Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where Is The Real Temple Mount? Do You Believe Scripture Or Your Lying Eyes?

A map of Jerusalem and its hills & valleys.During the time when I was writing my book, I needed a plausible theory on why the Third Temple could be built, without causing a major Muslim uprising on the Temple Mount. My source for a different location was Dr. James Fleming, a man that owns a Christian Museum in Georgia today, but used to research in Israel.  

Just a few years after the Six Day War of 1967, Dr. James Fleming was walking outside the Eastern Gate, when he fell into Muslim tombs. It was dark, but he could see the outline of the original Eastern Gate—still standing—under the new Eastern Gate.

Dr. James Fleming’s Antiquity Center: http://www.explorationsinantiquity.com/biography.htm
Based upon Dr. Fleming’s information, I wrote in my book that Herod’s Temple’s location was 100 feet over and 100 feet down from the Dome of the Rock. It was my guess at that time.

Recently, Bob Cornuke and Chuck Missler discussed that the Temple Mount should be in the City of David, near the Gihon Brook, and with no stones apparent.

My opinion is that another temple will be built soon in a location other than the Western Wall, site of Fort Antonia, a Roman garrison.

Now go and read your Bible, and prove me right or wrong.


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