Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can China Win A War With America? Which One? How Soon Will China Attack?

China is preparing for two wars with America. The first war is to defeat America's financial dominance. Within months China, and other nations will replace the dollar--the world's reserve currency--with another world monetary unit. The second war will be to militarily attack America. Once the dollar is defeated, why does the world need America? Why can't China be the hegemon instead?

As I published last fall, China declared financial war on America on September 6, 2012. China believes the world will be a better place when America stops exporting Capitalism, Christianity, and Financial Insolvency. Their goal is almost realized.

China forecast to overtake US by 2016 By Simon Rabinovitch in Beijing     March 22, 2013

By The Time Obama Leaves Office, U.S. No Longer No. 1 By Kenneth Rapoza  March 23, 2013

Someone is helping the Chinese.


The Federal Reserve is Robbing You Blind
By FLOYD BROWN, Chief Political Analyst  May 9, 2013

Two weeks ago, I explained to Capitol Hill Daily readers what America might look like after a government collapse.  And I ended on a note about the Federal Reserve. Today, I'm going to begin with a radical statement:

The purpose of the Federal Reserve is to benefit its shareholders... not America.

This statement is confusing to most people, because they assume the Federal Reserve is an agency of the government. It's not. In fact, it's a private entity. Only the shareholders aren't private investors. They're the major "too big to fail" banks of America. The next thing you must understand is that the Fed was given (by Congress) the most lucrative monopoly on Earth... total control over the creation of money. So it can print money, legally. What a business!

Now, don't get me wrong - there is some regulation. What Congress gives, it can also take away. The problem is that when you can literally create money, you have lots of cash to influence the system. Indeed, when it comes to the economy, the Fed is even more powerful than the president. Only Congress and the president, working in unison, can check the power of the Federal Reserve. And considering that such cooperation isn't exactly the norm in D.C., the Fed is using its insane amount of power to rob you blind. Here's how...

Too Big to Fail

Simply put, the supply of money should only grow at about the same rate as the economy. It creates a solid equilibrium between goods in the economy and the money supply. But when the supply of money grows too quickly, it shatters equilibrium and leads to inflation (i.e. - too many dollars chasing too few goods). And right now, we have too many dollars.

Of course, we can thank the economic crisis in 2008 for that. As you know, when the banking crisis erupted, the Fed was fearful that its shareholders were going belly up. So the former CEO of Goldman Sachs (GS), Hank Paulson, arranged for billions of dollars to be transferred from the government to these private banks through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

Keep in mind, I believe that allowing banks to go bankrupt would've been the best solution for America. We have over 200 years of bankruptcy court precedent, and the courts should've overseen the liquidation of these mismanaged banks. It ultimately would've punished the guilty parties.

But that didn't happen. Instead, the Federal Reserve kicked into action. It created over $1 trillion that was lent to these same banks to keep them from collapsing. Now, with so much money floating around, bank deposit owners are worried that the supply of dollars will outstrip demand. This could drive the price of the dollar down. In fact, I believe we could even see a flash crash of the dollar.

And that's precisely how the Fed is stealing from you. It's knowingly devaluing the dollar, so your money can buy fewer goods. And no one is safe.

Say you're happily employed - perhaps you even got a raise recently. Unfortunately, inflation can devalue your dollars so fast that you end up with less buying power than you began with. As long as the Fed continues on its current path, we'll continue holding a currency that's worth less and less every day.
The Other War:

Once China has beaten the dollar, they will attack the USA. This is the reason why they are building-up their military.

Red China Power By Bill Gertz  May 6, 2013
China expanding submarine, missile forces with advanced systems, Pentagon annual report says

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