Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blood Moon Tetrad Significance: What’s Next, And Why Are The Signs Supernatural?

I attended an Orthodox Jewish Pesach festival in the Twin Cities on April 14, 2014. Immediately afterward, I watched the Blood Moon Eclipse. I was blessed by the acceptance of Orthodox Jews to having Goyim present (an unschooled Gentile attended also). During the night, we prayed together, and blessed Israel like brethren. I truly thought that I had witnessed a Pentecostal prayer meeting, instead of a Jewish Seder, for there was a unified prayer (Hebrew) tongue that filled the room. That night was a slice of heaven.
Lunar Eclipse 4/15/14

Later, while I observed the eclipse, I felt serene silence and patience, like good night of fishing.

The next day after the first Blood Moon Eclipse, it seemed odd that only a few of my Messianic friends asked me any questions. At one Pesach Party, every time I would answer a question, the inquisitive friend would then ask another more respected source within our community what they thought of my opinions. The Elder refuted everything I stated. I quickly sensed the spirit of the times, and stopped sharing any information. My community is not given to eschatology, but rather to Torah and Bible study. Why should I waste my breath on naysayers?

I noticed the same pattern at one of my other Torah Studies recently. While we agree on almost everything biblically, the building of the Third Temple and the return of the sacrifices trouble half of the group. In fact, one of my co-leaders stated he would rather be wrong than change his opinion. His opinion that the Third Temple will be the antichrist’s lair and the holy sacrifices will be his abomination. Nothing could be further from the truth! This means that half of the group pray for the return of a temple and offerings, and half of the group prays against HaShem’s will. Thus, we are a divided group, which can’t stand. I can feel their eyes looking at the other leader every time someone asks me a question about what we will soon experience. Once again, why should I waste my breath on naysayers?

HaShem is dividing people for His reasons these days. The division could be over the Tetrad, the Third Temple, the Sabbath, the Torah, the return of the sacrifices, and/or spirituality—from HaShem or the Satan. Spiritually speaking, the gloves are off. But, like the tetrad, be patient and expect the events to be silent.  

Just as I assumed, nothing occurred on April 15, 2014, under the beautiful Blood Moon Eclipse. If you read some of my older blog posts, you’ll remember that I reported that Blood Moon Tetrad-related events rarely happened that same year; 1967-1968 is the only time. Rather, Blood Moon Tetrad-related events had a beginning before and a culmination afterward. Just as 1492 saw the beginning of the Jews movement toward Israel or America, and the Columbus’ search for the Americas, Columbus didn’t return until March 15, 1493, to announce any news. Likewise, Israel may have claimed independence in 1948, but it didn’t win the war until 1949. Likewise, Suleiman the Magnificent sent his troops by 1537 to repair the walls and the streets of Jerusalem. The Tetrad occurred in 1539-1540, as the Eastern Gate was sealed. Do you notice the silent patient trends?    

My only predictions are that Putin will saber-rattle about war before the Tetrad, war and the death of 1.75 billion will occur during the Tetrad, and we will see the beginnings of sacrifices and a Third Temple after the Tetrad. If my research is correct, you should see actual Temple Mount sacrificial activities by April 18, 2016.

Nothing that will occur over the next few years will logically point toward my research. You should expect to see heightened spirituality surrounding the Pope and a new unified false religion. The Illuminati will force war upon us, and attempt to break our spirits by crashing the world’s economies. However, none of these events will give my research credibility. How can I codify and relate supernatural data to you?

I’m sticking with Mark Biltz, Jonathan Cahn, and all the loving Jews that embraced me on Pesach. And I’m diverting from traditional eschatological theory going forward: We are fast-approaching the Great Tribulation regardless of the news reports. All the major activity is occurring in the supernatural patiently and silently!

If you would like to know about the supernatural crisis that nearly will tear your family apart in the coming years, please watch this video and read this book.  

Myron Fagan outlines the Illuminati Plans in 1967 (It’s long!)

“The Supernatural Worldview” by Chris Putnam (This is being reported by a Calvinist? That’s apocalyptic!)

“The major thesis of The Supernatural Worldview is that Western culture is in the midst of what I have deemed the “paranormal paradigm shift.” In the upcoming book, I predict the imminent demise of atheistic naturalism will result in revival of spiritualism reminiscent of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Dr. Patrick McNamara of the Boston University School of Medicine is a neurologist who believes that bad dreams and mental illness can be connected to “spirit possession.” This is quite astonishing, given the prevailing methodological naturalism that has dominated Western medicine for the last century. Christians should not be so surprised as one-fourth of all the healings recorded in the Gospel of Mark were actually deliverances. What concerns me is that many in the church have avoided these topics and are either too fearful or incredulous to meaningfully engage in the discussion. My hope is that that the book (due out May 15th) will get the much needed discussion started. The paradigm is shifting rapidly!”


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