Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trends: If Everything Is Trending, What About Increased Gifts Of The Spirit?

Most of you have noticed that I’m outraged by John MacArthur’s efforts to de-legitimize all gifts of HaShem’s Spirit without ever testing them. That’s like saying, “Peter, stop walking on the water! Only possessed people walk on water!” Attributing HaShem’s gifts to the Satan is extremely egregious. Instead of castigating what I don’t understand, I’ve learned to shut my mouth, and continue to study the phenomenon. Rather, when John MacArthur regularly dismisses outpourings that he refuses to study, he may be blaspheming HaShem’s Spirit.

While many overt gifts of the spirit from self-described charismatics, appears to be their spirit manifesting itself—our goal should be to examine these people for real gifts; holding to the true, and spitting out the false. Nothing has changed since creation. We should test that serpent asking us to eat a certain fruit.

I hearken back to Passover 1906 on Azuza Street in Los Angeles. William Seymour and friends patiently pleaded for gifts of HaShem’s, while they fasted and worshipped. Azuza Street was a true manifestation of HaShem’s Spirit, and I don’t care what John MacArthur thinks!

These are the times to truly believe that you can move mountains in HaShem’s Spirit. Anything less than that type of faith could cause you to fall away someday soon. The trend for gifts of HaShem is on the increase, so catch it. May we increase our faith!

For a well-researched opinion on the cessation of gifts, or continuance of gifts, please refer to Joshua Elsom’s recent blog posts (I love this guy. I’ve cited him before, in the Mark Biltz Tetrad research.).
Trends in Israel: What I’ve noticed is that Orthodox Jews in Israel may be feeling the first signs of catching a new spirit, amidst the mayhem of the failing world systems. Please view these links, they are prophetic.
(From the editors at
…I am keeping watch on how Abba's Ruach is beginning to move amongst the Orthodox Jews.

There is another Orthodox Jew, a Rabbi, who is beginning to see Yeshua stamped in the very land itself! 

As we getting closer and closer to the "dividing of the land", there will come a decision point. The govt will make the compromise and go with it, but I strongly believe there will be a group of "biblical zionist Jews" who carry a "Maccabee spirit" who will rise up and SECEDE from secular Israel and declare a biblical zionist state, and then issue a decree and a call for brother Ephraim to come home. The scales are beginning to fall from their eyes and they are beginning to see that "WE ARE JOSEPH" their brother, whom they sold to the Ishmaelites into slavery.

Here are two other very big signs that Abba's spirit is moving NOW upon the Jews:

Ariel Cohen Alloro: A message from Judaism to Christianity   (I will be publishing a short PowerPoint teaching on what he says here, with pictures, the Hebrew letters and the maps....probably in about a is VERY  profound.  Basically, this rabbi is teaching his fellow Jews and rabbis that the NAME of YESHUA is literally STAMPED into the land!)

Hanoch Young: I know that you are Joseph    (this one is HUGE!)

Please be open to our brethren in the Jewish community...Abba is beginning to open their eyes to see Messiah Yeshua and to understand that we are their brother, from the House of Joseph (or Ephraim or Israel).


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