Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Watch For Which War? Israel Vs. Iran, India Vs. Pakistan Or Japan Vs. China?

My opinion is that regional wars, disease, famine and animal attacks will ravage the world soon, for we should be on the doorstep of the Fourth Seal of Revelation. When I analyze potential wars, I wonder which war will begin first, because there are so many choices. I expect 1.75 billion people to die as a result of these four reasons.

What are the news people reporting?

Nuclear war would 'end civilization' with famine, study says

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan would set off a global famine that could kill two billion people and effectively end human civilization, a study said Tuesday.

Is war with China inevitable?


As a general rule, extreme economic decline is almost always followed by extreme international conflict. Sometimes, these disasters can be attributed to the human survival imperative and the desire to accumulate resources during crisis. But most often, war amid fiscal distress is usually a means for the political and financial elite to distract the masses away from their empty wallets and empty stomachs.
China-Japan Conflict Could Lead to World War III, Warns Former UN Ambassador

Iranian foreign minster warns Geneva nuclear deal is 'dead' if US passes new sanctions

Israel Warns US: Iran Building ICBM’s for YOU, Not for Us

I think we're close. Pray!

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