Sunday, March 10, 2013

Got Anxiety? Got P/AMs? Call Your Eschatologist Instead.

During my Sunday Morning Bible Study, a few health care professionals discussed increased P/AM usage. A P/AM could be ClonazeP/AM, CorazeP/AM, OxazeP/AM, Hydroxyzine P/AM, or other names for drugs prescribed to treat anxiety. They stated that America is fast-approaching the P/AM Zone, where many sane people will be medicated instead of being properly treated. Welcome to "P/AM Zombie-land." Instead of edifying, we're drugging the weak. The proper treatment is to understand God's love for you, and His end time's plans, to reduce anxiety. Drugs will supplant your need for God. This is not the time to go-it-alone.

This is a quote from a health care professional: "Big pharma is busy churning out so many, 'improving' them, etc--who can keep up? Of course, they're also working on other drug classes that hopefully don't have so many side effects, especially the reverse side-effect, which is REALLY awful! Nothing like giving someone a drug to relax them, and it ends up making them 10 times worse! You got the zombie thing right though-I call it Michael Jackson syndrome. He had the dollars to stay pretty-much zoned in his drug-induced semi-coma, which a LOT of people would do if they could afford it, or get the state to cover it-very sad, actually. Do you realize your taxes are going to keep multiple addicts drugged during frequent hospital admissions/ER visits? As well as taking up valuable nursing/doctor time that should be spent on the physically ill patients...."

If your doctor is prescribing Xanax or another P/AM, please consider an alternative prescription from a competent eschatologist--me. Even if I'm months off in my predictions, I'm close. Often-times I've been exactly on schedule. Last year I was correct with stating the time of the Third Seal of Revelation and Hurricane Sandy.  I believe God is the answer to anxiety, not drugs. Reading "Danny's Inferno" will edify you and reduce your anxiety.

Why are we anxious? Wars and rumors of wars abound. Comets and asteroids illuminate the skies weekly. The stock market recently surpassed 14, 329 on news that jobs increased by 236,000. So what? China, Russia, and India want to crash the dollar. And Obama will impersonate Yeshua on March 20 (Nisan 10), 2013 to pursue his ultimate Messiah-complex. There are many reasons to be anxious. I submit that the greatest reason is inside us.

We tend to dwell in negative self-talk. We listen to the negative voices in our heads. We don't need to believe in an active Satan, to know there are negative thoughts planted in our heads. Stop listening to the negative! Read the Bible with a good group. Read an edifying book from a reputable Christian author, instead of watching another vampire movie. Speak positive, affirming words to others, rather than negative words. Likewise, if you listen to Classical Music or Praise Music, odds are your mind will function better. Good music sooths the savage beast.

The Fourth Seal of Revelation is due soon. I believe that Satan is planting negative thoughts in the weak to incite increased chaos. Don't be weak! Arm yourselves with faith, God's word, good music, and good friends. Fight back (in the spirit)!

Dire times are due soon. We can survive with God's help. Turn to God, and away from P/AMs. Be strong! Be strong! And may we be strengthened!

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