Sunday, February 3, 2013

When the Dow hits 14,000, beware!

Somebody is driving the Dow up to 14,000 for a reason. The reason is to crash the Dow. There is a natural reason; to redistribute wealth. The supernatural reason is to create the perfect environment for the antichrist.
The man who predicted nearly every major economic trend over the past 30 years... including the 1991 recession, Japan's lost decade, the 2001 tech crash, the bull market and housing boom of the last decade and, most recently, the credit and housing bubble...

Now predicts the DOW is going to crash.

In fact, world-renowned economist, Harry Dent, says, "We'll see a historic drop to 6,000... and when the dust settles - it'll plummet to 3,300. Along the way, we'll see another real estate collapse, gold will sink to $750 an ounce and unemployment will skyrocket... It's going to get ugly."

From a Wall Street Daily email 2.19.2013 "The January Effect"

Many investors believe stock prices have run too far, too fast in the New Year. Of course, as I proved on Friday, that's not the case. Yet investors still refuse to believe it.

  • Out of the last 39 years that stocks rallied in January, they ended the year in positive territory 36 times. That works out to 92% of the time.
  • We can go all the way back to 1929, too. When stocks rallied in January, they finished the year in positive territory 73% of the time, according to Standard & Poor's Howard Silverblatt.
  • And when stocks fell in January, they finished the year in negative territory 60% of the time since 1929.
  • Based on the data, it's clear that the adage above holds true (for the overwhelming majority of the time).

    My comment: Not this time.

    An eschatologist's opinion: Invest in Israel and Israeli products soon. There are two other safe investments; however, they're too risky at present.

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