Friday, March 22, 2013

When Satanists Sound Like Evangelists....

On March 20th, I read an article from an avowed Satanist, written under a pseudonym, and an email from a prominent evangelist named Paul McGuire; at times I couldn't tell the difference.

(If you're weak in the Holy Spirit, please don't read this article. The information is twisted, and coded.)

Then I read the Paul McGuire email, and noted how similar the message is: "Sheeple, Destruction before Redemption, Elite and Flocks, Currencies will Fall, Free Enterprise Dead, Big Government, Sandy Hook Psyop, Vampires, and Destruction of Pension Funds all mirrored the Satanist. What's going on here? 

(You may read anything from this man with my blessings. He's spirit-filled.)

Who is the Satan? He is the only Cherubim to view God "Face to Face," and then he fell. There were five Cherubim, and now there are four, as found in Ezekiel 10:9. Imagine that a pentagram fell when the Satan fell, and now the pentagram is inverted. The Satan knows our God, our Bible, and he knows our inclinations. He wins many earthly battles. However, he will lose in the end.

As the Satan nears his final hours, he will imitate the words and the actions of the godly increasingly. Unless you're steeped in the word of God, and His Spirit, you'll be deceived. Satan is sounding like our best evangelists lately.

How do you properly discern? First, read your Bible, and join a good Bible-study. Then choose your friends well. There are wolves in sheep's fleece out there, beware! Then read my book. I wrote my novel to show a personal test, and to show a personal Antichrist. According to my readers, Daniel is me. He is me. Most of the book is a fictional account of my actual tests. My book walks you through the next few years of tribulation, so you will be edified.

The point of this article is to warn you that the Satan is actively engaged as his clocks nears the final hour. I Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. (KJV)

On Thursday, during a trade show, a man sat across from my booth, and played his guitar in my direction for hours (to get my attention). As a fellow composer, I felt obligated to engage him in conversation. He was a older gentleman steeped in native spiritualism and odd theology. He was a mystic. And he wanted to offer me "Life Advice." He connected with me when he mentioned writing and Eric Sevareid's book "Canoeing with the Cree." We were the only people in the room that had read that book.

As I listened to this man's stories, I realized that the Satan isn't finished with me yet. My tests are just beginning. Are your tests just beginning too? They may be different tests, but the Satan is the same adversary. Sometimes the Satan is a hammer, and sometimes he's a feather. Last night, the Satan was a feather, tickling my creative side.

Beware of men tickling your ears with fairy-tale stories of success. God is telling you to repent and prepare for the worst. Even though the messages suddenly sound the same, God's message is light, and the Satan is darkness. Choose light!

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