Monday, May 13, 2013

We Must Be Close To The Apocalypse. Mark Biltz' Tetrad Timeline Finally Makes Sense!

I listened to eschatologists John Loeffler and Jan Markell converse about the end of days over the weekend, especially noting how they misunderstood Mark Biltz' Tetrad Theory. How frustrating it was to hear them dismiss the Tetrad Theory just because they don't understand it. Then I realized, even I don't fully understand the Tetrad Timeline Theory. There were some loose-ends, pertaining to a four-hundred ninety year final sequence. An hour ago, I discovered my error.

Is it time to publish my end time's timeline based on the Tetrad Theory? Note * This time it properly foots according to biblical prophecy and actual history.

Please remember that most of my blog hits come from The Current, a front for Al Jazeera. If I'm correct this time with my timeline, somebody from Saudi Arabia is noticing.

Al Jazeera doesn't appreciate Messianic Jews, like me, revealing what could be the truth. I'll pray tonight about publishing the updated timeline.


Yoel Kepha

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