Friday, May 9, 2014

Soon, You’re Gonna’ Serve Somebody: God, Satan, Witchcraft, Pope, Putin, China, or Illuminati

Have you noticed that every powerful system, person, nation, or financial system is either crumbling or imposing their will on you more lately? The attacks are from nearly every direction. There is comfort (Noah) with HaShem; however, the world seems to be choosing chaos instead.

I’m usually the guy offering insights into why everything is collapsing around you, but I’m perplexed too. Frankly, I didn’t expect the world’s systems to come at us like a basement being filled by a backed-up sewer system. The pressure to give up and join into the Beast System is relentless. We must stand for HaShem, but the world is devolving fast!

My predictions: The Pope will unite world religious leaders into a godless faith. Putin will invade three (ribs) regions, killing millions. China will kill millions as they push for war against South Korea, Japan and America. Witchcraft, porn, legalized drugs, gang warfare, demonology, and every other social evil will increase precipitately. Banks and financial institutions will purposely crash the markets and steal your money until we have only the mega-wealthy and the poor. And the Illuminati want to kill-off six billion poor people over the next ten years. By 2022, all that are left in the world will pray for the urgent return of Yahushua HaMashiach.

We’re all waiting for some event to begin the big slide. I always assumed it would begin in the markets, just like David Wilkerson prophesied in 1973. Most eschatologists still cite his book as the most accurate blueprint concerning the end times. However, there are so many factors contributing to the world’s downfall that any event could begin the freefall. HaShem will determine the event and the time.

The Satanists and witches are pushing hard: Satanism goes MainstreamAmerican Horror Story is satanic | Illuminati programming in entertainment Wicca

Atheists to launch the first TV channel dedicated to godlessness
Catholic Church Condemns Black Mass Reenactment At Harvard University

Decline of religious belief means we need more exorcists, say Catholics
Decline of religion in the West has created a rise in black magic, Satanism and the occult

American Horror Story: Coven – Satanic Witchcraft Goes Mainstream

2013 saw a sharp rise in the blatant promotion of the occult, black magic and satanic witchcraft in mainstream pop culture. What was once reserved for late night television or R-rated movies, has now become prime time viewing. No better example of this is seen than in American Horror Story: Coven, the primetime cable series on the F/X Network that has become a runaway ratings success as it openly promotes some of the most violent, depraved and satanic imagery on television. As society continues to move away from God, shun the name of Jesus Christ and reject the Bible, it is swiftly descending into satanic rebellion. And this year’s television season is an indication that the deception of the Devil is now becoming mainstream, especially for young adults and children.

School scorched for having kids bow to 'sun god'

A California school district is going too far when it has public school students “bowing to the sun god” and participating in “liturgical/ritual religious practices” aimed at having them “become one with god,” according to a brief filed with an appeals court.

Insurance execs: Millions of health plans to be canceled

Millions of American families still must face the loss of their health insurance policies because of Obamacare, members of Congress learned at a hearing with insurance company executives this week.

Putin arrives in Crimea for Victory Day events as deadly Ukraine clashes erupt

NEW: Health officials say at least seven people killed and 39 more injured in clashes in Mariupol Ukraine's acting interior minister says about 20 militants killed, 4 detained in Mariupol "We will overcome all the difficulties," says Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin watches as warships and military aircraft take part in displays in Sevastopol, Crimea

China blames U.S. for stoking tensions in South China Sea

China's foreign ministry blamed the United States on Friday for stoking tensions in the disputed South China Sea by encouraging countries to engage in dangerous behavior, following an uptick in tensions between China and both the Philippines and Vietnam.

[Illuminati] Rothschild increases investment in Gazprom amid Ukraine Tensions

Gazprom has become the world’s biggest public company in terms of EBITDA, leaving Apple and ExxonMobil behind. In a separate development, the Rothschild Investment Corporation has been reported to be actively buying Gazprom shares.


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