Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When Muslim Eschatology Intersects With Messianic Eschatology: Hallelujah!

I'm not planning to publish my Mark Biltz Tetrad Timeline redo...yet. Why? It's not the opportune time. Instead, it's the time to link Muslim and Messianic end time's eschatology. Then, when the spirit moves me, I'll posit my updated timeline.

Eschatology 101: My initial theory was that all of nature and the cosmos, and all governmental, economic, and religious systems should point to Yeshua's return. If He's returning soon, even the Muslims should join in the chorus. I am correct, everything points to His soon return.

The List-

1. Messianic Christians concur: Mark Biltz Tetrad Timeline, without my historical addendums.

2. Roman Catholics concur: St. Malachy Prophecy-The Final Pope?

3. Muslims concur: End of Israel 2022 by Bassam Jarrar (This one is cool, because he links Solomon to end time's prophecy. I link Suileman, Solomon in Arabic, the Magnificent to the final four hundred ninety year timeframe. Someday, I will discover the link between Solomon and Suileman.)

4. Nature concurs: Have you noticed the disasters lately?

5. The Cosmos concurs: Add increased sunspots to Comet Ison.

6. The World's Governmental Systems concur: A crash is expected, isn't it?

7. The World's Financial Systems concur: This report is scary!

8. The World's Religious Systems concur: If the church is dying, why would you join it?

Epilog: When everything in creation groans, watch for the soon return of the Messiah.

The odd thing is that Muslims concur with my best data. This should never happen. Please note these quotes:
"When the state of Israel was declared in 1948, a Jewish old lady came to Rashid’s mother crying. When she (Rashid’s mother) asked her about the reason for her crying while other Jews were celebrating. She replied: "The establishment of this state will bring about the slaughter of the Jews.” Al-Rashid says he heard her say that this state will last 76 years. When he grew up, he regarded that this matter (prophecy) could be related to the rotation of Comet Haley, for according to Al-Rashid, this comet has certain significance in Jewish beliefs."
My theory: 74.55 years is the life expectancy for an average Israeli born in 1948. And, according to Zechariah, two-third of the Jews (14.4 million) will be murdered by late 2022. Haley's Comet: It is a four year pre-cursor to war nearly every time that I can document.

The latest research of End Times Research Center indicates that, in-sha-Allah (if Allah is willing):
(a) The first phase of the End of Time will start (and the Imam Mahdi will appear) most likely in 2013.

My Theory: I couldn't agree more.
(b) Jesus Christ (p) will come down from Heaven in 2022, but the World will not end in 2022.

My Theory: I couldn't agree more.
My Final Theory: When I agree with Muslims, it's eerie. And, when 50% of my blog hits are from Muslims, something is going on. The Something: Yeshua is the Messiah. He is everything!

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