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Entering Jerusalem: Ascension Day: Malachi Martin: “The Last Pope [Francis] Would Be Under Control Of Satan”

Who is this (Jesuit) Pope Francis, and who are his entourage; that they would enter Jerusalem this Memorial Day weekend and demand a Palestinian State? His transcribers misunderstood when he stated “Prey” in Israel, and they heard “Pray” instead from the newest rock star.
(My caveat: My family has a eighty year tradition of blessing Roman Catholics by burying their dead due to suicide, brokering meetings between anti-Catholics and church leaders, and worshipping Jesus together. I love many Roman Catholics that love Jesus.)
Pope Francis on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Vatican Says Pope Will Demand 'Sovereign Palestine' - See more at:

…The Vatican's Secretary of State made a dramatic revelation ahead of Pope Francis's visit to Israel next Sunday and Monday, declaring that the pope will talk about the "Palestinian people's right to have a homeland, sovereign and independent."

…Rabbi Sergio Bergman, a member of the Argentinian parliament and close friend of Pope Francis, reported in February that the pope intends to define himself as the "Che Guevera [Fidel Castro’s murderous thug friend] of the Palestinians" and support their "struggle and rights" during his visit.
…Another point of contention about the pope's visit is the status of the David's Tomb Compound in Jerusalem. While numerous government officials - including Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman and Israel's Sephardic Chief Rabbi - have denied control of the holy site will be transferred to the Vatican, reports have revealed a plan to indirectly transfer the site.

The actions of the pope should've been expected. According to former Jesuit Priest/Exorcist Malachi Martin (1921-1999), they are, “A bunch, a whole bunch, of Catholic prelates in Rome, who belong to Satan. They’re servants of Satan. And the servants of Satan outside the church, in various organizations; they want to destroy the Catholicism of the Church, and keep it as a stabilizing factor in human affairs. It’s an alliance. A dirty alliance, a filthy alliance…”

In the same interview, when Malachi Martin was asked if the “last pope would be under the control of Satan….Any comment on that?” Fr. Martin responded, “Yes, it sounds as if they were reading, or being told, the text of the Third Secret [given by a supposed Virgin Mary, amongst UFO’s in Fatima Portugal in 1917].” (Wikipedia)

Is Pope Francis is the False Prophet? My contention is that the man to soon enter Jerusalem on May 25, 2014, the fortieth day of the Omer, Ascension Day on the Hebrew Calendar, is under the control of the Satan, and is the False Prophet. I am not alone, for many top authors, and worldwide Orthodox Church leaders agree with me. Only weeks ago, Greek Orthodox Leaders sent a scathing letter to Pope Francis, stating that he and his church are full of “satanic pride.”

How do the Greek Orthodox Leaders feel about the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Francis? - See more at:

…What is more, all of the Saints who lived after the schism of 1054, such as St. Germanos Patriarch of Constantinople, St. Gregory Palamas, St. Mark of Ephesus, St Simeon of Thessalonica, St. Nicodemus the Hagiorite, St. Cosmas of Aetolia, St Nektarios of Pentapolis, Saint Justin Popović and others,6 with one voice, condemn Papism as a heresy. Papism is not a “Church” but a State – the Vatican, a worldly organization, with a government, with you, the “Pope,” as leader, with the Cardinals as Ministers and Secretaries and with the “Bank of the Holy Spirit.” Neither is Papism a “Roman Catholic Church,” because it is neither Roman, nor Catholic, nor a Church. It has no relation with Romiosini or with Romania. It isn’t Catholic since it separated of its own will from the Catholic Orthodox Church in 1054 A.D. and since then it doesn’t possess the fullness of the Orthodox Faith of our Holy Fathers, which you have distorted. You are not a Church, since you became a State, falling, instead, to the third temptation of Christ. You accepted the Devil’s proposal to make you almighty earthly rulers in return for your allegiance to him. We Orthodox are the true Roman Catholic Church. We Orthodox are the Romans: to us belong Romania, Romiosini. Orthodoxy is the One Holy, CATHOLIC, and Apostolic Church, the true Roman Catholic Church, as we confess in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Symbol of Faith…

…Your Excellency, claiming that Papism is a so called “Church,” and moreover a “sister Church,” with valid Mysteries (Sacraments), Baptism, the Priesthood and Grace, that Papism and Orthodoxy make up the so-called, “two lungs,” with which the Church of Christ breaths, that you, the heretical “Pope,” are a canonical bishop, successor of the Apostle Peter and Vicar of Christ on earth, who possess the Apostolically, Scripturally and Patristically groundless and non-existent “Petrine” primacy of power over all the Church, and the blasphemous “Papal Infallibility,” instead of the true primacy of honor (διά τό εἶναι τήν Ρώμην πρωτεύουσα) as is commanded by the Holy Canons of the undivided Church of the first millennium to which the Orthodox Pope of Rome and Patriarch of the West is entitled, doctrines that are totally unknown and without foundation or witness in the general Tradition of the Catholic Orthodox Church of the first ten centuries and of the eight Holy Ecumenical Councils, doctrines which are a clear blasphemy against the All-Holy Spirit and which show your theological departure and the satanic pride of which you are possessed…

…For us Orthodox, Your Excellency, Ecumenism has been condemned as a pan-heresy by the aforementioned Blessed and Venerable and God-bearing Father Saint Justin Popović, who, in his excellent work, The Orthodox Church and Ecumenism, notes, “Ecumenism is a common name for the false Christianities of the false churches of Western Europe. Within it is found the heart of European Humanism with Papism as its head. All of these false Christianities and false churches are nothing other than one heresy next to the other. Their common evangelical name is pan-heresy.” The womb and source of Ecumenism just happens to be Freemasonry, which promotes through it the universal religion of Lucifer; and the womb and source of Freemasonry is International Zionism, which changed the theism of the Old Testament and the Prophets into shameful Luciferism with the demonic Kabbalah and the vulgar Talmud, work of the demonized Rabbis of fallen Judaism and of their ideals regarding world wide government and domination, through the still-awaited false messiah, namely Antichrist…

...Along with the Jews, Your Excellency is a favorite of the Freemasons, who, according to their own publications, were anxiously awaiting your election and rejoiced when you were chosen! In a statement by the “Grand Master,” G. Raffi, he stresses that, “With Pope Francis, nothing will be as it was before. It is a clear choice of fraternity for a Church of dialogue, which is not contaminated by the logic and temptations of temporal power. He is a man of the poor, far away from the Curia. Fraternity and the desire to dialogue were his first concrete words. Perhaps nothing in the Church will be as it was before. The simple cross he wore on his white cassock lets us hope that a Church of the people will re-discover its capacity to dialogue with all men of good will and with Freemasonry, which, as the experience of Latin America teaches us, works for the good and progress of humanity!” So here is the heart of the matter: “dialogue with all men of good will,” which means an intensifying of ecumenism! Are you not aware, Your Excellency, that Freemasonry promotes, through Ecumenism, the universal religion of Lucifer, as well as the fact that the source and womb of Freemasonry is the hideous International Zionism? From Freemasonry’s own texts it is established that they accept and believe in a divinity, which they call “The Great Architect of the Universe” (G.A.O.T.U.). They have, of course, rites analogous with those of the Church (“mysteries” or “sacraments” for example: marriage, altars, temples, symbols, funerals, consecrations) with a specific typicon of rites. In the Masonic texts G.A.O.T.U. is know by the names: Lucifer, Devil, Satan, Beelzebul, Belial, Baphomet,..

My opinions: The Revelation 6:8 rhomphaia dividing between the people-groups is nearly complete (see Ezekiel 34:17-25); whereas, the division between the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46) will occur later, much later. It’s not too late to join a Torah Bible Study and learn a relationship with the Father, and the Son. His sheep know His voice and follow it: His Voice is the Torah, and all other scripture is based on the Torah.

The antichrist is the least of your concerns right now, for he is only preparing for his activities, slated for the future. Your next concern is the Beast System and the Harlot Church that are forming before your eyes. There is only one reason why demonic are gathering in Jerusalem: To declare and execute earthly authority relinquished by Adam!

We have a greater power in Yahushua’s Name and Spirit, so humble yourself and become an over comer. You will walk through the fire and not be burned; however, the pace of burning apostasy will hasten over the next two years.

“Then he will also speak to those on his left, saying, ‘Get away from me, you who are cursed! Go off into the fire prepared for the Adversary and his angels! For I was hungry and you gave me no food, thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, a stranger and you did not welcome me, needing clothes and you did not give them to me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ Then they too will reply, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry, thirsty, a stranger, needing clothes, sick or in prison, and not take care of you?’ And he will answer them, ‘Yes! I tell you that whenever you refused to do it for the least important of these people, you refused to do it for me!’ They will go off to eternal punishment, but those who have done what God wants will go to eternal life.” Matthew 25:41-46 (CJB)

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