Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm very serious: Pray for President Obama, and not for a new gun.

When I read recent reports about increased guns sales and threats against our President, I'm distressed. We belong to a Constitutional Republic, a nation founded on God's laws and the rule of law. And now, because our President signed twenty-two edicts changing the status of the Second Amendment, we suddenly don't like our rule of law anymore; there's a flaw in our logic. Relax people, this is all part of God's plan.

On these points we should agree:
1. Pray for the safety and protection of the President and his family.
2. Pray that our President, Congress, and Courts will uphold the rule of law.
3. The only reason to purchase a gun is to target shoot or shoot a critter.

Why would an eschatologist advise you to pray for a duly-elected wayward President and an equally wayward federal government, and dissuade you from buying a gun? Answer: I know the end of the biblical story.

The biblical Story: Reports of draughts prove the Third Seal opened last summer. This means the Fourth Seal will open soon, possibly the summer of 2013. The Rider of the "Chloros" (Green) Horse, named Death and Hell, will kill 1.75 billion people by the sword, hunger, death, and critters by late 2014. (Rev. 6:8)

Are you noticing increased rumors of war? That's the sword, bringing us indiscriminate death sometime soon. Are you noting increasing draughts, causing higher food prices? That's Hunger. Are you noticing the nuisance-like illnesses besetting us lately? These viruses will increase proportionately in scope and prevalence. That's Death. You're not seeing Rover, Yogi and Rocky Raccoon attack yet. However, they're your next enemy, because Yogi will want his "Picnic Basket," when he increases his bear-sized appetite.

I'm advising you to spend your money on a prayer mat instead of any gun greater than a twenty-two. Our goal is to shoot errant critters, not people we [should] love.

Pray that our President works hard to destroy our Constitution. That's why God installed him as our President. Our sinful nation deserves him. Anything other than prayer for his health and agenda is coming-against God's will.

If anything happens to our President, expect race-riots in every city greater than South-Central L.A. after Rodney King in 1992. Remember, our goal is to shoot errant critters, not people we expect to see in heaven someday. If a hungry person demands your food, offer it and more. And if our President demands your firearm, hand it over peacefully.

Settle down folks, our Messiah will return soon. Listen to God, not these guys.

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