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Supernatural Brainwash: Occulting Temple Prostitutes For The Harlot Religion

Europa Statue in front of the Winston Churchill Building
In 2010, I buried my father. On Memorial Day 2012, my mother passed away too. Although I miss them, I’m proud that they were born to persevere in America’s Greatest Generation, the Great Depression survivors and the victors of WWII. My parents belonged to America’s faithful generation.

In one or two generations, America has become a faithless cesspool of governmental abuse, Hollywood porn purveyors and Wall Street thieves. Just like the Hebrews earned Babylonian exile during the time of Esther and Daniel, we have earned retribution from the nations to render HaShem’s judgment against our wicked nation. I’m so thankful that my parents won’t experience the fall of America, and the emergence of the New World Order.  

My parent’s generation is dead, and raptured; and those left behind are the generation entering the tribulation. It is my theory that amidst the chaos, many left behind people will choose to become titanic temple prostitutes, and some will choose to be Esther-like peons. In this case, HaShem used a sexual union to save a nation. Although Esther married the Babylonian King, her selfless courage saved the Jews. Are some of us born for such a time as this?

Upon being told what Ester had said, Mordekhai asked them to give Ester this answer: “Don’t suppose that merely because you happen to be in the royal palace you will escape any more than the other Jews. For if you fail to speak up now, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from a different direction; but you and your father’s family will perish. Who knows whether you didn’t come into your royal position precisely for such a time as this.” Esther 4:12-14 (CJB)

Let’s survey the world landscape. The Titanic is sinking, but the players are rearranging the deck chairs. Politically, the world leaders are waiting for a savior. They now realize that President Obama is an empty suit. We’re noticing the emergence of smooth-talking Pope Francis, the False Prophet, to slither the world into a harlot church. And the economies of the world are dangling on a precipice.  

How the pope triumphed over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – See more at:
Francis’ unorthodox ideology saved him from traps that have ensnared other world leaders, and helped him score a victory for the Catholic Church

The strange, lukewarm visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land is now a couple days past. The rhetoric and imagery produced by the visit have been assessed and reassessed from every imaginable perspective, and something close to a consensus has developed: the pope didn’t make any mistakes.

…In response to the Palestinians’ and Israelis’ efforts to get him to legitimize and magnify their narratives, his response was simple: He refused nothing. He recognized every symbol, stood at every wall and memorial, recognized both Palestinian suffering and Israeli victims of Palestinian violence, Zionism and the State of Palestine. In doing so, he wasn’t being a “pawn.” He was simply but emphatically refusing to play the Israeli-Palestinian game

Occulting the False Prophet’s Temple Prostitutes: Who are the Top 100 Titans of the Titanic? – See more at:
Please note the emergence of more women on the Top 100 List. As every civilization falls, their men and women are forced into prostitution. This is an inevitable historical fact. I contend that many of the people on this list are functioning as Temple Prostitutes already, for they sold their souls to be where they are today.

Issues in Jewish Ethics: Prostitution – See more at:
Prostitution is the practice of indiscriminate sexual intercourse for payment or for religious purposes. Prostitution was practiced by male and female prostitutes. The Hebrew word zenut, applied to both common and sacred prostitution, is also often used metaphorically.

In the Ancient Near East, temple women, of whom one class was called qadištu, probably served as sacred prostitutes. Sometimes dedicated by their fathers to the deity, they had special statutes, and provisions were made for them by law (Code of Hammurapi, 178–82). Customs connected with them are likely to underlie Herodotus' lurid and misleading statement that in Babylon every woman was to serve once as a sacred prostitute before getting married, thus sacrificing her virginity to the goddess Mylitta (Ishtar; 1:199). In Israel the sacred prostitutes were condemned for their connection with idolatry. Deuteronomy 23:18–19 forbids Israelites, men and women alike, to become sacred prostitutes, and states that their wages must not be used for paying vows.

… Prostitution is known to increase in times of chaos and upheaval and this was certainly true for East European Jews at the end of the 19th century. Violence and other forms of antisemitism, economic deprivation, and massive emigration led to various forms of significant Jewish involvement in the white slave trade, a euphemism for the trafficking of women across international borders for the purpose of prostitution.

“All kinds of immoralities were associated with the [Greco-Roman] gods. Not only was prostitution a recognized institution, but through the influence of the fertility cults of Asia Minor, Syria, and Phoenicia it became a part of the religious rites at certain temples. Thus there were one thousand "sacred prostitutes" at the temple of Aphrodite at Corinth.” Everett Ferguson

My opinion: Only Judaism and Christianity offer women rights. All other faiths treat women as breeding machines or Temple Prostitutes. We seem to be returning to the subjection of women era of biblical times.

Pope Francis will coalesce the final world harlot religion; however, we will need many (demonic) spirit-filled women, like Beyonce and Hillary Clinton, to serve as Temple Prostitutes. Watch for the rise of Temple Prostitution by the supposed feminists, cavorting with Apis Bulls (the symbol of Revelation 17, and the European Union).

My theory is that all women will be objectified increasingly, to break down their resistance to immorality. Watch Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Madonna, and all the other Temple Prostitutes ensnare and teach our girls how to sell their souls to the Satan. They will preach supernatural brainwashing techniques Then, Pope Francis will unite them all to do unspeakable things.

We know that we’re in the final generation, because we see ideologues, like President Obama and Hilary Clinton, resound like fools compared to demonically inspired pragmatists like Pope Francis. We’ve never seen a man so gifted with deception, and yet, we will see one greater than the pope soon enough.


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