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Anti-Dollar Alliance Adds So. Korea: USA Dollar Rigged To Collapse: When?

Embedded image permalinkAccording to Christopher Greene @amtvmedia we’ve passed by the safe zone on the Shiller PE chart (above). “The Shiller PE ratio rose above 25 in 1901, 1929 and 2001, 2008 pre-crash. The PE today is 26.32." #tcot – See more at:
Why did the markets hit 17,000 today? Pundit Jeremy Siegel thinks the markets will hit 20,000 before the end of 2014. Is it because our government is pumping more worthless stimulus dollars into our already bankrupt system? This can’t go on forever. I believe that the dollar will crash sometime in 2014-2018. My best guess is 2014. Months ago I used a vague prophecy from Isaiah regarding sixty-five years until Ephraim is cut-off as the basis for my feeling that the dollar would fall in late-2013. I was wrong.

In late 2013, a prophetic friend mentioned that the financial markets would grow for a few more months. I seriously doubted his words. I was wrong again.

The financial experts that I listen to are predicting a dollar disaster someday soon. No one knows the day. Certain nations are hastening the dollar’s demise. You may add South Korea today.

South Korea, China agree to direct trade in national currencies – See more at:
South Korea and China have agreed to create a market for direct trading of the yuan and won, which is hoped, will help reduce the pressure of the US dollar, as well as cut foreign exchange costs and boost bilateral investment.
BRICS morphing into anti-dollar alliance – See more at:
On June 10th, Sergey Glaziev, Putin's economy advisor published an article outlining the need to establish an international alliance of countries willing to get rid of the dollar in international trade and refrain from using dollars in their currency reserves. The ultimate goal would be to break the Washington's money printing machine that is feeding its military-industrial complex and giving the US ample possibilities to spread chaos across the globe, fueling the civil wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. Glaziev's critics believe that such an alliance would be difficult to establish and that creating a non-dollar-based global financial system would be extremely challenging from a technical point of view. However, in her discussion with Vladimir Putin, the head of the Russian central bank unveiled an elegant technical solution for this problem and left a clear hint regarding the members of the anti-dollar alliance that is being created by the efforts of Moscow and Beijing:

"We've done a lot of work on the ruble-yuan swap deal in order to facilitate trade financing. I have a meeting next week in Beijing," she said casually and then dropped the bomb: "We are discussing with China and our BRICS partners the establishment of a system of multilateral swaps that will allow to transfer resources to one or another country, if needed. A part of the currency reserves can be directed to [the new system]." (source of the quote: Prime news agency)

If the current trend continues, soon the dollar will be abandoned by most of the significant global economies and it will be kicked out of the global trade finance. Washington's bullying will make even former American allies chose the anti-dollar alliance instead of the existing dollar-based monetary system. The point of no return for the dollar may be much closer than it is generally thought. In fact, the greenback may have already past its point of no return on its way to irrelevance.

Intelligence Insider Warns of Catastrophic Collapse: “The Tempo of Events is Faster Than Expected”- See more at:
“It’s the thing you don’t see coming [that will take down the dollar]. The next problem will be bigger than the Fed…so then the IMF is actually going to have to bail out the United States.” Jim Rickards

(David Stockman helped President Reagan resurrect the American economy in the 1980’s. He believes that we’re headed for a crash today.)

Stockman:  “You have a system where the central banks have created an extremely unstable and dangerous financial system worldwide that is riddled with ticking time bombs.  We don’t have honest money and capital markets anymore.  Price discovery was busted by the Fed, the ECB, the Bank of Japan, and the rest of them a long time ago.

What we have now is a hothouse financial zoo, the inmates of which have been house-trained year-after-year like so many orangutans to buy the dips.  And they’ve bought the dips over and over and over.  In fact, for the last 63 months they’ve been buying the dips, since March 2009.  It has become an ingrained, automated habit.

If you look at the chart of the S&P 500 or any of the other major indices, you see the central bank manipulation at work, not the free market. ... As a result of that, one of these days there is going to be a significant catalyst that causes the market to fall, and there will be a dip that won’t be bottom-planked by the Fed or other central banks because they are out of ammunition or they’ve concluded that it can’t be done any longer.  And then I think panic will set in.”

My opinion: The one event that will trigger the end times is the fall of the USA. Contrary to what you may think, this will not translate into the beginning of the Great Tribulation. When the USA falls, all nations will tremble, and then the world will call for a savior, the antichrist. So far, that event hasn’t happened.
“Watch the derivatives.” Rick Wiles

I can’t determine yet if the USA will fall from internal disintegration, or from external pressures. It could be that both the internal and external pressures cause the USA to fall at the same moment. That would be cataclysmic.


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  1. The Shiller PE is the most popular chart in the world today and most people are usually wrong, so it could fool a lot of people and go to 32-35x from currently 26x while the US Dollar Index has a big drop to help try to stimulate the markets up with exports. Consider this. The US Dollar had a good drop for a whole year before the final S&P 500 top came in in 2007. We at least know for certain on Elul 29 2015 Sept. 13 a 7% drop on the markets is coming like occurred on Elul 29 2001 and Elul 29 2008 as predicted by Comet Shoemaker in 1994 on Tammuz 17 for 21 days to Tisha B'Av the day of Comet Shoemaker. Jews celebrate these 21 days because the sacrifices stopped for 21 days before Babylon destroyed the Temple.