Thursday, November 29, 2012

Third Seal: An update on ‘Frankenstorm’ October 2012

Many of my friends are asking for an update on the recent “Frankenstorm” we experienced. Here are my thoughts and feelings about the storm, its aftermath, and our near future.

I believe that the young man named Chris that met me at my church in August was a prophet. Why? Because God asked him to receive a message, deliver it, and go on with his life. And he did only what God asked him to do. Due to his recent cell phone issues, it’s been impossible to reach Chris for the last two months to discuss on-going issues.
I spoke to Chris last night about the storm. He stated that his direct communication with God has ceased. We assume his job was to learn of the impending disaster and deliver God’s message to my church’s Elders, and indirectly to me. He did his job. Chris has no specific message from God for the future, and he is relieved that his job is done. His prophetic accuracy and fear of the Lord leads me to believe he’s properly vetted. Now we move forward with his message. What does that mean?

My caveat: God’s message has been delivered. Any future observations are my conjecture, based on my research and musings. I am a fiction-writing author that re-interprets facts. Thus, nothing from my mouth or pen is “A word from the Lord.”
How do we interpret God’s “Frankenstorm” message, and what is the sub-text of His message?

I’ll give you the sub-text first. Per messages from David Wilkerson, Jonathan Cahn and others, America had the opportunity to collectively repent before Yom Kippur 2012. We didn’t repent. Judgment is decided every Yom Kippur. America will be the first nation to come under God’s judgment, for we are the most blessed nation next to Israel. God’s judgment is swift.
The message is that “Frankenstorm” marks the beginning of America’s judgment. The signs, according to Chris, are “Snow and a Broom.” Hurricane Sandy brought disaster, the election proved that we're a divided nation, and the heavy snow happened during the second storm on November 7, 2012. 

Expect a brooming-effect soon, sweeping people to and fro. I would compare this effect to separating the sheep from the goats. Expect a dramatic increase in outlandish paganism and a dramatic increase in inward revival from the opposing forces. For us, spiritual warfare will become more noticeable. Now is the time to discern like you’ve never discerned before. And it’s the time to be open to God’s Spirit like never before. I recommend that you listen to old Derek Prince Youtube videos to learn how he and his family avoided death while living in Israel in 1948. He listened to God’s Spirit and ran fast!

Another message from God (via Chris) was that the Third Seal (Draught and rapid food cost inflation/North of Jerusalem) opened this summer around Av 9. Previously, my belief was that the Third Seal opened sometime between 2006 and 2008. Please note that my message was wrong. I view this as a “Course Correction” from God related to my timeline/book. I’ve received many “Course Corrections” from God during the process of writing my book. What does this “Course Correction” mean?
This “Course Correction” means that the seals open like birth pangs increase in frequency and duration. Please allow me to explain the significance. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the first Seal opened in 1985. The First Seal is the birth of the Antichrist (White/West). The Second Seal opened around 9-11-2001. The signs of the Second Seal are (Red) war east of Jerusalem. The Iraq War in 2003 is that sign. Then I assumed a linear progression of the seals until the last of the Blood Moon Tetrads in 2015. All of you women realize I was wrong about birth pangs. When the Third Seal opened during the summer of 2012, it means the rest of the birth pangs will need to happen faster and faster, just like the Bible tells us.

To arrive at the Seventh Seal by late 2015, we need to see the Fourth Seal (Death/South of Jerusalem) open by 2013, the Fifth Seal (Martyrdom/Non-localized) by 2014, and two seals should open in 2015. The seventh Seal would open in one-half of a year, maybe like a half of an hour? I don’t know.
If my timeline works, we will need increased food prices in 2013, producing skirmishes and starvation by late 2013. By late 2013 we should see 1.8 billion non-localized people die or I’m wrong. As always, test my words.

How do we find hope and shalom in my words? Our Messiah will return soon. We will see revivals and increased blessings, count on it! So pray for his soon return.

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