Thursday, September 12, 2013

When Comet Ison Visits Our Heavens, Count On These Sites

Comet Ison could be the comet of the century, or it could be a dud. We’ll know soon enough. Who’s opinion on Comet Ison do I trust?

For general information that agrees with my perspective on the cosmos—purporting an Electric Universe—please visit this site. Anything from SuspiciousObservers on Youtube is very good. His three, four, and five minute science and weather reports are excellent. He bashes Global Warming frequently with incredible scientific evidence.

Is there global warming? According to Electric Universe proponents, the forces that cause climate change come from outside our planetary realm. SuspiciousObservers on YouTube explains why Global Warming is not plausible.
Comet Ison: For the best Comet Ison coverage, please visit Bruce Gary. He’s an amateur; however, he’s very transparent and smart.

What is Electric Universe? Stay tuned.

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