Thursday, April 21, 2016

Seal Four: Could (Zika) Virus/Wars Kill Two Billion People?

Scientists at the University of Oxford have produced this new map charting the potential spread of the Zika virus across the worldMy rules for the Seals of Revelation are:

Revelation’s Seals must open before the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the final seven years of Great Tribulation. I believe the first three Seals are open, and we don’t realize Seal Four is about to impact the world like we’ve never seen: Causing 1.8 billion deaths.
Opening Seals resemble birth pangs in timing, intensity, and duration between pangs. Compare worldwide birth pangs to the increased discomfort felt by expectant mothers. Mothers notice increased agitation, lower back pain, spurts of energy, an increased desire to clean or prepare the nest, and their hips feel like their spreading. As a result of worldwide problems, do you feel these symptoms? Are you suddenly prepping physically or spiritually as a result?

Directions of Seals: Based on Zechariah 6 directions, One-white is from the west, Two-red is from the east, Three-black is from the south, and Four-Green, our present Seal, is from the South. If we’re entering the time of the Fourth Seal, then one-fourth of the world’s population (1.8 billion) should die sometime soon. I believe you should notice the wars, famines, diseases and biological warfare emanating from the southern climes.
When he broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living being say, “Go!” I looked, and there in front of me was a pallid, sickly-looking [green] horse. Its rider’s name was Death, and Sh’ol followed behind him. They were given authority [exousia-greater delegated power to Satan!] to kill [by the Rhomphaia Supernatural Sword] one-quarter [1.8 billion] of the world by war, by famine, by plagues and with the wild [Zombie-like people or] animals [read: Microscopic animals, like viruses] of the earth. Revelation 6:7-8 (CJB)

Sending millions to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics is like suicide.
Zika threatens TWO BILLION people across the world: New maps reveal where virus is likely to strike - as experts predict millions of births will occur in these areas, raising the risk of microcephaly

More than two billion people are at risk of Zika virus, experts warn, as they reveal a new map that indicates those areas at greatest risk....Meanwhile, a large portion of tropical and subtropical regions also have highly suitable environmental conditions, and are on the at-risk list.
In total, these areas are inhabited by more than 2.17 billion people, scientists at the University of Oxford and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, estimate. Researchers produced a fine-scale global map of Zika virus transmission, as part of their study. Recent analysis has revealed the Zika virus was first introduced to Brazil in 2013, where it circulated undetected until it was eventually reported for the first time last year. Read more:

Global cost of India-Pakistan nuclear war: 21 million dead, ozone layer destroyed and more

If India and Pakistan fought a war detonating 100 nuclear warheads (around half of their combined arsenal), each equivalent to a 15-kiloton Hiroshima bomb, more than 21 million people will be directly killed, about half the world's protective ozone layer would be destroyed, and a "nuclear winter” would cripple the monsoons and agriculture worldwide. Abheet Singh Sethi
Will world events change to resemble the carnage of Revelation’s Fourth Seal in the next few months? I don’t know. The 1.8 billion deaths will come from a combination of war, disease, famine, and man-made viruses. The stage seems to be set, and something is holding events back.

At the beginning [reshith] I announce the end [achareit-end of days], proclaim in advance things not yet done; and I say that my plan will hold, I will do everything I please to do. I call a bird of prey from the east, the man I intended, from a distant country. I have spoken and will bring it about; I have made a plan, and I will fulfill it. Listen to me, you stubborn people, so far from righteousness: I am bringing my justice nearer, it is not far away; my salvation will not be delayed, I will place my salvation in Tziyon for Isra’el my glory. Isaiah 46:10-13 (CJB)

Shalom and Happy Passover!

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