Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fourth Seal Update: Amidst The Green Horse: Green Comet Hits Red Planet?

 According to my calculations, the Fourth Seal of Revelation opened on April 17, 2014 when a rhomphaia sword hovered above New Jersey and Washington D.C. in the night sky. You may disagree; however, top pundits like Franklin Graham, Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, and Rick Wiles agree with me that we’re watching the Green (Greek: Chloros) Horse of the Fourth Seal ride forth.

Financial markets know October as “The Devil’s Month,” because huge losses generally occur during this month. In this time of Sukkot, financial markets have tumbled precipitately. Europe is destitute, Japan is comatose, and America is scared.
We are experiencing the first signs of the Fifth Seal, where Muslims are ritually slitting the throats of the innocent. John in Revelation 6:9 calls it "Sphezo," and rabbis call it "Shaqat;" but, it's always the same: Alter Sacrifices. Their blood is filling the vials that will be poured back against the wicked.
We don't expect Comet Siding Spring to directly hit Mars, and therein lies the problem: A glancing blow off Mar's atmosphere will send millions of rocks toward Earth's window, the magnetosphere. Did I mention that Earth's magnetosphere thinned 10% from 1880 to 2003. And it thinned another 5% from 2003-2013. It's thinning 10% faster now.

If Comet Siding Spring disintegrates over Mars, expect burning figs to be thrown at the earth six to eight months later, due in mid-2015, appearing just like John stated in Revelation 6:13-17.There are even more signs in the skies: opinion:

On Sunday, Oct. 19th, Comet Siding Spring will pass ridiculously close to Mars--only 140,000 km away. For comparison, that's about 1/3rd the distance between Earth and the Moon. The comet was hurtling toward Mars at 120,000 mph on Oct. 11th when UK astrophotographer Damian Peach snapped this picture (above):
An international fleet of Mars orbiters and rovers will observe the encounter from close range. The most interesting data could come from MAVEN, a NASA spacecraft that has reached Mars just ahead of the comet. MAVEN is designed to study the martian atmosphere. That's good, because when the comet arrives, the atmosphere of the comet will likely brush against the atmosphere of Mars, possibly sparking auroras on the Red Planet. MAVEN could record these alien lights.

Green Disease:
Liberia needs 79,940 more body bags – See more at:
This inventory from the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare starkly illustrates the huge gap between the what Liberia has — and what it needs — in the next six months as it struggles with the crippling Ebola epidemic. Note also the need for protective suits — the country projects a gap of 989,985 suits, without which more people are likely to be infected.
Dated Oct. 10, the rest of the ministry’s situation report shows, among other things, 2,425 deaths so far from Ebola of whom 95 have been health care workers.

Green War:
Putin says Western sanctions threaten nuclear 'stability' – See more at:
Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said the Ukraine crisis threatens nuclear “strategic stability” and global “economic health”.
“We hope our partners will realise the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability”, he said, referring to EU and US sanctions, in Serb daily Politika on Thursday (16 October).

“If the main goal is to isolate our country, it’s an absurd and illusory goal … but the economic health of Europe and the world can be seriously undermined”.
For in the Yom Ra’ah (day of evil) He shall keep me safe in His Sukkah; in the shelter of His Ohel shall He conceal me; He shall set me up upon a Tzur (rock). Psalm 27:5 CJB)


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