at the basilica. It’s official: Pope Francis to canonize Fatima visionaries during May visit
I’ve always considered the Mary Apparitions—observed at Fatima (Muslim name, former Muslim location), Portugal and Medjugorje (Muslim DMZ), Bosnia and the UFO sighting—to be demonic omens, possibly a reincarnation of the Goddess Sophia. And, in my 2012 book “Danny’s Inferno,” I presented a case where the 1917 apparitions would be a one hundred year (two Hebrew Jubilees) warning of another set of apparitions, leading to wars and the end of the world seven to ten years later. 

Fatima was the daughter of Mohammed; whereas Fatima, Portugal was named after a Muslim convert in 1568, one year after the second Jubilee after the infamous 1517 Jubilee Year where Muslims conquered Jerusalem, Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses, and other events occurred. It’s odd to see a Christian site, bearing a Muslim name, be a mystical catalyst.  
The rub: Can mystical or evil sources produce accurate end time’s prophecy? Mary apparitions could reveal an end time’s pattern. But, can we trust unvetted sources?

God supplied accurate prophecies to Lamech in Genesis 4:26, as his evil accursing words created a four hundred-ninety year covenant with God. Wicked Prophet Balaam prophesied accurately in Numbers 22-24 despite being offered riches to curse Israel. In Isaiah 45:1 Cyrus was called God’s Messiah concerning liberating Hebrews from Babylon, and he was a man of great bloodshed. The more you look, the more you realize God involves all peoples from all nations in mysterious ways.
Mikhay’hu continued: “Therefore hear the word of Adonai. I saw Adonai sitting on his throne with the whole army of heaven standing by him on his right and on his left. Adonai asked, ‘Who will entice Ach’av to go up to his death at Ramot-Gil‘ad?’ One of them said, ‘Do it this way,’ and another, ‘Do it that way.’ Then a spirit stepped up, stood in front of Adonai and said, ‘I will entice him.’ Adonai asked, ‘How?’ and he answered, ‘I will go and be a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all his prophets.’ Adonai said, ‘You will succeed in enticing him. Go, and do it.’ So now Adonai has put a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours; meanwhile, Adonai has ordained disaster for you.” 1 Kings 22:19-23 (CJB)

I don’t know how to reconcile unvetted prophecies that come true, and I can’t invest twenty to forty hours into every story on the internet. My research proves we’re in the Jubilee Year through the erev Sabbath, 3.16.2018 (Adar 29, 5778), so God must redeem (goel) what He must redeem (goel) by then according to His word. Other than His word, it’s just noise, possibly imperative noise. We’re commanded to test ALL prophesies that sound like noise.    
Do not quench the Ruach Hakodesh [Spirit of Holiness]. Do not reject nevu’ot (prophecies). But test kol davar (everything); hold fast to haTov [the Good]. Abstain from every appearance of ra’ah (evil). 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 (OJB)

The end game: Merging disparate Roman Catholics with Muslims. “The Catholic Church…has become one of Islam’s loudest boosters”
A 1,500-year-old prophecy that puzzled generations of scholars has finally been deciphered, its secrets revealed by a hidden sage who has sent out the message that the imminent conflict in North Korea will culminate in the final war. His message contains several stern warnings about how to cope with the difficult times ahead.

Renowned but reclusive Torah scholar Rabbi Moshe Aharon HaKohen, himself a mysterious man, has finally deciphered a 1,500-year-old book of esoteric teachings concerning the days before Messiah. Rabbi HaKohen is over 100 years old and accessible to only a few select people, but when he understood the urgent nature of what he had learned, he relayed a message to Rabbi Yosef Berger about the prophecies, which directly concern the present situation in North Korea.
Norway Prophecy: 1968: An old woman of 90 from Valdres in Norway had a vision from God in 1968.  The evangelist Emanuel Minos had meetings (services) where she lived.  He had the opportunity to meet her, and she told him what she had seen. He wrote it down, but thought it to be so unintelligible that he put it in a drawer.  Now, almost 30 years later, he understands he has to share the vision with others.

The woman from Valdres was a very alert, reliable, awake and credible Christian, with a good reputation among all who knew her.  This is what she saw:
“I saw the time just before the coming of Jesus and the outbreak of the Third World War.  I saw the events with my natural eyes.  I saw the world like a kind of a globe and saw Europe, land by land.  I saw Scandinavia.  I saw Norway.  I saw certain things that would take place just before the return of Jesus, and just before the last calamity happens, a calamity the likes of which we have never before experienced.”

She mentioned four waves:
1. “First before Jesus comes and before the Third World War breaks out there will be a ‘détente’ like we have never had before.  There will be peace between the super powers in the east and the west, and there will be a long peace. (Remember, that this was in 1968 when the cold war was at its highest. E. Minos).  In this period of peace there will be disarmament in many countries, also in Norway and we are not prepared when it (the war) comes.  The Third World War will begin in a way no one would have anticipated – and from an unexpected place.”

2. “A lukewarmness without parallel will take hold of the Christians, a falling away from true, living Christianity.  Christians will not be open for penetrating preaching.  They will not, like in earlier times, want to hear of sin and grace, law and gospel, repentance and restoration.  There will come a substitute instead: prosperity (happiness) Christianity.”
“The important thing will be to have success, to be something; to have material things, things that God never promised us in this way.  Churches and prayer houses will be emptier and emptier.  Instead of the preaching we have been used to for generations -like, to take your cross up and follow Jesus, – entertainment, art and culture will invade the churches where there should have been gatherings for repentance and revival.  This will increase markedly just before the return of Jesus.”

3. “There will be a moral disintegration that old Norway has never experienced the likes of.  People will live together like married without being married.  (I do not believe the concept ‘co-habitor’? existed in 1968 – E. Minos.)  Much uncleanness before marriage, and much infidelity in marriage will become the natural (the common), and it will be justified from every angle.  It will even enter Christian circles and we pet it – even sin against nature.  Just before Jesus return there will be TV- programs like we have never experienced.” (TV had just arrived in Norway in 1968. E. Minos)
“TV will be filled with such horrible violence that it teaches people to murder and destroy each other, and it will be unsafe in our streets.  People will copy what they see.  There will not be only one ‘station’ on TV, it will be filled with ‘stations.’  (She did not know the word ‘channel’ which we use today.  Therefore she called them stations. E. Minos.)  TV will be just like the radio where we have many ‘stations,’ and it will be filled with violence.  People will use it for entertainment.  We will see terrible scenes of murder and destruction one of the other, and this will spread in society.  Sex scenes will also be shown on the screen, the most intimate things that takes place in a marriage.” (I protested and said, we have a paragraph that forbids this kind of thing. E. Minos.)  There the old woman said: “It will happen, and you will see it.  All we have had before will be broken down, and the most indecent things will pass before our eyes.”

4. “People from poor countries will stream to Europe. (In 1968 there was no such thing as immigration. E. Minos.)  They will also come to Scandinavia – and Norway.  There will be so many of them that people will begin to dislike them and become hard with them.  They will be treated like the Jews before the Second World War.  Then the full measure of our sins will have been reached” (I protested at the issue of immigration.  I did not understand it at the time. E. Minos.)
The tears streamed from the old woman’s eyes down her cheeks. “I will not see it, but you will.  Then suddenly, Jesus will come and the Third World War breaks out.  It will be a short war.” (She saw it in the vision.)

“All that I have seen of war before is only child’s play compared to this one, and it will be ended with a nuclear atom bomb.  The air will be so polluted that one cannot draw one’s breath.  It will cover several continents, America, Japan, Australia and the wealthy nations.  The water will be ruined (contaminated?).  We can no longer till the soil.  The result will be that only a remnant will remain.  The remnant in the wealthy countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but they will be as hard on us as we were on them.”
“I am so glad that I will not see it, but when the time draws near, you must take courage and tell this.  I have received it from God, and nothing of it goes against what the Bible tells.”

“The one who has his sin forgiven and has Jesus as Savior and Lord, is safe.”

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Solving Biblical Enigmas? The Two Witnesses Arrive? Restarted Sacrifices?

Breaking Israel News: Rabbi Baruch Kahane
Happy Rosh Chodesh Nisan/Aviv (means spring) 5777! This is the other Jewish New Year, and it has a deep meaning too, like an enigma, because according to the Torah, this is the real New Year. Yes, the rabbis are wrong about the year 5777 (closer to 5999) and the first month, which is always Aviv in the Bible. 
The Bible has many unanswerable enigmas. One that I study is the two unknown clean men from Numbers 19. Who are they? Orthodox Rabbis have never ascertained who they are, and they’re an enigma to Messianic Scholars too. Another enigma is who the Two Witnesses might be? Could they be the same men? Another enigma is when the sacrificial system would restart. Is there another connection between these three enigmas?

Let’s consider the reinstitution of the Sacrificial System first. Based on Hebrew letter types and shadows, it could begin on Nisan 1 of any year, found in Exodus 38:21 and chapter 40.

These are the accounts of the tabernacle, the tabernacle of the testimony, recorded… Exodus 38:21, and in Hebrew: eleh p'qudei (remember/visit/appoint) HaMishkan (THE Tabernacle) Mishkan (important repeat for emphasis) ha’adute (the chosen ones of the congregation) asher puqad (important repeat of remembering/visiting/appointing) ... (later in the parshah, chapter 40) the first month in the second year, on the first day of the month (Nisan 1/Aviv 1) the Tabernacle was erected. Moses erected the Tabernacle (important repeat).
Nisan 1 is tonight. In any year, Nisan 1 could be an interesting date to watch.

According to my research, the Sacrificial System will restart on Nisan 1 in the end of days with Holy Sacrifices (Zevach: zayin-beit-chet) on a Holy Alter (Mizbeach: mem-zayin-beit-chet) near the Holy of Holies (Naos), with nothing but a simple tent (Tabernacle/Ohel Moed/Miqdash and/or Chuppah/Kippur) to cover everything. Hebrew and Greek scripture supports that there will be ‘No Temple’ until one descends from Heaven without human involvement in passages found in Daniel 9, 2 Thessalonians 2, and all of Revelation.  
To restart sacrifices, we need a High Priest: Sanhedrin Appoints High Priest in Preparation for Third Temple

We don’t need an end time’s human built temple, or what everybody expects: THE Antichrist Temple. The original Hebrew and Greek texts confirm end time’s sacrifices, but no temple. Plus, we don’t know who the Two Witnesses are, or what they will do. Finally, the sacrifices can’t be restarted whenever we desire, because God prescribes decrees related to these events. Jewish sages describe this “as the quintessential decree of the Torah, meaning that it is beyond human understating.”
Based on Numbers 19, you can’t just determine to restart everything in human ways, for God must provide two unknown ritually clean men to initiate the processes. Please note, only Enoch and Eliyahu qualify as ritually clean men able to restart sacrifices by adding items to be burned with the Red Heifer. The conundrum is the unknown men become unclean by slaughtering the Parah Adumah (Red Cow), and the other unknown man becomes unclean by gathering the burnt ashes (If top Orthodox Rabbis don’t understand this Chuqat Decree, why should I get it?).  

[Who and What?] HASHEM spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying: “This is the decree of the Torah which HASHEM has commanded, saying: Speak to the children of Israel, and they shall take to you a completely red cow, which is without blemish, and upon which a yoke has not come. You shall give it to Elazar the Kohen; he shall take it out to the outside of the camp and someone [Who? Enoch?] shall slaughter it in his presence. Elazar the Kohen shall take some of its blood his forefinger, and sprinkle some of its blood toward the front of the Tent of Meeting [Tabernacle/Ohel Moed, no Temple needed] seven times. Someone [Who? It must be another man. Eliyahu?] shall burn the cow before his eyes—its hide, and its flesh, and its blood, with its dung shall he burn. The Kohen shall take the cedar wood, hyssop, and crimson thread and he shall throw [them] into the burning of the cow.
The Kohen shall immerse his clothing and immerse himself in water, and afterward he may enter the camp; and the Kohen shall remain contaminated until the evening. The one [Who? Eliyahu?] who burns it shall immerse his clothing in water and immerse himself in water; and he shall remain contaminated until evening. A pure man [ Who? Both men are now unclean.] shall gather the ash of the cow and place [it] outside the camp in a pure place. For the assembly of Israel it shall remain as a safekeeping, for water of sprinkling; it is for purification. The one who gathers the ash of the cow shall immerse his clothing and remain contaminated until the evening. It shall be for the children of Israel and for the proselyte [believing Gentiles too!] who dwells among you as an eternal decree. Numbers 19:2-10 (Chumash Stone Edition)

Who can draw a pure thing out of an impure one? Is it not the one [God]? Job 14:4
“It is not the corpse that causes contamination or the ashes of the cow that cause purity. These are the decrees of God, and man has no right to question them.” (Midrash)

Timing: On the first day of Nisan, the day the tabernacle was inaugurated, they [the laws of the Red Cow] were given again in the form of a commandment, and the very next day, on the second of Nisan, Moses oversaw the burning of the first Red Cow. (Gittin 60b; Yerushalmi, Megilah 3:5)
Somewhere in the final seven years, the Two Witnesses arrive. In my estimation, they are Enoch and Eliyahu, the only two men that never died. I believe the Two Witnesses arrive before the final seven years to activate certain ritual processes. My logical date would be in Nisan, of any year. So, watch Nisan, just before Passover this year.   

Caveat: God makes the rules. Even though Chaim Richman from the Temple Institute believes he has a High Priest and two ritually clean men from his dozens of Cohens, he has no one that’s ritually clean by Torah Standards. We need two men that are ritually clean (Tahor), by God’s standards to slaughter the Red Heifer before the Sacrificial System may restart. What if these men are found in Revelation and Zechariah?
[Who? from Revelation] I was given a measuring rod like a stick and told, “Get up, and measure [with a plumbline in the hand of Z’rubavel] the Temple [Naos mistranslation: only the Holy of Holies] of God and the altar [Mizbeach: mem-zayin-beit-chet], and count how many people are worshipping [Zavach: sacrificing: zayin-beit-chet] there! But the court outside the Temple [Naos mistranslation, only the Holy of Holies]: leave that out; don’t measure it; because it has been given to the Goyim, and they will trample over the holy city for forty-two months. “Also I will give power to my two witnesses; and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, dressed in sackcloth.”  These are the two olive trees and the two menorahs standing before the Lord of the earth. If anyone tries to do them harm, fire comes out of their mouth and consumes their enemies — yes, if anyone tries to harm them, that is how he must die. They have the authority to shut up the sky, so that no rain falls during the period of their prophesying; also they have the authority to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want. Revelation 11:1-6 (CJB)

[Who? From Zechariah] This message from Adonai came to me: ‘The hands of Z’rubavel have laid the foundation of this house, and his hands will also finish it.’ Then you will know that Adonai-Tzva’ot sent me to you. For even someone who doesn’t think much of a day when such minor events take place will rejoice at seeing the plumbline in the hand of Z’rubavel. So these seven are the eyes of Adonai that range about over all the earth.” I replied by asking him, “What are those two olive trees on the right and left sides of the menorah?” Then I asked the question again: “What are those two olive branches discharging gold [-colored oil] through the two gold spouts?” He replied, “Don’t you know what they are?” I answered, “No, my Lord.” He said, “Those are the two who have been anointed with oil; they are standing with the Lord of all the land.” Zechariah 4:8-14 (CJB)
The Two Witnesses need to arrive before the final seven years to restart “The Holy” (at the Alter/Mizbeach). He will make a strong[er] covenant [gevar in Hebrew, he strengthens the covenant] with leaders for one week [of years]. For half of the week he will put a stop to the sacrifice [Zevach] and the grain offering [Minchah]. On the wing [Knaph/not a Temple] of detestable things the desolator will come and continue until the already decreed destruction is poured out on the desolator.” Daniel 9:27 (CJB)

“So when you see the abomination that causes devastation spoken about through the prophet Dani’el standing in the Holy Place [Alter/Mizbeach, by inference: Near the Naos/Holy of Holies]” (let the reader understand the allusion), “that will be the time for those in Y’hudah to escape to the hills. Matthew 24:15-16 (CJB)
For the Day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom. He will oppose himself to everything that people call a god or make an object of worship; he will put himself above them all, so that he will sit in the Temple [Naos/Holy of Holies, by inference: Near the Alter/Mizbeach]” of God and proclaim that he himself is God. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 (CJB)

[When?] When they finish their witnessing, the beast coming up out of the Abyss will fight against them, overcome them and kill them; and their dead bodies will lie in the main street of the great city [Jerusalem] whose name, to reflect its spiritual condition, is “S’dom” and “Egypt” — the city where their Lord was executed on a stake. Some from the nations, tribes, languages and peoples see their bodies for three-and-a-half days and do not permit the corpses to be placed in a tomb. The people living in the Land rejoice over them, they celebrate and send each other gifts, because these two prophets tormented them so. But after the three-and-a-half days a breath of life from God entered them, they stood up on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them. Then the two heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here!” And they went up into heaven in a cloud, while their enemies watched them. In that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city collapsed. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were awestruck and gave glory to the God of heaven. The second woe has passed; behold, the third woe is soon to come. (The Seventh Trumpet) Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, Revelation 11:7-15 (ESV)
Here’s my Two Witnesses’ chronology: The Two Witnesses arrive prior to the final seven years to restart the sacrifices. They also bless and seal the 144,000 from twelve tribes. “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads!” I heard how many were sealed — 144,000 from every tribe of the people of Isra’el: Revelation 7:3-4 (CJB)

The Seven Seals open prior to the final seven years. All seven are survivable. The first four Trumpets are explainable; whereas, the final Three Woes are unnatural. All Seven Trumpets occur during the first forty-two months of the final seven years. The final Seven Bowls are poured out on humanity during the last forty-two months of the final seven years. Please add the Three Woes to the Seven Bowls to arrive at Ten Final Judgements, rhyming with the Egyptian plagues.
Revelation 11:14 clearly states: “The second woe has passed; behold, the third woe is soon to come.” This is a way of stating we’re almost to the mid-point of the final seven years.

Nearing the mid-point of the final seven years, the Beast arrives in Jerusalem after selectively slaughtering all the non-Jewish Sons of Abraham described in Daniel 11:36-45. He has only one goal remaining: Kill the Two Prophets and force all Jews to worship him. They will accept him, and then reject him.
After the Beast receives a head wound, he will revive to kill the remaining Jews on the planet. There will be a Second Exodus as detailed in Isaiah 11:11-12 & 19, Jeremiah 16 & 23, Amos 9:14-15, Zechariah 10:10-11, and Revelation 12:14

The Beast’s only opportunity to nullify God’s plans is to kill all of the remaining Sons of Abraham, and break God’s promise to them. He will nearly succeed, but fail.
There won’t be any Jews in Jerusalem requiring Two Witnesses and their advice after the mid-point, so that’s why they won’t be there.

Shalom, and Happy New Year!

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Is This THE Red Heifer? When Will Tribulation Begin? 2017? 2018?

Rabbi Benny Hershcovich discovered a purely red heifer on a farm in Baja, Mexico. (Facebook, Benny Hershcovich)

Nothing happened on January 15, 2017, so everything is awesome? Please note what was done in secret is rarely exposed until God exposes it. The real date of some event was December 23, 2016, just prior to Chanukah 5777 and Christmas. And, they convened again in Paris on January 17, 2017 too.
Did the world dodge the bullet? No. Did the New World Order blink? No. Will there be peace and Safety in our lifetime? No. The Seven Seals, the Birth Pangs, will progress regardless. We’re expecting the Fourth Seal sometime soon, which is part of the Birth Pangs, but there are more signs coming, like Red Heifers.

“It’s part of who we are and represents an important part of our future. Seeing it shows that our hope can be realized,” Rabbi Hershcovich said. “We always wonder if something we read in the news is the thing that will bring Moshiach. Seeing this red heifer in front of my eyes shows that it can indeed happen at any moment, in any location.” (Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz)

In a moment, events will turn ugly. Anti-God forces will riot and create chaos worldwide. Markets will crash and armies will amass ready to fight against God. Will you recognize the signs, the Birth Pangs?
(From Faithful Walk Healing Ministries) "This current administration campaigned on a platform of unifying the nation, but by striking at the state, they intend to turn us against one another."

Remember, TIME magazine titled Donald Trump as the president of the "Divided States of America". And so far, the train is on schedule as planned. I believe Obama will help lead a revolt against the current administration, and it will be laced with phrases like "freedom, tolerance, anti-racism, love, and unity". It is the platform for the rise of the Beast.
A war is coming. Do you remember what the Lord told Dumitru Duduman? He said that there will be a civil war within the nation, and that while the government is unsuccessfully trying to regain order, Russia will come in and invade us.

We really, truly need to get our heads out of the sand, and come down off of this fake euphoria of peace and safety. We need to stop coming against one another, and trying to prove one another wrong, and we need to bind together and begin to repent and cry out to the Lord. Judgment is here...Judgment is here! And the ONLY way we're going to make it through, so that revival will come, is that we open our eyes and ears to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying in this hour.
Three Things...

1. This will be an usually hot year. It will get warm fast, and last longer than normal.

2. We will see "wicked" storms (i.e. tornados, severe thunderstorms, lighting storms, wind gusts, flash flooding etc.) come across various places. I saw entire neighborhoods leveled by tornados.
3. A war is coming against the Christians. Persecution will rise within our walls. There will be blood on the streets. Stay sober. Keep your armor on; for we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood.

At the tail end of the month of June, I shared a vivid dream I had regarding Obama with the sentence "Chaos is coming" written on his forehead. In the dream, I talk about a man named "Kevin" that Obama was addressing when he said, "I'm gonna give them what they deserve!" I also noted that Donald Trump was in the meeting with them.
Tonight, I just learned that Obama has appointed a post-president spokesman by the name of Kevin Lewis. (Mena Lee Grebin)

“…that the greatest persecution will be from within the 'Body'—all those wolves in sheeps' clothing.” (a friend)
But you have no need to have anything written to you, brothers, about the times and dates when this will happen; because you yourselves well know that the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. When people are saying, "Everything is so peaceful and secure," then destruction will suddenly come upon them, the way labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and there is no way they will escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 (CJB) 

I’m stating the signs of an increased covenant beginning Daniel’s seventieth week of years weren’t and won’t be reported to serfs like us. However, we have the Bible and prophets to help us understand where we are in the end time’s signs.
During his death year of 1217 (4977) R. Judah ben Samuel (1140-1217, 77 years) prophesied the last Ten Jubilees for the world. “When the Ottomans (Turks) – who were already a power to be reckoned with on the Bosporus in the time of Judah Ben Samuel – conquer Jerusalem [1517, 5277] they will rule over Jerusalem for eight jubilees [1917, 5677]. Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-man’s land for one jubilee, and then in the ninth jubilee [1967, 5677] it will once again come back into the possession of the Jewish nation – which would signify the beginning of the Messianic end time [5777, Aviv 1, 2017-Adar 29, 2018].”

During the forty days preparing for Yom Kippur 1517 (5277) Selim I (Ottoman Empire) prepared to enter Jerusalem to begin four hundred years of Muslim control. During the forty days prior to Yom Kippur 1867 (5627), while Mark Twain surveyed desolation above, Sir Charles Warren discovered the shaft connecting the Gihon Spring water source to the Temple Mount.  On August 29, 1897 (Elul 1 5657) the First Zionist Congress convened by Theodor Herzl to promote creating and returning to the land of Israel. On Passover 1917 (5677), the United States declared war on the Central Powers, including the Ottoman Empire quickly ending the Caliphate, and their control over Israel. Within months, the signs of this Jubilee Year miracle would manifest in the Balfour Agreement (1917) and Allenby peacefully walking into Jerusalem (1917). (Do you see a pattern? Do you see any sevens?)
Seventy is important to God. Seventy represents the Jacob’s children and nations in Genesis. Seventy represents Elders/Judges and judgment of the Sanhedrin in Exodus. In Jeremiah seventy represents the years of Shemitahs Israel didn’t keep. In the end times, Mark Biltz states “Gog and Magog” will attack Israel (add up the Hebrew letters and its seventy-nations, and possibly President Obama).  

Evangelist Sadhu Sundar Salvaraj states we shouldn’t calculate Israel’s rebirth with May 14, 1948, rather we should begin counting at either September 3, 1947 (18 Elul 5707-favorable UN Committee report) or November 29, 1947 (16 Kislev 5708), when the UN decree went out to create the nation state of Israel. We are celebrating the seventieth anniversary of this momentous decree this year.
2017 Prophecy For Israel & USA: America Will Be Divided Into Two Like Israel • Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj  

(Listen closely for burning asteroids. These are the Sixth Seal and First Trumpet. Also, listen for new diseases. The Greek word “Therion” in Revelation 6:8 references microscopic beasts, and possibly animal/zombie attacks. Although he won’t state it, he’s describing that we’re moving into the Fourth Seal. I’m not endorsing Sadhu, but I’m curious.)

Run Fast-from Sadhu Sundar Salvaraj [my comments in brackets]: On Rosh Hashanah eve [5777-begins the ten-day countdown to Yom Kippur, when judgment is determined and meted out], October 1, 2016, I saw a vision: I saw the heavens opened before me. In a certain part of heaven, I saw many horses as if they were tied. As I kept on looking and wondering what this might signify, the Word of the Lord came unto me: “These horses will be released [the Messiah returns amidst many horses] on Rosh Hashanah to them for whom it is appointed.” I then pondered in my heart, “Why a horse? What does it signify?” Then the Lord God began to say, “You need to run fast, really fast.” That does not mean we sign up to run in any track events for the Olympic Games. To run fast means we need to do the works of God quickly. The Lord further said: “Finish up any unaccomplished works.” Which means whatever God has asked you to do in this year—2016 or in the previous years which you have not done so far, it must be done quickly—fast without delay. So let’s put away every manner of giving excuses to God, and be diligent and steadfast to do the works of God.

At the writing of this message, I see, in a vision, the Lord Jesus standing before me with a long drawn sword [Revelation 6:3-4 cites a short Mach-ahee-rah sword, and this a long Supernatural Rhompahia Sword in vv.7-8] in His hand. The vision signifies: O “The Lord’s patience is waxing thin against compromisers and procrastinators.” I hear the Lord Jesus, “My Spirit will not strive with them forever.” He is stretching out His sword straight at you and says, “My Spirit will not strive with man forever. My Spirit will not strive with their churches forever. My Spirit will not strive with their compromisers forever. My Spirit will not compromise; will not put up with the procrastinators anymore. Let them put their house in order for time will delay no longer.” The house of the Lord must be built according to His plans and His visions. His patience is waxing thin. Let’s not despise the days of grace.
The Lord God is also going to release the Spirit of Elijah all over the world. Malachi 4:5 says: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” The Spirit of Elijah is going to be released all over the world. All over the world, people are going to say that they saw Elijah in a vision, and they had a visitation from Elijah, and he brought scrolls to give them.’ The Bible says very clearly that Elijah will come to prepare the way of the Lord.

[Rabbi Judah ben Samuel – “The prophet Elijah, who will precede the Messiah, appeared to me and revealed many things to me and emphasized that the precondition for answered prayer is that it is fueled by enthusiasm and joy for the greatness and holiness of God.”]
The Sword: October 3, 2016, being the first day of Rosh Hashanah, I spend the morning hours waiting on God. The Lord visited me and laid a long sword on my bed. It was a very glorious looking sword. It was very intriguing in design. The Lord then spoke to me five things concerning the Sword. It will cut and heal. It will go in the midst of the nations and cause destruction. It will plead before the sinners (cp. Isa 66:16). It will war against Satan and His wiles. The Bible says very clearly that we should be ignorant of the devil’s wiles (2 Cor 2:11). The Lord’s Word is a sharp sword (Heb 4:12) that has been sharpened seven times (Ps 12:6).

When a person meditates the Word of God, the Word of God as a sword will enter deep inside you. And it will do three things: it will cut your flesh; refine your soul and purify your spirit. There is another very interesting thing about this Jewish New Year. The English calendar is the year 2016. But for the Jews, it is the year 5777. It signifies the Year of the Shining Sword. The Year of the Shining Sword signifies five things: God will make His people a weapon. You will become a sword in the hand of the Lord. The Bible says that the children are like arrows in a man’s hand (Ps 127:4-5). The Scripture uses the metaphor of an arrow for children. An arrow is an instrument of weapon. In the same way, God says that His people will be a sword in His hand. The sword will expose everything hidden in our hearts (Heb 4:12). The sword will expose everything that is hidden deep in our hearts so that we can become a living and worthy sacrifice unto God.
The Spirit of Elijah will be released to bring division in the church. The Lord Jesus Himself said that He did not come to bring peace but to bring a division (Lk 12:51). In the same manner, the Spirit of Elijah will come to bring division in the church. What kind of division? The division to separate the sheep from the goats, to separate the weeds from the tares, and to sift the wise virgins from the foolish virgins, and to sift the true believers who have made themselves ready as the bride from the apostate believers.

The Spirit of Elijah will come upon the last days’ prophetic company so that they will rebuke the wickedness in the church today. They will call the church to accountability. The prophet Elijah, during his days, rebuked King Ahab and Israel for their wickedness to worship idols (1 Kg 18). The prophet John the Baptist rebuked King Herod and his wife Herodias for their adulterous and wicked lifestyle (Matt 14:3-4).
The Spirit of Elijah will come upon the last days’ prophetic company to make them bold against fear. After the prophet Elijah had killed 850 false prophets, King Ahab reported this to his dear wife, Jezebel. Jezebel was so mad because she was trying to make Israel a haven for demons. That is why she appointed 850 false prophets to set up altars for demon worship all over the country. And the prophet Elijah had slaughtered every one of them and destroyed all the high places and altars. She was extremely mad and issued a challenge, “So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time” (1 Kg 19:3).

As soon as the prophet Elijah heard this threat, this great and bold man of faith and power, became fearful and ran away for his dear life. He failed. He failed because instead of being bold he allowed fear and intimidation to dominate him. So where he failed, the Spirit of Elijah will now come upon the last days’ prophetic company to make them bold against fear. Where the previous generation failed, where our forefathers failed, where the biblical heroes of faith failed, the last days’ prophetic company will overcome and be a triumph.
When this message was shared, I saw a mighty sword appear before me. It is as tall as about 5 ½ feet; the blade is very thick at the top, and it gets narrower at the base [Rhomphaia]. The Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Look at the sword; the blade is very thick. The handle is thick and round and golden, and is very weighty.” That’s how this last days’ prophetic generation will become. They will be upright before God; they will be strong and bold inside them, and God will use them as a sword.

Wherever you have failed in the past, you should not remain discouraged. Don’t let the devil lie to you that God has forsaken you. Don’t let the devil lie to you saying that God has removed your calling, and your gifts, because the Bible says that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance (Rom 11:29).
Council In Heaven: On October 4, 2016, being the second day of Rosh Hashanah, as I was waiting on God my spirit was caught up into the heavenly realm before the Council of Elders. I saw many ancient prophets from biblical days seated around the table. When I came, they asked me to sit with them as a witness to hear their discussion (cp. 2 Chr 18:18; Amos 3:7). I heard them discussing the things that are shortly coming to pass.

One World Religion: The Pope will join hands with a political world leader to establish a One World Religion. People from all over the world will be required to worship his One World Religion of peace. This new religion will remove all the barriers of race, caste, and creed. As a result, it will be accepted by all the world’s political leaders as it will promote and guarantee peace. When this is enforced a large percentage of Christians will embrace it (cp. 2 Thes 2:1-3).
The One World Leader will come to establish a One World Religion. The Bible calls the One World Political Leader the man of sin (2 Thes 2:3-4). Though a large percentage of the church believers will fall away, yet the true remnant church of God will remain strong, steadfast and faithful. Like a ship that is on rough sea waves, it will sail safely through the shaking. Even though the waves—demonic waves taller than the sails of the ship will come to crash on it, but the ship will remain steady. How is that possible? Because the Hand of the Spirit of the Lord will hold it strong. Many will die trying to keep the boat afloat. Those who die—martyrs, angels will come to bear them up safely to the Father’s presence. A huge company of martyrs will rise in the last days (cp. Rev 6:11).

One World Government: The One World Government will arise under the leadership of this political leader. Most of us have been hearing this for many years. Now the time has come closer. This political leader will have a defiant spirit like Nimrod. Who is this Nimrod? The Bible calls him a mighty hunter before the Lord (Gen 10:8-10). Some original Hebrew translation says: he was a mighty defiant--rebellious against God.
Nimrod dared to defy God just like how his father—Satan had done. He tried in the past to unify the people to build a huge tower—a One World Empire (Gen 11:3-4). He wanted to be the One World Leader. But he failed. Where he failed the last days’ One World political leader will succeed.

In those days, the Bible says that everybody spoke one language (Gen 11:1). It was then easy to communicate with one another and command work to be done. God came down from heaven to thwart their effort by confusing their language (Gen 11:7) so that no one understood each other. And the tower called, Tower of Babel, was not completed.
The Word of the Lord came to me: “Where Nimrod failed in the past, the next Antichrist with the spirit of Nimrod will succeed in this last days.” But how is he going to succeed when there are thousands of languages in the world. Though there are many languages the world over, there will come a unifying code of communication that will unite the whole world as one. How is that possible? It is through telepathic communication through the microchip that will be inserted in every person (Rev 13:16).

Today, everyone has a mobile phone. Even school going children carry mobile phones in their hands. It has become a very common tool in everybody’s hand today. But a mobile phone is useless without a SIM card. The SIM card with a microchip in it is connected to the phone company. When the SIM card is inserted into a mobile phone, it is activated for use and is connected to the phone company. From then onwards you can send and receive messages, texts, voice and video messages. It’s all because of this chip in the SIM card.
Likewise, when the chip is inserted inside you, all you need to do is think of a message or speak the message. Then the message will be wirelessly transmitted to the person to whom it is intended. The message will appear to the person right before their eyes as a text message or as an audio message, or they will see it in living colors as a video message. You may think right now, “O, this is great imagination!” It is not imagination but a reality to come.

Several decades ago there was a science fiction drama series called Star Trek. It’s about a group of space travelers who travel throughout the star systems in a huge spaceship called the USS Enterprise. Every person working in the spaceship wears a badge-like communication device affixed to their top-left chest. When they want to talk to each other, they just tap on that badge and speak. As soon as they touch and speak, theycan speak directly to the intended person.
A few decades ago, such a communication device was imagination. But this will become a reality in the last days. Technology, today, is changing rapidly. A few years ago we had an ordinary SIM card. Then there was a 2G SIM card. After a while it became 3G. Now, 4G is standard. Mobile phone companies are now planning to introduce a 5G SIM card very soon.

When we first had Internet installed in our ministry in 1998, the Internet company besides fixing a phone line also gives a device called modem. You need to connect your computer to the modem. And a telephone line is connected to the modem. Whenever you want to use the Internet, your computer will connect to the modem and the modem makes weird noises while dialing to connect to the World Wide Web. After that came broadband, and the speed to connect to the Internet increased. A little later came fiber net, and speed increased drastically. Now, we have wireless—Wi-Fi. With that, you can connect to the Internet virtually anywhere using your laptop or mobile devices. Wireless technology has now become a very common and necessary part of our life.
The technology of the world is now ready for the Antichrist to use. In the next two years, technology will increase rapidly that this will become a reality. People all over the world will embrace this technology as something wonderful and marvelous. Just before baby Jesus was born, Rome introduced a law for the census to be taken in the Roman Empire. Everybody went back to their home cities to register their names and their births (Lk 2:1-3). When the census was taken perhaps they were all given an identity card; we don’t know. But, as it was in the first century so will it be in the last days.

Another census will be conducted all over the world. A unified code of a universal number will be assigned to everyone. It will replace your identity card, social security number, passport, driving license, phone number, debit card, credit card, ATM card and passwords. This one number that will be given to you will replace everything else. Each person will be assigned a unique code. How will this unique code be formed? Each person’s retina and fingerprints will be scanned.
The data from the retina and fingerprints will be combined to form a unique code of computer generated numbers that is person specific and which cannot be hacked or duplicated. It cannot be hacked or duplicated by scammers because that number will be embedded in a chip and put in a person’s body: forehead or right hand.

Today we carry so many cards and we also have a passport for traveling purpose. Only once in my life, I have forgotten to bring by passport for travel. When I went to the airport to check-in, only then I realized that I don’t have my passport with me. So I had to forego my flight that day and catch the next flight. But when this chip comes all such worries will be gone; no need to worry about Passbook, ATM card, passport, or driving license. All this sounds very exciting and a matter of convenience. This is how deception will come.
We will be deceived into thinking this is something of great technological convenience. Presently, in India, the government has demonetized two old currencies. In the midst of chaos and troubles and government ministers including the Prime Minister is advising the people to go cashless. They are urging the people to use mobile and Internet banking for convenience. Cashless society!

Over in Israel, the Israeli government has announced that it is mandatory for all Israelis to be biometrically scanned: eyes, and fingerprints. The data will be embedded in a chip, and for now, will be implanted in their new national ID cards. A few other nations in the world already has that now. Most credit and debit cards already have a microchip embedded in them.
Wow! The forerunner to the mark of the beast is already here! (Rev 13:16-18).

These are the last days. Please do not be blind any longer. Don’t be stubborn in your old thinking and beliefs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll be caught up in the rapture before the Mark of the Beast comes. It’s already here. Only one thing can save us: hiding in the Lord, praying earnestly that you will escape the wrath to come, putting your house in order, putting away everything that defiles away from you, and putting your life right before God.
Israel: Israel will be the nation that will kill the Two Witnesses who are going to come (Rev 11:7- 8). As they have always done in the past by killing the prophets during biblical days, they will do it again in the last days (Matt 23:31). Why would they want to do that? Because they will align themselves together with their new messiah—the Antichrist. The Antichrist is that new political world leader who is going to come. Why would the Jewish people consider him to be their messiah? It is because he will forge peace between the Israelis and the Arabs and the rest of the world (Dan 9:27).

Presently, every Arab nation, except Jordan and Egypt, wants to destroy Israel. Especially Iran, which wants to wipe Israel off the face of the world totally. But on the other hand, Israel has been trying to make peace with the Arab leaders for the last 68 years. All their efforts have been futile till now. Even many Western, African and Asian nations are also becoming hostile towards Israel. But the New World Leader will come to bring Israel, Arab nations and the rest of the world together and make peace between them. The Arabs will once again hug Israel and accept her as their long lost brother.
When this happens, the whole of Israel will accept and embrace this world political leader as their Messiah. If today you visit Israel, you will find concrete wall-like barrier separating Palestinian land from Israel. In the coming days, these wall-like barriers will come crumbling down as how the Berlin walls came down.

To maintain the new found peace and stability in Israel, it will be the secular-minded Jews who will order the killing of the Two Witnesses. Because during the 3 ½ years ministry of the Two Witnesses, many Jews will turn back to the living true God—the Lord Jesus Christ, their true Messiah. And also the people of the many nations of the world will also turn back to the living God. That which Jezebel failed to carry out in her—beheading of the prophet Elijah (1 Kg 19:1-2), the spirit of Ashtoreth and Jezebel combined, will accomplish in the last days by killing the two end times’ witnesses.
Church: New things are going to take place in the Church worldwide. New revelations will be given to moving in the Spirit and to walk with God like how Adam walked before he sinned. God made man in His image and in His own likeness and gave him power and authority over everything in the air, on the land, and in the sea. This means that Adam practically was like a god of this world (Ps 82:6; Jn 10:34). The whole of creation obeyed Adam. Besides the power and authority that Adam had you will also be given to walk with God by seeing and talking with Him face to face.

When the early first-century church was born, many new revelations were given to her. If you read the epistles of the apostle Paul, many new dispensations, revelations, and mysteries were given to him. They were given to him to give birth to the church.
Likewise, new understandings and revelations will be given in this last days to perfect the church. The church will begin to walk in a new high level of purity and holiness like never before. This will be the adornment for the Bride of Christ to wear (Rev 19:8). The clean and white garment signifies purity and holiness.

The end time prophetic church will move towards a new and high level of holiness, and purity. The children and youths and the whole church will begin to run like cheetahs, fly like eagles and roar like lions. So, put on your running shoes and get ready to run fast.
The Art of Waiting on God: Soaring above the thermals while out hunting for food, an eagle will soar even higher at the scent of approaching storm. In this place of safety, the eagle patiently waits, basking in the relative calm until the fury below him passes on. The perception and knowledge of the eagle, who lives in habitats usually marked by inclement weather, should accompany every believer in Christ who wants to ride out the tempests of life triumphantly.

Whence comes such sacred wisdom, however?
From the place of greatest safety no less—under the shadow of the Almighty, a sanctum entered by the process of waiting on God. Thankfully, waiting on God isn’t quite like playing the maî.tre d’ of a bustling restaurant. Even in our mad-rush world, everyone who truly desires can wait on God. And the rewards are priceless. Open these pages. Let the life and counsel of a Seer-Prophet who waits on God many hours each day—and who has soared like an eagle into the realms of the heavenlies—deposit nuggets of wisdom into your heart.

Do you wish to see visions of God and enter into the heavenly realm? The Spirit realm becomes so real and lucid as you allow the rich and deep revelatory, yet simple-to-understand, teachings found in this rare and one-of-a-kind book to permeate your spirit and soul.

Sadhu Sundar Salvaraj Jesus Ministries | Angel TV Villivakkam, Chennai, India

2017 Prophecy For Israel & USA: America Will Be Divided Into Two Like Israel • Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

RANDY CONWAY: This is a call to those who claim His Name for revival for repentance and to pray The enemy hasn’t given up rather they are gearing up to escalate the fray. A CALL TO ARMS, A CALL TO ARMS