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Revelation Sixth Seal Update: Inner Core Wobble Increasing Booms, Trumpets, & Noises

Demon locusts swarm over the Earth.War in Israel is the super-sign that the end times are fast-approaching. Although I could be wrong, if my linear birth-pang theory about the Seals of Revelation is correct, then baby antichrist was born a few years ago (my guess is 1985). And, 9-11-2001 launched the Second Seal, and the sign was war in Iraq in 2003. The Third Seal opened during the summer of 2012, and the sign was Hurricane Sandy, ET all, as prophesied and explained (at):
Third Seal News: As Food Prices Rise, Fed Keeps a Watchful Eye Central Bank Officials Sometimes Look Past Food-Cost Increases – See more at:
Consumer price of ground beef in May rose 10.4% from a year earlier while pork chop prices climbed 12.7%-The price of fresh fruit rose 7.3% and oranges 17.1%-But prices for cereals and bakery products were up just 0.1% and vegetable prices inched up only 0.5%-The uneven rise points to disparate forces affecting food prices:-Drought in Oklahoma and Texas is driving up cattle prices-A disease … has killed millions of piglets and contributed to higher hog prices

Next: The Fourth Seal: Beginning soon, we should expect the deaths of 1.75 billion people within the next two years due to war (beginning around Israel by ISIS/Nimrod), famine (everywhere), disease (Ebola, H1N1, Tuberculosis, Polio, Influenza), and zombie-like animals and people.

Op-Ed:  Israel’s Gaza Operation – War At Last –See more at:
Above all, God bless the boys going up against Hamas and into Gaza by air, land and sea. Bibi said it’s “time to take off the gloves” so once again Israel is at war.

My best guess: If the birth-pang theory holds, then the Fifth Seal of Revelation could begin later in 2014, where many of the believers will be beheaded. Once again, if the theory works, the Sixth Seal of Revelation would begin sometime in 2015. This means we should begin hearing strange sounds of our inner earth breaking-up, in advance of a great earthquake and the subsequent continental drifting listed in Revelation.

Then I watched as he broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake, the sun turned black as sackcloth (three days long?) worn in mourning, and the full moon became blood-red (Blood Moon Tetrad). The stars fell from heaven to earth (asteroids) just as a fig tree drops its figs when shaken by a strong wind. The sky receded like a scroll being rolled up (because our magnetosphere has thinned 15% in the last 130 years), and every mountain and island was moved from its place. Then the earth’s kings, the rulers, the generals, the rich and the mighty — indeed, everyone, slave and free — hid himself in caves and among the rocks in the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us, and hide us[a] from the face of the One sitting on the throne and from the fury of the Lamb! For the Great Day of their fury has come, and who can stand?” Revelation 6:12-17 (CJB)

Josh Tolley Show: Linda Moulton Howe interview: Increased Earthquakes, Strange Noises & Sinkholes: Secret Inside the Earth – See more at:
Infrasound, Booms and Quakes – See more at:
An infrasonic impulse can have a leading edge that can be audible to the human ear. Alfred E. Bedard, PhD

May 2014 Breaking News Loud unexplained sound worldwide - Last days news – See more at:
My opinion: Prior to this interview, we didn’t know that our core was becoming more oblong, which would generate atmospheric noises. Also, there was no proof that low frequency infrasound was audible to human ears. Now, we know that infrasound can be generated deep in our wobbly core and then bounced-off our ionosphere creating a mysterious noise. Her timeline of 2011-2014 for increased booms, metallic noises and trumpet sounds is oddly similar to when the Third Seal opened.

According to my theory, a great earthquake should be due next year. Then, the inner core should open faster releasing the Fifth Trumpet of tormenting locusts (pictured above) around fall 2017, which would mark the end of the Shmita (2015-2016) and Jubilee (2016-2017) rests for Israel. Every judgment prior to that will affect everyone on our planet. The last ten judgments only affect the wicked, like an updated Exodus story from ancient Egypt. When you add this new information to my potential timeline, then the Blood moon Tetrads take on greater significance, don’t they?

If 1.75 billion people die for many different reasons over the next year, please stay calm and pray more. Don’t join joy-sucking cults that crave your money in return for an end time’s frenzy. And beware of the larger churches because they’re lining-up with the pope more each day. Instead, join a small Bible study and develop close relationships, because events worldwide should intensify like birth pangs over the next few months and years. Watch the Temple Mount area, the focal point of this current Blood Moon Tetrad.

Update: Do volcanic eruptions coincide with low sunspot activity? – See more at:
When I saw that article in the Bend (Oregon) Bulletin, I thought – bingo! – that [Mt. Hood] eruption hit smack dab in the middle of the Dalton Minimum, a time of extremely low sunspot activity.   


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