Thursday, May 30, 2013

Comets, Eclipses, Planetary Alignments, And Blood Moon Tetrads: What Does It Mean?

Are there links between amazing sights in the skies, and events on the earth? There are times when God sends us messages, and there are times when we read too much into an event.

Here are two signs in the skies, and my comments:

MAGNIFICENT COMET TAIL: This week, Earth passed through the orbital plane of Comet Pan-Starrs. This allowed observers to see the comet's fan-shaped tail edge on. Veteran astrophotographer Chris Schur of Payson, Arizona, judged it "the finest long anti-tail we have ever imaged in the past 35 years of comet photography!" This picture, taken by Pete Lawrence of Selsey UK, shows less than half of the comet's tail; click on the image to see the rest:

"Wow - as Earth crossed the orbital plane of comet C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS, the comet's orbital plane spike or 'anti-tail' became very impressive, stretching for more than 7 degrees across the sky," says Lawrence.
The narrow linear structure is called an anti-tail because it points toward the sun, opposite the usual direction of comet tails. In fact, this is an artifact of the viewing geometry. Gas and dust evaporating from the comet is not being sucked back toward the sun.
My Observations: Comet PANSTARRS followed President on his first trip to Israel on Nisan 10, 5773 (Mar. 21, 2013), in a foreboding manner, on the day Israelites choose the Passover Lamb. When Obama did nothing to disrupt Israel/Palestinian relations, PANSTARRS became a non-event, or so we think. Upcoming Comet ISON will be more of an event.
BEAUTIFUL VENUS-JUPITER PAIRING: The sunset triangle of May 26th is breaking up, but the show is not over. As the triple conjunction disperses, Venus is passing Jupiter only 1 degree away. Rafael Schmall sends this picture of the encounter from Kaposfő, Hungary:

"I've been waiting for days to take this picture," says Schmall. "There was some fog out, but the steam on the lens turned out to be an advantage."
Watching the two brightest planets move so close together is a wonderful way to end the day. Look west at sunset! NASA:video, full story.
My Observations: Please note that Mark Biltz, the discoverer of the Blood Moon Tetrad Theory, believes this is important. Supposedly, this conjunction will occur again soon. Please watch the last twenty minutes of his video, to hear him link this event to the end times.
A “dance in the sky”
Jupiter – King Planet

Venus – Mother Planet

Mercury – The Morning Star


Signs in the skies mark events on the earth.
From NBC: Generally speaking, it is not believed by the vast majority that the American dollar will be overthrown," Dick Bove, vice president of equity research at Rafferty Capital Markets, said in a note. "But it will be, and this defrocking may occur in as short a period as five to 10 years."

For a country with a budget deficit in excess of $1 trillion a year, the consequences of losing standing as the world's reserve currency would be dire.

The No. 1 security issue we have as a nation is the preservation of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency," said Michael Pento, president of Pento Portfolio Strategies. "It's a thousand times more important than a nuclear bomb being tested by North Korea. It's a thousand times more important that we keep the dollar as the world's reserve currency, and yet we are doing everything to abuse that status."
Assad: We received 1st shipment of Russian S-300 missiles  by Roi Kais 5.30.2013
In interview with Hezbollah TV station, Syrian president says next shipment of anti-aircraft missiles due to arrive 'soon'; states his government would not stand in way of groups 'that will want to fight for liberation of Golan'  

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Tuesday that the S-300 missile shipment "is a threat, and I can testify that the deal is not making headway. The shipments have not left yet. Let's hope they won't, and if they do, we'll know how to act."



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