Thursday, July 11, 2013

We're Winding-Down Cosmically and As A Species: More Proof.

Is humanity devolving? Consult

If these scientists are correct, there are one hundred more mutations per generation. Their research works with plants and animals, because both are winding-down similarly. When genetic mutations are compared to the biblical narrative, biblical life expectancies begin to match, and make sense. That means it's next to impossible for more than X amount of generations to evolve, because when we devolve, every species becomes extinct within three thousand or so generations.

Is the cosmos devolving? Consult

This scientist proves our atmosphere is collapsing. Earth changes: We are seeing a slow dangerous decrease in solar magnetism. Earth’s shield is fading. Our North Pole is migrating much faster than expected. Nearby planets, especially Saturn and Venus, are slowing quickly. Ten percent of our protective layer is gone, beginning in the sixteenth century. Why is the sun declining in power?

My opinion: We need a Messiah to return soon before we go extinct.

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