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Mark Biltz’ Blood Moon Tetrads: Why Is The Tetrad Of 1539-1540 Forgotten?

Blood Moon Eclipse Tetrad Hype!
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As we begin 2014-2015, its time for Blood Moon Tetrad mania. That means every curious person with a pen or a radio show will be disseminating misinformation about something they don’t understand. I recommend that you avoid Rev. John Hagee’s and Michael Rood’s opinions on the tetrads. Who should you trust? Please believe Mark Biltz, the originator of the Tetrad Theory.

I love Mark Biltz as a fellow Messianic believer in Messiah Yahushua, and as a prophet for the end times. HaShem blessed Mark with the tetrad concept for a reason. He has the heart and the soul for the truth, and not the hype. If you have four hours to devote to Mark Biltz and his Blood Moon Tetrad news, then please listen to this Coast-To-Coast radio interview from March 2014.

You can believe me too. I’m always a few months off on my prognostications; however, I recently noticed that Rev. Irwin Baxter and Beth Moore are agreeing with my Revelation Seal timeframes and significance. It takes a while for people to notice the obvious.

What’s new? I have updates to my time line that concern the forgotten Blood Moon Tetrad of 1539-1540. Josh Elsom, my Face book friend and fellow eschatologist found the 1539-1540 Tetrad years ago. Let’s reexamine the 1539-1540 Tetrad and my time line, okay? It may be the most significant tetrad in an eschatological sense.

(Josh Elsom/2008) Tuesday (July 15th) I had an epiphany; I thought if God is using the 7 weeks of Daniel, applied to June 7, 1967, to mark his second coming then there must be some relevant event occurring 62 weeks prior to 1967. So I did the quick math and came up with a date of 1538*. I then did a search on Google for "Jerusalem 1538" and could hardly believe my eyes. The very first hit that came up was a Wikipedia article that spoke of an Ottoman Sultan named Suleiman the Magnificent. Do you know what Suleiman did between 1535-1541*? He rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem! That means the very event that started the clock turning for Jesus' 1st coming also started the clock for His 2nd! The Holy Spirit, I believe, has led me to the discovery of why Gabriel split the 69 weeks. It was done to help us recognize these last days.

August 25th, 1539 (Rebuilding of the wall) + 62 weeks = June 7, 1967 (Capture of Jerusalem) June 7th, 1967 (Jerusalem becomes the capital of Israel for the first time in 1900 years) + 7 weeks = September 28th, 2015 (Yom Kippur) September 28th, 2015
War of the Unseen Worlds Timeline 2014-The early signs

Each tetrad brings you one step closer to the Temple Mount. Once the Eastern Gate is sealed, the final 490 year countdown begins.

3 BCE-Yahushua is born and reaches the bar Joseph bar David testing age of 17 in 15 CE. This is a sign of the coming Tribulation Timeframe (2015-15=2,000 years). Source: The Star of Bethlehem-by F.A. Larson
 Note* Sanhedrin 98A links Joseph, David and Yahushua by the Jewish Rabbis.

70 CE to 1900 CE-During 660,000 days or 1800 years, little or no rain falls on Israel as prophesied and documented by R. Menachem Cohen. There are no natural reasons for the rains/gifts of the Holy Spirit to cease or to begin again. Note*The heaviest rainfalls occurring in upcoming Blood Moon Tetrad years of 1949/1950 and 1967/1968. Source: Prophecies For The Era of Muslim Terror-by Rabbi Menachem Kohen

1493-1494 CE-A rare astronomical tetrad—four Blood Moons on special Jewish Feast days—as the Jews are kicked out of Spain and Columbus discovers the new world in 1492. He miraculously returns through a storm on March 15, 1493, about one month before the tetrad begins. Evil Queen Isabella (same meaning as Jezebel) forces the Jews toward Jerusalem or toward America. Note* Equal and opposite blessings for Jews and Gentiles

1517 CE-Tetrad mid-point: The Reformation/Martin Luther’s 95 theses, the Hebrew translation of Torah using a Gutenberg press, the Ottoman Turks conquer Jerusalem, R. Judah ben Samuel’s 1217-1517-1917-(2017) prophecy begins. Note* Equal and opposite blessings for Jews and Gentiles

1539-1540 CE-A rare astronomical tetrad—four lunar eclipses on Pesach/Sukkot/Pesach/Sukkot Jewish Feast days—as Suleiman the Magnificent (a Muslim) sends men to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls. Why? Suleiman is winning battles in Hungary, where there is food and water. His troops abruptly leave for Jerusalem, where there is no food or water…to seal the Eastern Gate for the last 490 year timeframe (Judgment Level: 70 times 7). This sets-off the final 490 judgment count down to 2029 (Ez. 39:7 accounts for the last 7 years)

Source: Bible-Then he brought me back the way of the gate of the outward sanctuary which looketh toward the east; and it was shut. Then said the Lord unto me; This gate shall be shut, it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter in by it; because the Lord, the God of Israel, hath entered in by it, therefore it shall be shut. It is for the prince; the prince! Ezekiel 44:1-3 (KJV)

Testing Timeframes related to the USA: 1833 (180) Federal Bank dissolves, 1863 (150) Emancipation Proclamation, 1883 (130) Krakatoa, 1893 (120) World’s Fair/Financial, 1913 (100) Federal Reserve, 1933 (80) FDR Court packs, 1963 (50) End School Prayer, 1973 (40) Abortion/Oil for Bretton Woods causes wild 40 year cash speculation, 9-11-2001 (12), 2013-2014 World Markets Dissolve?

1893-1894 CE-As the US economy passes Great Britain’s economy the 120 year prophecy given by Noah Troyer in 1878 begins. Will America repent? God’s repentance deadline is Yom Kippur 2012, bringing Hurricane Sandy soon afterward.

Passover 1906 CE-The outpouring of lush rains water Israel for the first time since 70 CE and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit waters Azuza Street. Thus proving that both nations—while under judgment—will experience spiritual growth for those striving for the Lord. Note* Equal and opposite blessings for Jews and Gentiles

1917-December 11, During Hanukah, Gen. Allenby defeats the Ottoman Empire, and walks into Jerusalem. (The antichrist may walk into Jerusalem on that same day in the same way in 2017.)

1949-1950 CE-A rare astronomical tetrad—four Blood Moons on special Jewish Feast days—and an increase of rains just after Israel becomes a nation in one prophetical day on May 14, 1948. One month after the war ends in Israel, the tetrad begins. In America, a new movement of pastors begins to preach in 1948. Note* Equal and opposite blessings for Jews and Gentiles

1967-1968 CE-A rare astronomical tetrad—four Blood Moons on special Jewish Feast days— and an increase of rains as Jerusalem is recaptured by the Israelis on June 7, 1967 Shmita/Jubilee). In America, a new movement of Jewish Converts and Jesus People begins to preach in 1968-1973. Note* Equal and opposite blessings for Jews and Gentiles


1967-1st seal opened, White Horse /West-The Spirit of a Destroyer from Jer. 51:1-3 rides conquering Western Civilization (west of Jerusalem). He will bend, bend, bend them!

9.11.2001-2nd seal opened, War/Red Horse/East -Terrorists and twin towers in New York. A war with radical Muslims east of Jerusalem ensues in 2003. Within weeks, the Shmita year ends.

3.19.2003 (Adar II 15) An apocalyptic war declared on Muslims.

9.29.2008 Shmita year end, thus, the Jubilee Year will be in 2015. Source: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

3.20.2011-Wycliffe Publishing announces that before the year 2025 all necessary languages will have translations of the Bible. Thus fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy in Mark 13:10 saying the “Gospel” must be “Published” to all nations before his return. The return year of 2022 is more plausible now.

11.09.2011-Three comets and five asteroids dot the skies sending us a four year warning. Comets Elenin, Honda, Levy and YU-55 all flyby without impact, but what will happen when Levy passes by on January 21, 2012 and passes by again during Passover April 15-20, 2017? A possible Man Child birth occurs?

07.29.2012-3rd seal opened Famine/Black Horse/North Wheat and crop failures/GMO problems begin in northern Asia. Starvation intensifies each year as world supplies dwindle. The seal opens followed by Hurricane Sandy, the beginning of God’s judgment on the USA. The signs of America’s downfall are “Snow and a Broom after Sukkot, but during October 2012” (Av 9 5772).

As prophesied, Hurricane Sandy lands on the first day of Jeroboams’ false Sukkot Festival (I Kings 12), highlighting a divided Israel. The divided election lands on the seventh day, and the final eighth day brings the other storm.

11.03.2013-A rare solar sackcloth solar eclipse (Joel 2 & Acts 2) signals earthquakes and floods that divide the USA into quarters.

04.15.2014-4th seal opened-1st Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse-Passover-Death/Green Horse/South-Judgment begins with the USA, which is sinking fast. Sometime afterward—due to death, famine, plagues and wild animal attacks—there will be nearly 1.75 billion deaths-Rev. 6:8-9.

10.08.2014-5th seal opened-2nd Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse-Sukkot-Martyred Remnant –Over the next year increased world fears, rampant paganism & unite in “False Mary Worship” AKA “Chrislam” merges disenfranchised Muslims and Roman Catholics, then attacks the saints. Any Christian or Muslim that will not accept “Mariolatry” is beheaded.

03.20.2015-1st Solar Eclipse/Nisan 1, New Year

04.5.2015-6th seal opened-3rd Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse-Passover-Anarchy Worldwide.

04.06.2015-First Fruits-144,000 of the first fruits Jews begin preaching, singing and dancing. They must be hidden by 11.02.2015. Heaven’s ½ hour pause symbolizes ½ year increments during 7 years.

7.26.15-Tisha B’ Av

09.14.2015-nd Solar Eclipse/Rosh Hashanah

9.28.2015-7th seal opened-4th Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse/Feast of Tabernacles-Prayers about Salvation (Yahushua) for Israel as the 3rd temple begins construction.

11.01.2015-Mikha’el’s 30th birthday, he is old enough to be a priest/rabbi. He will fulfill Daniel 11:36-45 as he indirectly destroys nations around Jerusalem while speaking parables. The woman, a whore religion, takes center-stage while he quietly cultivates Israeli trust. Within 3.5 years Israel will coronate him as a war hero.

Sometime in late-2015-2016, the Great Tribulation could begin, but it didn't. Why is god so longsuffering?


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