Friday, September 27, 2013

Pakistan Earthquake 9.2013: Global Warming Or Solar CME?

When the so-called experts ask you to pay for Al Gore’s Carbon Tax Exchange, please don’t buy the hype. Al Gore doesn’t care about Global Warming or even Global Cooling; he wants to make his cut off every pay-off worldwide. By fleecing wealthy countries over supposed carbon tax credits, he plans to transfer cash to poor countries, and in-turn make himself richer.

What are the facts?
1.      How does Al Gore plan to become a “Carbon Billionaire?”
2.      Recent proof of Global Cooling seems to disprove the Al Gore hype.
3.      The recent CME caused the Pakistani earthquake.

The lies...

1.      Human influence on climate clear, IPCC report says

My opinion: The evidence mounts that Global Warming is a lie. My favorite theory is Magnetic Universe, where events outside our earth affect us more than how much we pollute. The recent Pakistani earthquake is one more example of outside forces causing disasters on the earth. When will we finally repudiate the supposed Global Warming experts?  

More Magnetic Earth space news: Who cares about Comet Ison’s brightness? The debris tail is the issue. If Comet ISON flings debris at the earth, we will have no planets or moon that can block the debris, like normal.
Here is the NASA site for ISON:

If this report is correct, earth has 10% less atmospheric protection than in the 1800’s.

ISON could be catastrophic.

The best facts: “Our world is changing, and they want to blame you.” News of the Weird:

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