Friday, December 14, 2012

Did I blunder when I linked ‘Damascus becomes a ruinous heap’ to three planets aligned over Giza on 12.03.12?

My answers:
1.       I’m a researcher, not a prophet. I interpret news, data, the Bible, and signs in the sky and      prove or disprove my theories. I was wrong, which humbles me and makes me rethink my theoretic process. However, I was close. Missing by a few days on a prediction of the destruction of a nine thousand year old city is pretty close.
2.      I didn’t factor-in historic tendencies. After noting an eclipse on the same day the UN voted to proceed with statehood for Palestinians (11.29.2012), I assumed that the next appointed sign in the sky, three planets over Giza, would spell the literal downfall of Damascus [on that day].  I didn’t spot the trend. What I should have considered was my other theory: The Beginning, Middle, and End Theory.
Example: Hurricane Sandy landed on the first day of Jeroboam’s false sukkot festival. The election highlighted a divided nation at the mid-point, and the eighth day was the end, as it brought the second storm to the East Coast. Another example: The Antichrist signs a peace treaty, and we live through forty-two months of plagues. At the mid-point he becomes the abomination of desolation. Then after forty-two more months of more plagues, his end comes. Maybe God is presenting this viewpoint?
3.      Free Will component: The Syrian President, Basher al-Assad, has complete free-will to explode dirty bombs in Damascus or surrender. Although he’s being corralled by the Syrian rebels, he will decide the day and the hour when he will destroy his city. Why?
From his childhood, this man was taught how to torture people, at his father’s behest. He was taught that Syria was his personal property, and the people were his chattel. Like a cornered animal, he ponders no other outcome than mindlessly retaliating, thus bringing total destruction of his empire.
What are the historic tendencies on event/judgment timing?
Imagine that God decrees an event or a judgment, fully knowing that people have free-will to repent or proceed, hastening the event or the judgment. After His Holy decree, there is always a “Redemption Period,” which may be hours, days, or years. Only God knows how long the “Redemption Period” will last. In this case, I guessed wrong about the exact timing, and not the event. 
In the case of Jerusalem’s siege in 70 CE, Yahushua predicted it in 30 CE, and the Romans arrived nearly 36 years later.
In the case of the Second Seal of Revelation, 9-11 was the opening date, and war beginning in Iraq in 2003 was the actual event.
In the case of the Third Seal of Revelation, sometime around Av 9, 2012 was the opening date, and draught began in the fall of 2012.
If this has been consistent for thousands of years, why didn’t I take my own advice? Impatience.
Compared to the last 4,000 years, events will be hastening, but not literally match-up with eclipse dates due in the next few years. Be prepared to watch and wait, for your redemption draweth nigh. 
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:28 (KJV)

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