Sunday, October 20, 2013

ISON News/Japanese Legend: When The Deep-Dwelling Fish Arise, Beware That The Deep Water Will follow

Recent news is that odd deep-dwelling fish are being deposited on beaches in Japan and California. According to experts, deep waters (read: Bibical Tehom) generally follow the deaths of deep-water fish. That means that you may see an earthquake and/or a tsunami soon in the deep waters outside California.

Two Oarfish and a Sabre-Toothed Whale:   

The best theory to describe why these events are related is Electric Universe. If there is a California earthquake soon, we’ll know more.
The best scientific explanation:

My opinion: Solar CME’s are causing the Deep/Abuso/Tehom to break-apart. As it breaks-apart odd creatures will crash onto our beaches. Expect things to get much worse.

ISON News: Bruce Gary is still the best source for ISON news. According to Bruce, ISON is still intact, with a mono-polar orbit. When it arrives soon, it will be huge and possibly dangerous, if it launches fragments in its wake.
My opinion: Everything is on schedule. We should begin to observe aspects of Seals Four, Five and Six around us. These seals open close together comparatively, with greater power, like birth pangs. If ISON is frightening, and solar CME’s increase worldwide devastation, will you finally believe me that forces outside our globe cause the majority of our calamities? Electric Universe makes more sense than Global Warming. Deal with it.
Seal Four: Random acts of violence to gradually increase. Chaos and riots in certain dense urban areas should begin soon.

Before war is on the doorstep, expect countries to abandon the dollar.
Seal Five: Should increase worldwide martyrdom: “About 165,000 Christians are martyred for their faith each year (Christianity Facts). Currently over 200 million Christians are being persecuted worldwide.”

Seal Six: Should produce a H3 Sackcloth Solar eclipse on 11.03.2013, ISON fireball figs soon thereafter, and a sequence of Blood Red Moon Eclipses in 2014-2015. By the time the big earthquake hits you in late-2015, you’ll be ready for it.
7) 09538  2013 Nov 03  12:47:36    00068    171  143   H3  n-   0.3272  1.0159   3N  12W  71   58  01m40s  3rd
To reiterate, a Hybrid eclipse is a unique type of ‘central eclipse’ where parts of the path of the eclipse are 1) Annular while other parts are 2) Total. This duality happens when the vertex of the Moon's umbral shadow passes Earth's surface at various points but falls short upon the surface of the planet while it does not along other portions of the shadow’s path. This is due, in part, to the curvature of Earth's surface.
What is incredible in comparison to ’regular’ Hybrid Solar Eclipses is that this type of Hybrid eclipse H3 has only occurred a few times since Christ. According to NASAs calculations, there have only been 3 (H3 n-) types all together. (Please verify)  What is more striking & different from the other Hybrid Eclipses is that the Nov 3, 2013 Hybrid is the only one that directly precedes a Tetrad as mentioned before. This Tetrad will start on Passover April 15, 2014 -which is only 163 days out from Nov 03, 2013. Coincidentally ISON will be able to be seen with the naked-eye on this same day, the day of the eclipse. Comet ISON will start to leave the Solar System around the beginning of January, 2014.
The last time a regular Hybrid Eclipse (H3) occurred was in 2005 where this type of Moon shadow dual-convergence occurred during the same eclipse. Another interesting number count occurs from when this 2005 Hybrid happened to the Nov 3rd one. Specifically the day count is as follows: Friday, April 8, 2005 to November 3, 2013 = 3131 days.

Back to my commentary: Don’t worry; Comet ISON isn’t scheduled to impact the earth. It is a frightening warning from HaShem. If ISON becomes a frightening event, and solar CME’s increase worldwide devastation, will you finally believe me that forces outside our globe cause the majority of our calamities? Electric Universe makes more sense than Global Warming. Only HaShem creates forces outside our globe. Deal with it.
Finally, Diane Reidy, the Congressional Stenographer, had a direct message from HaShem. Deal with that too.


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