Friday, April 4, 2014

Blood Moon Tetrads, 3D Popes, World Economic Woes, Earthquakes And War!

At the end of the movie “CaddyShack,” Brian Doyle Murray patiently waited for the golf ball to drop in the cup while the whole golf course was exploding around everyone. Some days I feel like him.

Your world is devolving around you, and my recommendation is to stay calm and watch for the messiah’s return to Israel.

What’s new?

On April 27th 2014, after Passover week, the pope will broadcast 3D “Images” of himself enshrining two former popes into the Roman Catholic Hall of Fame.

Almost cancelled, the show must go on: On May 25-26 the pope will visit Israel to negotiate transferal of authority of Jewish Holy Land to papal authority.

The DOW is just about up to 16,600. Will we see a precipitous decrease if it hits that number? Even Donald Trump is [Russian] bearish.

Earthquakes are on the uptick, and the Electric Universe Theory/
may be able to predict the next one.

Russians openly joke about invading Florida.

Major media outlets are proclaiming the Blood Moon Tetrad! (Please note that I am the only person reporting on the hidden Tetrad of 1539-1540.)

I found my missing 490 year sequences! We begin in 70 AD, when the Temple was destroyed. Then around 540 the dark ages began. In 1050 the eastern and western churches split. The 1539-1540 Tetrad marks the end of the next 490 year sequence, which will end when the seven years of Ezekiel 39:9 cleaning are finished in 2029-2030.

Without the hidden tetrad of 1539-40, the puzzle pieces seem random. There is nothing random about our universe, our bodies, or our God. You can count the sequences from his grand exit in 30 CE to the Temple falling in 70 CE, and forward.

Please consider hosting a Passover event for friends and neighbors. The best way to learn about Yahushua is to experience him. Attending a Passover event is like experiencing him!


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