Thursday, October 24, 2013

Earthquake Hypothesis Test Case: Will Five Recent Huge CME’s Produce Earthquakes Worldwide?

The sun has been rather active lately blasting Earth-facing Coronal Mass Ejections (CME). The byproduct should be aurora borealis, massive animal die-offs, and earthquakes within a few days. Here is the news report:

And here is a good video commentary:

Now let’s check for aurora borealis: (From the same Space Weather report)
<font class="tempImageTitleThumbText">Aurora</font><br>Marianne Bergli<br>Oct 24 8:34am<br>Kvaløya,Tromsø, Norway
CHANCE OF STORMS:  Earth's magnetic field is about to receive a glancing blow from three CMEs observed leaving the Sun between Oct. 20th and 22nd. Forecast models suggest that the three clouds merged en route to Earth, and their combined impact could trigger a mild polar geomagnetic storm on Oct. 24-25. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

Animal deaths: (There are more to come, so be patient.)

Fish die off in Latvia
Where should you expect to experience the upcoming earthquakes? Check for where the massive animal deaths occur. Then run away!

Increased magnetite in various animals help them navigate; however, the same magnetite makes them susceptible to death caused by solar flares.
Biblical Timing: We are in the middle of the Jeroboam False Sukkot that was linked to last year’s Hurricane Sandy, the divided Election on 11.06.2012, and the second storm. The CME’s may cause a different storm this year during the same time frame.


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