Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Please don't buy-into the Rapture Hype, Obama's March 20, 2013 visit to Jerusalem is merely that.

With all the recent news, I'm finding it difficult to discuss world events passionately, but reasonably. There is so much dis-information passed-about, what is the truth? The truth should seem so simple, even a child should understand it. Please allow me to explain my reasonable timeline, and how it affects you. Please relax...and breath regularly. With faith in God, we can persevere through the upcoming disasters.

President Obama  is NOT the Antichrist. His planned visit to Jerusalem on March 20, 2013 is to divide the city, not proclaim himself as the Antichrist. Relax.

The new Pope may be Peter of Rome. Relax.

Why can't you relax? You've learned errant doctrines that foment hype. Please read my blog and relax.

If you incorrectly buy-into the Rapture-hype, and the unsubstantiated Doctrine of Immenancy, you will miss the blessings of understanding world events. No church-founder prior to 1800 mentions the errant Rapture Theory, nor the equally-errant Doctrine of Immanency. John Nelson Darby founded Dispensationalism, the Doctrine of the Rapture, and more errant theories. Then C.S. Scofield popularized the doctrines in his turn-of-the-century Bible commentaries. Now we're stuck with fish-wrap for doctrines, just when we need biblical answers.

Is there a Pre-Tribulation Rapture? No! There are no Bible verses that state a Pre-Trib Rapture. If I can't understand the veiled verses of the Rapture, how could a child understand the theory?

Is there a Doctrine of Immanency? No! They believe that NOTHING needs to occur before the supposed Rapture. Wrong! Much needs to occur before the end of our age.

What is happening? Read this, and if you insist, read my novel. Please note, it's a blend of fact and fiction. (A cursory study of Mark Biltz and Jonathan Cahn will help you understand my timeline.)

Danny’s Inferno Timeline 2013

The early signs
3 BCE Yahushua is born and reaches the bar Joseph/bar David testing age of 17 in 15 CE. This is a sign of the coming Tribulation Timeframe (2015-15=2,000 years).

70AD to 1900AD During 660,000 days or 1800 years, little or no rain falls on Israel as prophesied. There are no natural reasons for the rains/gifts of the Holy Spirit to cease or to begin again. Note*The heaviest rainfalls occurring in upcoming Blood Moon Tetrad years of 1949/1959 and 1967/1968.
1493-1494 A rare astronomical tetrad—four Blood Moons on special Jewish Feast days—as the Jews are kicked out of Spain and Columbus discovers the new world in 1492.

1517-The mid-point of the Tetrad, Martin Luther’s 95 theses, and the Hebrew translation of Torah using a Gutenberg press.
1539-1540 A rare astronomical tetrad—four Blood Moons on special Jewish Feast days—as Suleiman the Magnificent (a Muslim) rebuilds Jerusalem’s walls.

1883 Krakatoa, 1893 World’s Fair/Financial, 1913 Federal Reserve, 1933 FDR Court packs, 1963 End School Prayer, 1973 Abortion/Oil for Bretton Woods causes wild 40 year cash speculation, 9-11-2001, 2013 USA Dissolves
1893 As the US economy passes Great Britain’s economy the 120 year prophecy given by Noah Troyer in 1878 begins.  Will America repent?

Passover 1906: The outpouring of lush rains water Israel for the first time since 70 CE and the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit waters Azuza Street. Thus proving that both nations—while under judgment—will experience spiritual growth for those striving for the Lord.
1949-1950 A rare astronomical tetrad—four Blood Moons on special Jewish Feast days—and an increase of rains just after Israel becomes a nation in one prophetical day on May 14, 1948.

1967-1968 A rare astronomical tetrad—four Blood Moons on special Jewish Feast days— and an increase of rains as Jerusalem is recaptured by the Israelis on June 7, 1967.

11.1.1985 1st seal opened False Christ/White Horse /West-Mikha’el the Antichrist born west of Jerusalem in Czech Republic. He will reach the minimum rabbinic age of 30 on Nov. 1, 2015.
9.11.2001 2nd seal opened War/Red Horse/East -Terrorists and twin towers in New York. A war with radical Muslims east of Jerusalem ensues in 2003.  

3.20.2011 Wycliffe Publishing announces that before the year 2025 all necessary languages will have translations of the Bible. Thus fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy in Mark 13:10 saying the “Gospel” must be “Published” to all nations before his return. The return year of 2022 is more plausible now.  
11.09.2011 Three comets and five asteroids dot the skies sending us a four year warning. Comets Elenin, Honda, Levy and YU-55 all flyby without impact, but what will happen when Levy passes by on January 21, 2012 and passes by again during Passover April 15-20, 2017? A possible Man Child birth occurs?
07.29.2012 3rd seal opened Famine/Black Horse/North Wheat and crop failures/GMO problems begin in northern Asia. Starvation intensifies each year as world supplies dwindle. The seal opens followed by Hurricane Sandy, the beginning of God’s judgment on the USA. The signs of America’s downfall are “Snow and a Broom after Sukkot, but during October 2012.” (Av 9 5772)

12.3-31.2012 Will Damascus become a Ruinous Heap? When Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align over Giza for the first time in 2,737 years, will the Isaiah 17:1-2 prophecy be fulfilled?
07.16.2013 4th seal opened Death/Green Horse/South-Judgment begins with the USA, which is sinking fast. Sometime afterward—due to death, famine, plagues and wild animal attacks—there will be nearly 1.75 billion deaths-Rev. 6:8-9.

11.03.2013 A rare solar sackcloth solar eclipse (Joel 2 & Acts 2) signals earthquakes and floods that divide the USA into quarters.
04.15.2014 5th seal opened-1st Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse-Martyred Remnant –Over the next year increased world fears, rampant paganism & unite in “False Mary Worship” AKA “Chrislam” merges disenfranchised Muslims and Roman Catholics, then attacks the saints. Any Christian or Muslim that will not accept “Mariolatry” is beheaded.

10.08.2014 6th seal opened-2nd Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse- Feast of Tabernacles-Anarchy Worldwide.
03.20.2015 1st Solar Eclipse/Nisan 1, New Year

04.5.2015 7th seal opened-3rd Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on Passover -Prayers about Salvation (Yahushua) for Israel as the 3rd temple begins construction.
04.06.2015 First Fruits-144,000 of the first fruits Jews begin preaching, singing and dancing. They must be hidden by 11.02.2015. Heaven’s ½ hour pause symbolizes ½ year increments during 7 years.

7.26.15 Tisha B’ Av

09.14.2015 2nd Solar Eclipse/Rosh Hashanah

9.28.2015 4th Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse/Feast of Tabernacles
2015 Mikha’el’s 30th birthday, he is old enough to be a priest/rabbi. He will fulfill Daniel 11:36-45 as he indirectly destroys Ishmaelites around Jerusalem while speaking parables. The Whore takes center-stage while he quietly cultivates Israeli trust. Within 3.5 years Israel will coronate him as a  war hero. 


  1. You can know when the Lord returns as I do. Rev. 3.3.

  2. There are 2,520 days from Feast of Trumpets Sept. 14, 2015 to Tisha B'Av Aug. 7, 2022.

    And there are 2,550 days from Feast of Trumpets Sept. 26, 2022 to Day of Atonement Sept. 19, 2029.

    is there a 7 year preparatory period?


  3. Rev. 7.9 says there are saints in heaven before the Tribulation starts with its first trumpet (8.7).

    Accept it.But it is according to readiness for Matt. 24.40-42, Luke 21.36, Rev. 3.10 are conditional statements to escape the hour of trial that is to come upon the whole world.

    Only those Christians who are watchful, prayerful and keep the word of His patience are first raptured according to readiness.

    This is called partial rapture.

  4. Praise the Lord, Troy Brooks found my blog! I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Troy for research used in my book (I cited him), and other general research. Though we often disagree, we agree often enough. My caveat: Test everything, including my research. Be blessed Troy!

  5. I am 100% certain now that the asteroid Apophis is the sign of the Son of Man in Matt. 24.30. It is the largest asteroid to come this close to earth since Christ.

    There is exactly 2,550 days (1260 + 1290) from Feast of Trumpets Sept. 26, 2022 to Day of Atonement Sept. 19, 2029.

    There is exactly 2300 days for the Temple to be cleansed from Passover Apr. 6, 2023 to July 22, 2029 Tisha B'Av when the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed.

    If I am wrong then I would probably have to go with the April 12, 2029 Yom Ha'Shoah (April 13, 2029 Apophis) to April 13 Passover 2036.

    My thinking this asteroid is going to be all the rave and 2029 to 2036 encapsulate the Tribulation period.

  6. This understanding of the timeline comes from partial rapture, and only by believing in partial rapture will you be able to see the Seals are not the Tribulation but the past 20 centuries.

    Revelation 6.12....

    1) Great earthquake - Haiti 2010 2nd most deaths of any earthquake in history, Japan 2011 9.0 in magnitude, 4th greatest since Christ. Combined never occurred before back to back, year over year.

    2) Long H3 Solar eclipse Nov. 3, 2013 - 4th since Christ.

    3) Feast Tetrad 2014/15, 8th since Christ, won't happen again till 2582/83.

    Seal #1 was Christ on the cross the same rider on the white horse in the Trib. in Rev. 19 with a bow and arrow that looks like a cross but the arrow has been shot giving Satan a deadly wound by the cross, for Christians have died on the cross with Christ (you won't see this if you don't have this power), rendering Satan's power useless against us if we abiding by the cross. We can grieve the Holy Spirit but we can't lose eternal life once saved.

    Seal #5 - part of the first rapture according to readiness in which those who have been martyred the past 20 centuries are resurrected and raptured alive at the first trumpet (8.7) "before the throne" (7.9) in 3rd heaven. Only if you keep the word of His patience will you escape the hour of trial that is to come upon the whole world (3.10). Only if you are watchful, prayerful, keeping the conduct of Matt. 5-7 will you escape all these things that shall come to pass during Daniel's final seven (Matt. 24.40-42). Death is no blessing and God can't promise this reward unless by being first raptured because many Christians will be martyred during the Tribulation. Otherwise you will be raptured alive with those who are alive and left at the start of the 7th trumpet's 7 bowls of wrath (Rev. 11.15) in 1 Thess. 4.14-18). The bowls last 24 months since the 1st woe is 5 months and 2nd woe is 13 months. 5 + 13 + 24 = 42 months of the Great Tribulation, that is, the 2nd half of the 7 year Tribulation.

    At least try to understand how partial rapture works before you contend against it!