Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Raging Solar Storms 2014: Should We Be Concerned This Time?

I live in Minnesota, or you may call it Minne-snow-tah. When the sun is inactive, and the jet streams drop down, we freeze. I lost count of all the recent mornings where the temperature was between -13 and -20. Tomorrow will bring us an additional seven inches of snow. Oh boy!

When the sun is inactive, we freeze. And when the sun is active, we receive earthquakes.
According to my favorite source for space weather, the cosmos is raging. Expect geomagnetic storms soon due to increased solar activity.   

 My other source:

Within days we should experience severe earthquakes. I’ve heard this message so many times before; so, should we be concerned this time?

Here’s my opinion. First, watch the aurora borealis.

A picture from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota:
"The auroras were so bright, I could actually see a snowy owl on power pole back lit by the green glow," says Kiesling. "

Jonathan Schiralli sends this picture from Grand Rapids, North Dakota:

Then monitor this blog for massive animal deaths.

If you see a massive die-off in your region, move, because an earthquake may be occurring soon!

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