Thursday, May 22, 2014

Red Heifer Prophecy News: Is The Arkansas’ Cow Permissible (Tahor)?

The Temple Mount Institute just announced that they found a red heifer in Arkansas that seems to be ritually satisfactory.


We have recently received photographs from a rancher in Arkansas showing what appears to be a perfectly red heifer. Note that in this untouched photograph the heifer has a red nose and reddish hooves, essential markings of a red heifer. The note that came with the photo stated that the heifer has never been put to work and has never been yoked. Perfectly red heifers, as this appears to be in the photograph are a rare occurrence among Red Angus cattle. We are familiar with the region where this heifer is being raised and intend to send an emissary to further inspect and document the red heifer.

According to Rabbi Chaim Richman, the calf is part Red (Aberdeen) Angus bull and a Galloway cow; with both breeds having a Scottish origin. Both breed’s cows are renowned for strong maternal instincts, ease of calving, and the calves for being vigorous. Early maturity is another factor Richman mentions which is seen in the Angus. Both breeds are typically black, but red and other color variations are seen. The red seen in Galloways is a recessive gene strain, and that could be the same with the Angus. He pointed out this little girl has red hooves and a nose which are part of the requirements.

If this heifer is satisfactory, then sacrifices may begin on the Temple Mount whenever Israel can negotiate a deal with the Palestinians. If you understand my theory of every Blood Moon Tetrad pointing us closer to the Temple Mount, and to the return of the sacrifices, then this is a plausible miracle. However, we need some other miraculous activities from other key players. We need to Pope Francis to change his plans from praying in Israel to preying on Israel. The False Prophet must broker a demonic deal.

The Pope will go on “a pilgrimage of prayer.” Bishop William Shomali, Papal Communications (5.21.2014)

Pope Will 'Recognize Palestine, Call to End Occupation' Arutz Sheva News (5.22.2014)

Is Pope Francis going to Israel this weekend to create and enforce a sacrificial agreement? It seems like we will see a curse—when Pope Francis divides Jerusalem and Israel—and a blessing; if he can negotiate a return of the sacrificial system. The Pope will get Jesuit military control of Jerusalem, Palestinians will get statehood, and Israel will sacrifice on  the Temple Mount! Can you imagine if there was a Tetrad of Blood Red Moons overhead during this season (moedim)? This is why it’s a good time to begin to believe in miracles again.

Before the other sacrifices may be accomplished, a spotless red heifer must be slaughtered outside the camp, burned, and its ashes must be used to purify the High Priest, and his clothes, and his holy vessels and implements. According to rabbinic stories, if this is a true Red Heifer, this animal will be the tenth one in history.

Adonai said to Moshe and Aharon, “This is the regulation from the Torah which Adonai has commanded. Tell the people of Isra’el to bring you a young red female cow without fault or defect and which has never borne a yoke. You are to give it to El‘azar the cohen; it is to be brought outside the camp and slaughtered in front of him. El‘azar the cohen is to take some of its blood with his finger and sprinkle this blood toward the front of the tent of meeting seven times. The heifer is to be burned to ashes before his eyes — its skin, meat, blood and dung is to be burned to ashes. The cohen is to take cedar-wood, hyssop and scarlet yarn and throw them onto the heifer as it is burning up. Then the cohen is to wash his clothes and himself in water, after which he may re-enter the camp; but the cohen will remain unclean until evening. The person who burned up the heifer is to wash his clothes and himself in water, but he will remain unclean until evening. A man who is clean is to collect the ashes of the heifer and store them outside the camp in a clean place. They are to be kept for the community of the people of Isra’el to prepare water for purification from sin.  The one who collected the ashes of the heifer is to wash his clothes and be unclean until evening. For the people of Isra’el and for the foreigner staying with them this will be a permanent regulation. Numbers 19:1-10 (CJB)

What about today? What does the Bible promise about today?

For I will take you from among the nations, gather you from all the countries, and return you to your own soil. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your uncleanness and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit inside you; I will take the stony heart out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my Spirit inside you and cause you to live by my laws, respect my rulings and obey them. You will live in the land I gave to your ancestors. You will be my people, and I will be your God. Ezekiel 36:24-28 (CJB)

The question to all of Christendom: Did Jesus end the sacrificial system? Please don’t dismiss the sacrifices as antichrist, and the next temple as the Antichrist’s Temple, for you may be wrong. Instead, please read a scholarly book from this author about why the sacrifices are eternal.

What About The Sacrifices? - See more at:
A Messianic Perspective on Messiah and the Purpose of the Levitical Sacrifices: The biblical education of Jewish children begins with Leviticus, a book largely about the sacrificial system. The animal sacrifices, however, are especially repugnant to modern Christians who see them as a temporary provision until Messiah’s final atonement for sin. The Torah prescribes a variety of sacrifices, and less than half of these are for sin. Since Yeshua did not abrogate the Torah, neither did he cancel the sacrifices and offerings. By studying the sacrifices we gain insight into God’s instructions for approaching him in worship, and a better understanding of Yeshua’s work on our behalf.

Get ready to relearn everything you thought you knew about the sacrifices. What about the Sacrifices? unpacks apostolic teaching about the Temple, the sacrificial system, and their place in the New Covenant. Lancaster also answers anti-Missionary objections about the crucifixion and the sacrifice of Messiah from a traditional Jewish perspective.

My opinion: Christians should embrace the return of the sacrifices, because it means that your redeemer is coming very soon. Months ago, I stopped writing my second book of my trilogy because no specific empirical data proved that we were entering the end times, yet every sign in the supernatural pointed to his soon return. I don’t mind being wrong. We seem to be eight to ten years away from his return. However, we must go through the final seven years of tribulation first. So, listen to HaShem about what is true, and which people may be False Prophets, but still accomplishing HaShem’s will (in a twisted way).

“At that time, if someone says to you, ‘Look! Here’s the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ don’t believe him. For there will appear false Messiahs and false prophets performing great miracles — amazing things! — so as to fool even the chosen, if possible. There! I have told you in advance! So if people say to you, ‘Listen! He’s out in the desert!’ don’t go; or, ‘Look! He’s hidden away in a secret room!’ don’t believe it. For when the Son of Man does come, it will be like lightning that flashes out of the east and fills the sky to the western horizon. Matthew 24:23-27 (CJB)


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