Monday, October 20, 2014

Sixth Seal Sign: The Day After: What Really Happened To Comet Siding Spring?

Comet Siding Spring to fly by Mars on October 19, ISRO re-positions Mangalyaan Mars atmosphere explodes as Comet Siding Spring passes nearby
I’ve been reporting that Comet Siding Spring could interact with Mars atmosphere causing it to break up, and in turn causing burning comet figs to hit earth when it’s magnetosphere seems to be thinning ten times faster.

On Sunday, October 19, 2014, NASA cut the feed from Comet Siding Spring as it rounded Mars. What? This is a huge event, we have multiple robots recording the event, and they cut the feed? Why? Did Comet Siding spring explode like this?

Comet Siding Spring - Massive explosion on Mars as comet passes by Mars – See more at:

Dr.Fritz Helmut Hemmerich made a video from 1200-meters at Tenerife in the Canary Islands showing Comet Siding Spring immediately after its Mars encounter.

Siding Spring Updates, 5 M Flares | S0 News October 21, 2014 – See more at:

My research:
I hope that you’ve noticed that I tend to report eschatological news, and shy away from needless hype. If you want mindless hype, please consider...www.?

My theories are grounded in proper scriptural exegesis, discerning modern-day prophets and studying Jewish history. By tonight, the alternative websites will be buzzing with hype because we don’t know what happened to Comet Siding Spring yesterday.
The facts: NASA cut the feed of the comet as it passed by Mars. There is no magnetic ball of energy. There was no explosion (according to NASA).

Did Siding Spring Discharge with Mars? – See more at:
Why did NASA kill the video feed on Comet Siding Spring? Perhaps NASA wanted to prevent internet gadflies from spreading lies about their feed. By cutting the feed, no opinions can be expressed.
My opinions: What if something horrible happened to Comet Siding Spring yesterday? Let’s watch what the world governments do over the next few days. If world leaders begin to act crazy, you will know that they’re covering something up. How can we have so many robots on Mars, and not one of them can report what happened?

Revelation’s Sixth Seal could still include burning figs flung from Comet Siding Spring at a planet with barely any shields (thinning magnetosphere) above us. We’ll see.
Epilog 3.10.2016: "Comet Siding Spring plunged the magnetic field around Mars into chaos," said Jared Espley, a MAVEN science team member at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "We think the encounter blew away part of Mars' upper atmosphere, much like a strong solar storm would." – See more at:
And I saw when he opened the chotam hashishi (sixth seal), a great earthquake occurred and the shemesh (sun) became shakhor (black) as sackcloth made of hair and the whole levanah (moon) became like dahm. [Ps 97:4; Isa 29:6; Ezek 38:19; Isa 50:3] And the kokhavim (stars) of Shomayim fell to ha’aretz (the earth), as an etz te’enah (fig tree) casts off its unripe figs when being shaken by a great wind. [YESHAYAH 34:4] And Shomayim split apart as a megillah scroll being rolled up; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. [TEHILLIM 46:2; YESHAYAH 54:10; YIRMEYAH 4:24; YECHEZKEL 38:20; NACHUM 1:5] And the melachim (kings) of ha’aretz (the earth) and the gedolim (great ones) and the military leaders and the oishirim (rich men) and the strong men and all avadim (slaves) and Bnei Chorin (freedmen) hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains. [YESHAYAH 2:10,19,21]And they say to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One sitting on the Kes (Throne) and from the za’am (wrath, anger, 16:1f) of the SEH (Lamb, SHEMOT 12:3; YESHAYAH 53:7 Moshiach), [HOSHEA 10:8] Because the Yom HaGadol, the Yom HaZa’am, the Great Day of Their Wrath has come, and who is able to stand? [Joel 1:15; 2:1,2,11,31; Zeph 1:14,15; Nah 1:6; Mal 3:2] Revelation 6:13-17 (OJB)


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