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Environment Or Illuminati Foretell USA Fall: Climate Extremes Cause Drought, Grasshoppers?

As I survey the world, I’m noticing the perfect conditions being created to begin the end times. I tend to monitor the key players (Illuminati); however, there are other biblical signs (environmental) that may be greater portents of a soon-coming end of the world scenario. So, which is the greatest contributing factor to the Apocalypse: Environment or Illuminati? One must reconcile if God creates the environment for the players—I like to call the Illuminati—to assemble; or does He create the players for the environment.

I’m a Hebraic free-will adherent, so I believe that every person has the God-given right to choose God’s way or the highway in every decision they make. Thus, God doesn’t cause people to do wicked things; however, He does create the environment where wicked decisions by key players will cause God’s purposes to flourish.  

I argue that the key players, the Illuminati, are less important than the environmental conditions, which are specifically listed in the Bible. Floods, droughts, grasshoppers, and more are listed frequently in the Bible; and few of the Illuminati, possibly only two, are listed in the Bible. Thus, more time should be spent analyzing the environmental conditions that will cause the world to embrace the False Prophet and the antichrist.

Environmental Condition: Loss of solar activity:

The sun is becoming increasingly quiet, which according to the scientists may bring us into an ice age similar to from 1645 to 1715. The earth needs a certain level of solar activity to benefit from healthy oceans and crop production. Without solar activity we will experience exactly what the Fourth Seal predicts (Revelation 6:8-Death by War, Famine, Plague, and Beastly people) should occur soon.

Due to the lack of solar flares and solar wind, we are experiencing climate extremes like the severe drought in the Western USA.

US Drought Monitor (Map) – See more at:
Space Weather & The Maunder Minimum: Solar Activity vs. Cosmic Ray Activity – See more at:
…According to recent research from Choudhuri and Karak, the Sun experiences a Sunspot Grand Minima once every 400 years, which is marked by the absence of the 11-year sunspot cycle. One well-known example of such a Grand Sunspot Minima is the Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1715. After analyzing the cosmogenic isotopes C14 and Be10, researchers found that there had been about 27 Grand Minima in the last 11,000 years.

…The cold temperatures and harsh winters that dominated the Northern Hemisphere in the 17th Century led to widespread famine, crop failure, disease, plague, infestation and war. While the likes of Galileo did not directly make the connection between the absence of Sunspots with the wide-spread cold and hard times, they did have their lifestyles and health greatly affected by the cold:

Low solar activity causes (Please watch all the videos): Grasshopper Swarms So Dense They Show Up on Radar – See more at:
grasshopper infestation albuquerque NM 2014, grasshopper plague NM albuquerque 2014, insect plague Albuquerque New Mexico 2014 video, Grasshopper Swarms So Dense They Show Up on Radar,NWS radar picks up ABQ grasshopper infestation, grasshoppers albuquerque weather radar video may 2014 and june 2014, albuquerque grasshopper swarm weather radar 2014, grasshopper infestation albuquerque NM 2014, grasshopper plague NM albuquerque 2014, insect plague Albuquerque New Mexico 2014 video, Grasshopper Swarms So Dense They Show Up on Radar, grasshopper NM plague 2014, insect plague New Mexico albuquerque June 2014 video, us insect plague 2014, insect plague NM 2014, insect plague june 2014 usa, insect plague june 2014 Albuquerque NM, grasshopper plague Albuquerque NM june 2014, Grasshopper infestation NM, Grasshopper Swarms So Dense They Show Up on Radar, Insect swarm shows on radar in Albuquerque NM June 2 2014. Photo: ABC News
Insect swarm shows on radar in Albuquerque NM – May and June 2014. Photo: ABC News

Environmental Condition: Loss of economic and currency confidence:

BEIJING — China signed a huge, long-awaited deal on Wednesday to buy Russian natural gas, giving Beijing a new source of clean energy and Moscow a diplomatic boost as it faces international sanctions for its aggressive actions in Ukraine.

With the stroke of a pen, Russia significantly shifted its economic relations with its neighbors, creating a major new export market to the east and reducing its reliance on European customers at a time when its relations with the West are at their lowest point since the Cold War…

…The agreement allows Russia to diversify its gas exports at a time when the crisis in Ukraine has accelerated calls in Europe to rely less on energy supplies from Russia. Europe gets about 30 percent of its gas from Russia.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew appealed to China in a visit last week to avoid actions that might limit the impact of recent Western sanctions against Russia. But a U.S. official, who was not authorized to speak by name, said the United States would distinguish between deals that have long been in the works — such as this one — and new agreements that seek to fill space left by U.S. and European Union sanctions.

Environment condition: Loss of faith

Number of Christians on Steep decline in the United States, why is that? – See more at:
The number of Christians is on the decline in the United Sates. This decline in numbers is being caused both by people stopping having any faith and the number of new Christians decreasing over time or their joining the number of people that are not affiliated to any religion.

According to poll results, among people aged 18 to 35 over a quarter of them aren’t affiliated to any religion while only 50% are “absolutely certain” a god exists.

The data, which has been collected annually going all the way back to 1990, suggests that those who favor faith and superstition over fact-based evidence will become the minority in the US “by or before the end of this century.”

On the other hand, the number of those that do not believe in a deity has doubled in the last decade of the 20th century.

My opinions: We will notice a swiftness of changes over the next few months, as the players create a desperate environment for us peons. World leaders will make strange auto-erotica bedfellows as they hook-up to strangle the USA. Watching Russia and China, caressing each other like paramours with long-term trade agreements, resembled an orgy.

My feeling is that the USA will experience two downfalls; one fall like Egypt, and one fall like Babylon. This is because the USA resembles two ancient superpowers: One is Egypt, in the sense of being the bank for the known world at that time. Ancient nations would use Egypt as their bank to fund worldwide dominance. Once you conquered Egypt, you would have the gold and food to fight many more battles. You can also argue that the USA is Babylon, for we export wickedness across the world. Both aspects of the USA will be destroyed.

Iran will be judged too, for threatening Israel. Is this a sign?
Apocalypse Tehran: Moment Iranian capital was hit by 150km/h dust wall which blacked out sun, killed five and injured 30
Read more:

I sense that the USA is being judged like the Northern Tribes of Israel, when Elijah prophesied a three and a half year drought against Ahab. The grasshoppers and pests in the southwest are a sign of that judgment.

Eliyahu from Tishbe, an inhabitant of Gil‘ad, said to Ach’av, “As Adonai the God of Isra’el lives, before whom I stand, there will be neither rain nor dew in the years ahead unless I say so.” I Kings 17:1-2 (CJB)


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