Friday, May 10, 2013

I Am The Anti-Prepper, So Why Am I Citing This Prepping Article? It's Real world.

My concept of prepping is praying to God for guidance, not gathering more than ninety days of water and provisions. I get into fights with preppers, occasionally, over the fear-mongering they present. Okay, I get into fights with Pre-Trib Rapture enthusiasts too. I can't stand unbiblical dogma, coming from self-described Christians. Although, I don't go looking for fights. Life is too short for fighting.

When I read this article, I changed my mind. This is what actually happens when war reaches your outskirts. Please read this article with an open mind. What we will experience soon is survivable. Pray to survive the survivable, and pray for God to carry you through the upcoming events.

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