Monday, November 18, 2013

Comet ISON Proclaims A Weather/Disaster/Economic Omen: The Ice [Age] Man Cometh

Set in a bleak Greenwich Saloon and rooming house in 1912, Eugene O’Neill’s “The Ice Man Cometh” is a dreary tale of prostitutes, anarchists, socialists, and dead-end alcoholics. It could be a tale of what we expect to see soon, for history tends to repeat itself. We are expecting scenes of the Great Depression to repeat within months, as the rush to default our country and world exasperates the few of us left with common sense. Katy, it’s too late to bar the door.

Signs via a comet: ISON is becoming the comet of the century. The comet is a sign of demise from HaShem, and it could be soon.

Image: Comet ISON as seen by TRAPPIST
Signs from the sun: All signs point to an upcoming ice age, because the sun is becoming dormant. If the sun continues on this pace, there won’t be any sunspots by 2015, and it will get very cold.

Signs of a divided America:

Signs of global financial collapse: This man smokes too much pot; however, his facts (other than 1971/1973) are correct.

What should you do? Watch Mark Biltz and pray.

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