Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Madrid Fault Line News 2014: There’s A Fault In My Theory

My theory has always been that an earthquake below the New Madrid Fault Line Region would occur when the USA eventually would force Israel to divide her land. To this date, this disaster has never occurred. Potentially, my theory is still valid; however, I have no idea of when Obama and Kerry will impose their wills to divide Israel. In my book, I incorrectly guessed that it would occur in late 2013. Chalk-up another mistaken guess for me. Why did I take such a risk?

My prophetic sense told me to publish an earthquake scene in my novel. Frankly, it was worth the risk in my fictional story because, over the years, many prophets had drawn pictures of this potential earthquake, and related flood; that I had to say something. I also had the required two witnesses for prophetic theories.  
In 2010, while I was busy deliberating over an earthquake scene in my book, there was a knock on my door. It was my nemesis; the next door neighbor, the bully, holding an old geography book (at this point in time we were still cordial). He explained that he needed to show me a map of the Mid-Continent Fault Line that roughly follows I-80 across America. He showed me the pages in the book, and he left me copies of the pages.

While I studied the pages over the next few days, one of my best buddies called me about a dream from two weeks earlier. Because he knew about my book, he mentioned that he had to share the dream details with me. In his dream, America was divided onto quarters by two earthquakes.
Was it spicy pizza or HaShem that brought the dream to my buddy? What prompted my neighbor to walk over with a book about unknown fault lines? I don’t think that he knew anything about my book, yet he did walk over with a specific reference that I needed. I had already written about two bisecting earthquakes across the heartland of America. You see, I was planning to cut the earthquake scene from my book as he knocked on my door.

Later during editing, when I needed to cut 100,000 words, I felt compelled to keep the scene with two prophetic messages about related earthquakes. Then, I quoted from actual eyewitnesses of the last New Madrid Earthquakes in 1811-1812. I like the way the scene played-out.

Today, there are strange noises, sights, and shakings occurring near the New Madrid Fault Line. Because it’s so deep, scientists find it difficult to ascertain when an earthquake will occur again; however, it could be soon.


New Madrid Fault Zone Remains A Threat To The Midwest

The New Madrid fault zone continues to be active and remains a threat to the Midwest United States. Although some scientists have declared the fault “dead,” it continues to produce around 200 quakes each year. The New Madrid Seismic Zone includes several faults that run under the Mississippi River and through seven states.
Madrid Fault

Unlike faults that run along the West Coast, the intercontinental faults are located up to 200 feet below the surface. The depth makes them difficult to study as they cannot be visually observed. The zone’s activity is constantly monitored by seismograph stations placed throughout the region. Although a majority of the tremors are not recognized by humans, the stations have detected an average of 200 quakes per year.
“200 years is too long for an aftershock sequence. Instead, we think stress is being built up now… The frequency of aftershocks… decreases with time, known in seismology as Omori’s Law… in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, the aftershocks aren’t following Omori’s Law.”
(Please watch the video on this webpage.)


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