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Sixth Seal Update: Comet Siding Spring: NASA Cut Live Feed! I hate Conspiracy Theories!

 Somebody or some group shot President Kennedy, and I don’t care about it.  I really don’t care if Marilyn Monroe was killed for sleeping with the Kennedy boys. I’m not a 9-11 Truther! I’m sorry that I voted for George W. Bush and his father, not because they supposedly blew up the World Trade Center; rather, because they fostered the New World Order.
Why did NASA cut the live feed of Comet Siding Spring last Sunday (October 19, 2014), when all the science junkies were watching? That’s rude! Or, is it part of a conspiracy?

Let’s pretend that we’re only weeks away from a huge election. Then, let’s pretend that funding for NASA comes from the neophytes that we elect to run our government. If Comet Siding Spring exploded on Sunday, then the bad publicity would be akin to Chicken Little screaming: “The sky is falling!” which is bad for business and elections. Somebody cut the NASA feed, and here’s the pabulum they’re feeding us.

Close Encounters: Comet Siding Spring Seen Next to Mars – see more at:
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has produced a unique composite image of comet Siding Spring as it made its never-before-seen close passage of a comet by Mars. Siding Spring, officially designated Comet C/2013 A1, made its closest approach to Mars at 2:28 p.m. EDT on Oct. 19, at a distance of approximately 87,000 miles. That is about one-third of the distance between Earth and the moon. At that time, the comet and Mars were about 149 million miles from Earth. The comet image is a composite of Hubble exposures taken between Oct. 18, 8:06 a.m. to Oct. 19, 11:17 p.m. Hubble took a separate image of Mars at 10:37 p.m. on Oct. 18.
The Mars and comet images have been added together to create a single picture to illustrate the angular separation, or distance, between the comet and Mars at closest approach. The separation is approximately 1.5 arc minutes, or one-twentieth of the angular diameter of the full moon. The background star field in this composite image is synthesized from ground-based telescope data provided by the Palomar Digital Sky Survey, which has been reprocessed to approximate Hubble’s resolution. (Boring!!)

My opinions: My emotions are mixed; I enjoy life, but all the signs of the end of days are appearing. The DOW stuck at 16,666 today for just a moment. It could fall any day. Putin is a hungry bear prowling for war. Ebola is rampant. I have helicopters buzzing my house (looking for somebody other than me), food prices are rising fast, and Zombies (read: Muslims) are killing innocent children across the globe. Did I mention that there were powerful solar flares today and an eclipse tonight?
According to a close friend of mine, that happens to be former US Air Force, a supersonic jet flew from the North Dakota area over Minneapolis last night (10.23.2014) at dusk, when the eclipse occured. Then, the plane turned and headed south at supersonic speed.

American Air Force pilots aren’t allowed to fly supersonic over population areas without an emergency. Was this an American jet, a Russian jet or was it Chinese?
Just after the election of 2010, President Obama began monetizing the debt. When China objected, they shot a missile thirty-five miles out from the L.A. coastline. This is what happened:

Wayne Madsen: China Fired Missile Seen In Southern California – See more at:

China flexed its military muscle Monday evening in the skies west of Los Angeles when a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, deployed secretly from its underground home base on the south coast of Hainan island, launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from international waters off the southern California coast. WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia, including Japan, say the belief by the military commands in Asia and the intelligence services is that the Chinese decided to demonstrate to the United States its capabilities on the eve of the G-20 Summit in Seoul and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Tokyo, where President Obama is scheduled to attend during his ten-day trip to Asia.

The reported Chinese missile test off Los Angeles came as a double blow to Obama. The day after the missile firing, China’s leading credit rating agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, downgraded sovereign debt rating of the United States to A-plus from AA. The missile demonstration coupled with the downgrading of the United States financial grade represents a military and financial show of force by Beijing to Washington.

The Pentagon spin machine, backed by the media reporters who regularly cover the Defense Department, as well as officials of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and the U.S. Northern Command, is now spinning various conspiracy theories, including describing the missile plume videotaped by KCBS news helicopter cameraman Gil Leyvas at around 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, during the height of evening rush hour, as the condensation trail from a jet aircraft. Other Pentagon-inspired cover stories are that the missile was actually an amateur rocket or an optical illusion.

Later on last night (10.24.2014) "Emergency Messages" flashed across TV screens:
U-Verse customers report strange emergency message – See more at:
The FOX 5 Newsroom received multiple calls from concerned AT U-Verse customers Friday after an emergency message appeared on their screens. The message, claiming to be an emergency alert issued by The White House, notified viewers that their programming was being re-directed to another channel. The alert is part of the EAN or Emergency Alert Notification. Engineers with FOX 5 say the alert can only be activated by the President in times of emergency.
U-Verse engineers tell FOX 5 staff the message appeared on screens around Atlanta, Dallas, Michigan and Austin, Texas. Callers from across the FOX 5 viewing area reported the message.

There are no known actual emergency alerts that would have prompted activation of the government's Emergency Alert Notification System, which is used by broadcasters and the government to warn of emergency situations. 
Update 12.1.2014: ‘Meteoric Smoke': Comet Siding Spring Could Alter Mars Chemistry Permanently – See more at:
…Also, NASA has released science results suggesting that the chemistry of Mars’ atmosphere could be changed forever from the close encounter.
My opinions: Seal One-1985,Seal Two-9.11.2001,Seal Three-Av 9, 2012, Seal Four-4.17.2014, Seal Five-Soon 
Why am I the only eschatologist purporting that when Comet Siding Spring dissolved, we experienced a sign of the Sixth Seal. During the Blood Moon Eclipses and the other eclipses next year, will we be pelted by burning figs from Comet Siding Spring? Why am I the only person talking about an event that the government is hiding from you? Am I hoping for the Day of the Lord too much or am I a realist?
Hoy unto you that desire the Yom Hashem [day of the Lord]! Why do ye seek it? The Yom Hashem is choshech [darkness], and not ohr [light]. As if a man did flee from an ari, and a dov met him; or went into the bais, and leaned his hand on the kir (wall), and a nachash [serpent-the same as from Gan Eden] bit him. Shall not the Yom Hashem be choshech, and not ohr? Even very dark, and no brightness in it? Amos 5:18-20 (OJB)

Epilog 3.10.2016: "Comet Siding Spring plunged the magnetic field around Mars into chaos," said Jared Espley, a MAVEN science team member at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "We think the encounter blew away part of Mars' upper atmosphere, much like a strong solar storm would." – See more at:

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