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Press Release: Danny's Inferno

Press Release: Danny’s inferno
Author Who Predicted 2012 “Frankenstorm” Challenges Christian Left Behind Audiences by Blurring the Line Between Apocalyptic Fact and Fiction

Author Joel Blackford’s new novel Danny’s Inferno, which follows Daniel, a man who discovers the whereabouts of a man claiming to be the Antichrist, is available now from Warfare Publishing. The book blends current events with a new, real-world data to confront readers with a question: Might there be some legitimacy in biblical prophecy?
Minneapolis, MN—February 20, 2012

Danny’s Inferno, Joel Blackford’s new apocalyptic blend of fact and fiction, is available today from Warfare Publishing. Blackford, a Messianic Christian Eschatologist from Minnesota who made predictions about Hurricane Sandy on his blog long before she hit the East Coast, reveals a possible End of Days timeline based on a vast array of evidence—from Biblical research, to astronomical data, to current news headlines. Claiming that the popular Left Behind books were Biblically incorrect, Blackford challenges them by presenting an apocalypse scenario that does away with the “rapture” concept altogether.

The book follows Danny, a man who has just realized the apocalypse is nearer than he ever could have imagined. When he discovers the whereabouts of a man claiming to be the Antichrist, he can’t help but be curious and set out to find him. The quest tests his faith, positions him directly under Antichrist’s reign of terror, and makes him wonder if, when all is said and done, he might be left in a world torn apart by tribulation.
Blackford takes great care to present Danny’s Inferno in a present-tense fashion that will make readers experience the events—some factual, some fictional—as if they are right there with the characters. The book tests a new, scene-by-scene approach that interweaves Bible passages, news stories, and hyperlinks to information that supports Blackford’s theories. “My goal is to present secular, science-based evidence to illuminate some extremely interesting coincidences that exist in nature, history, and biblical prophecy,” Blackford says. “I want to challenge the concepts the Left Behind series promoted by framing apocalyptic theories against actual world events. If you like Jonathan Cahn’s book The Harbinger, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Danny’s Inferno.”
In blending science fiction, biblical prophecy, and real-world events into a book where the lines between fact and fiction often blur, Blackford challenges his readers to approach media headlines with new, discerning eyes. “I want people to make decisions about their beliefs that are based on facts, not Rapture-induced fear-mongering,” he says. “My goal is for readers to view upcoming world events with less fear and apprehension.”

Joel Blackford is a Messianic Christian Eschatologist from Minnesota. Danny’s Inferno is on sale both in print and with all major e-book vendors.


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