Sunday, March 24, 2013

When Theologian's Predictions Go Awry....

When I considered naming this post, I pondered reminding you that when theologian' predictions go an eschatologist; then I noted the preponderance of goofy end time's prognosticators. As the impact of recent events increases, the theological pundits are sounding illogical, and often unbiblical. Beware of the leaven of the dogmatic. Read the Bible for yourself, and pray like never before; the times warrant our involvement.

So who is telling the truth? The Hebrew Scriptures and the Greek Scriptures, plus praying in the spirit are the only ways to discern the truth (for you). Your pastor may know less than you know, or worse, he could be wrong! Beware.

Let's begin with a D. L. Moody quote I heard this morning. Many years ago, Rev. Moody (paraphrase) told us that there will be a revival of the word in the end times, not necessarily a public revival of epic proportions. This makes sense, based on what I see. Little Bible studies are growing across the world, and nobody knows it. And the larger churches are losing members by the droves. My Bible studies dig into Hebrew and Greek words to link our Messiah to everything in the whole Bible. Yeshua is everywhere in the Torah, however, he's not in most mainline churches. Thus, my recommendation is to study the word in small groups. And choose your fellow students like your salvation depends on unity of purpose, glorifying God in spirited discussion/debate.

Pre-tribulation Rapture hysteria: I love Jan Markell, founder of Olive Tree Ministries  She indirectly launched my first book. And I love Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries  However, last week when she interviewed Dr. David Reagan, she opined: "Can people be saved after the Rapture? David replied, "I share that dilemma, so I polled recent (neophytes) conference attendees. They were equally split, as I am. Then Jan agreed with him.

Years ago Jan invited a friend of Jerry Jenkins (Co-writer of "Left Behind" books) to address her attendees about this issue. He flatly rejected that anybody can be saved after the Rapture(!) Half of the crowd booed him, and half cheered loudly.

Don't buy-into the Rapture hysteria, and the untrue dogma attached to it. Obviously, the Jews and many others will be saved after the Great Tribulation begins. As world-wide events become more frightening, these people will frighten you too. Our faith should calm and edify us. Rapture hysteria frightens the sheep.

Psalm 119 Ministries: Gematria (math)-based eschatology gone awry. I love their theology, but you have to read this recent email and laugh.
"It is with mixed feelings that 119 acknowledges that the seemingly compelling data points brought forth in the teaching “Daniel Unsealed” resulted in no substantial and quantifiable edifying value.
From the beginning, we admitted that possibility, and firmly stated that “Daniel Unsealed” was either one of 119’s most important teachings, or the least important. We are sad to say that reality proves that it was 119’s least important teachings.
This by no means reflects negatively on our Creator. He is in control of all things, and though His prophecy is perfect, those that make every humble attempt to interpret it are by no means perfect, including us. We pray that this does not reflect negatively on 119 Ministries, though we understand that there will be those that consider this as a mark against 119 Ministries. For those that share that sentiment, we apologize deeply for any disappointment or frustration that may have resulted from our decision to share what we considered to be a prophetic possibility.
We by no means regret our decision to create and publish the teaching, but regret any way that we may have fallen short to mitigate any ill feelings toward the fact that the data proved inconsequential. The data was compelling, and should have been interpreted as a real possibility, and his Body should have been made aware of the data, to test it, and to discuss it. Ultimately, the final test proved to be time itself. We will leave the free teaching on the website for others to continue to examine it. Perhaps it will assist His people to be that much closer to understanding end times in the way He stated that we are supposed to."
Learn to read the Bible like an Apostle, and learn to pray in the spirit. Amen.

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