Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"On September 6, 2012, Russia And China Quietly Signed A Declaration Of War On The American Way Of Life."

I rarely recommend investments because I'm an eschatologist, not a money-manager. However, I can recommend that you should research why the USA is in dire straits. In this report, Weiss Research, Inc. explains the problems succinctly. We are in a financial war with China and Russia, and we're losing badly. When did this war begin?
1973- 2013 = 40 years of abortion and wild speculation: In my book I blame President Nixon and Henry Kissinger for abandoning the 1944 Bretton Woods System, and embracing petrodollar recycling. We lost the financial war with Russia and China in 1973. Most of the findings from Weiss Research, Inc. concur with my research. Although their findings advise a wise investment strategy, I can't recommend any investment to you. Rather, I can recommend what you shouldn't do.  
My caveat: Don’t buy gold and/or silver like they recommend. If my theories are correct and on schedule, the government will merely confiscate your gold or silver. You need something tangible in the End of Days, and faith in God is the only tangible investment I recommend.
Listen to their analysis of the problems, and then pray for God’s plan for you. Be prepared, the crash is coming soon. China and Russia will purpose it to happen within months or years.
Source: Weiss Research, Inc. All rights reserved. | 15430 Endeavor Dr. | Jupiter, FL 33478 | 800-400-6916

The Weiss Report:

How China will Shakedown America in 2013
Right now the Chinese government is blazing a new trail in the international energy trade ... and a recent agreement with Russia and Iran may be the final dagger in the heart for the U.S. dollar.
Simply put, China is plotting to end the reign of the petrodollar ... and they are leading the assault with the help of the new axis of evil including Russia, Iran, Venezuala, Nigeria and others.
Maybe you think I'm exaggerating but take a look at a recent article in The Examiner:

"Just a few days ago, China made the official announcement ... as of that day, Thursday, Sept. 6, [2012] any nation in the world that wishes from this point on, to buy, sell, or trade crude oil, can do so using the Chinese currency, not the American dollar."
And they've already begun making deals with big oil exporters to ensure this outcome.
For example:
  • Major African oil producer Nigeria has agreed to swap a major portion of its dollar reserves for Yuan reserves. Standard Bank researcher Simon Freemantle says, "We, rather conservatively, anticipate that around 40 percent of [Chinese]-African trade would be settled in [Yuan] by 2015."
  • China and Brazil have signed a currency swap worth $30 billion, in a deal which, according to the Wall Street Journal is said to encourage Chinese investment in Brazil’s oil sector.
  • Iran has signed major deals to drop the dollar from oil deals with China, Russia and India.
  • China signed a $5 billion deal to buy oil from the United Arab Emirates in Yuan.
  • And Russia recently announced it will supply China with all the crude it needs or wants and they won't transact using the U.S. dollar.
And China state-run oil company Sinopec recently completed an $8.5 billion deal in Saudi Arabia to help build out oil infrastructure.
The writing is on the wall ...
If Saudi Arabia walks away from the petrodollar America is doomed.

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