Monday, February 25, 2013

When will China and Russia crash the dollar?

While China and Russia are quietly accumulating massive amounts of gold, the USA is busy printing more worthless dollars. China and Russia are working together according to a methodological plan to dominate the world, while the USA is speeding-up the bus to crash faster and harder. Europe looks like their economy will crash soon too. It’s like watching dominoes being set-up.

Michael, from The Economic Collapse Blog, states:
Why would the USA and Europe want to crash their economies? It’s not that these two economic giants want to crash their economies, they just can’t help it; they can’t stop spending. Reasoning that a crash is inevitable, China and Russia are planning for the eventual crash, and when then they will rule the world.  

Do you trust Putin? Do you trust the Chinese? These two countries export more indirect terrorism than all the Muslim countries combined. By selling weapons to rogue nations, they create world-wide monsters out of tin-pot dictators. This would be enough, however, they want more. Their most recent plan is to become wealthier by crashing the world's economies.

News Update 3.3.2013: China "fully prepared" for currency war: banker

When will this crash occur? In my book Danny’s Inferno, I make a strong case that the USA falls in 2013. Let’s check my track record of predictions.

Hurricane Sandy-Correct (month/year).

Damascus Destroyed-Wrong Day (December 3, 2012 was the day the dirty bombs were armed, not the destruction day).

First Seal of Revelation-Unverifiable
Second Seal of Revelation-Unverifiable

Third Seal of Revelation-Verified (Draught is increasing world-wide)
Fourth Seal of Revelation-Yet to occur

According to verified predictions, I’m correct two out of three times. (As for the Damascus prediction, I may be only months off.)
Now I’ll come clean: The errant Damascus prediction was based on my research, and the Hurricane and Third Seal predictions were based on God sending me a messenger. In the natural, I’m always wrong. Thus, any prediction, from my intellect, about an eventual crash of the dollar, will be wrong.

Europe Watch: When Europe crashes, we're not far behind.

What should you do? Fast and pray about your situation, and then prepare for a crash sometime in the next few years, if not sooner. Shalom.  

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