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Eagles Defeat Pats: Aquila Eagle of Roman Legions Defeats The Patriots Worldwide?

Image result for aquila eagle spqr symbolImage result for german nazi eagle imagesGod frequently uses attention-getting symbolism to encourage our repentance. Jesus used glorious parables (a story illuminating a moral or spiritual teaching) to enlighten the believers and curious, while inciting His opposition to repent or oppose him more vigorously. The Bible is replete with symbolism reflected in earthly creatures. The Prophet Daniel and John’s animal dreams are the focus today.

The Super Bowl Parable: When the Patriots (America) lost to the Eagles (Rome’s Aquila Symbol) last Sunday (sun god), did we observe a foretelling of future events unveiled by God? Does God use present-day symbolism linked to biblical symbolism to teach us lessons? What about 9-11? Calling 911 means an emergency call, doesn’t it? God loves to use symbolism.

Please note: We shouldn’t overlook all the godly believers in the Philadelphia Eagles Organization. What a great witness they were for Jesus this week. God has preserved a remnant in filthy Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love(?). But, after watching their frenzied fans accost my sheepish MN neighbors two weeks ago, this prophecy comes to mind: Because you have kept the Torah of patient endurance, I will keep you from the time [moed?] of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those dwelling upon the earth. Revelation 3:10

Let’s examine the Eagle Symbol. [Source: Wiki] An aquila, or eagle, was a prominent symbol used in ancient Rome, especially as the standard of a Roman legion. A legionary known as an aquilifer, or eagle-bearer, carried this standard. Each legion carried one eagle.
SPQR is an initialism of a phrase in Latin: Senātus Populusque Rōmānus [The Beast System Rulers and the People fornicating with the Beast] ("The Roman Senate and People", or more freely as "The Senate and People of Rome"; Classical Latin: [sɛˈnaː.tʊs pɔpʊˈlʊs.kᶣɛ roːˈmaː.nʊs]), referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic, and used as an official emblem of the modern-day comune (municipality) of Rome. It appears on Roman currency, at the end of documents made public by inscription in stone or metal, in dedications of monuments and public works, and was emblazoned on the vexilloids of the Roman legions.
The phrase commonly appears in Roman political, legal and historical literature.
An aquila, or eagle, was a prominent symbol used in ancient Rome, especially as the standard of a Roman legion. A legionary known as an aquilifer, or eagle-bearer, carried this standard. Each legion carried one eagle.

The eagle was extremely important to the Roman military, beyond merely being a symbol of a legion. A lost standard was considered an extremely grave occurrence, and the Roman military often went to great lengths to both protect a standard and to recover it if lost; for example, see the aftermath of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where the Romans spent decades attempting to recover the lost standards of three legions.
No legionary eagles are known to have survived. However, a number of other Roman eagles, either symbolizing imperial rule or used as funeral emblems, have been discovered. [1] Wiki

“The Aquila became the official symbol of Roman legions since Gaius Marius used it in 102 BC. Before that, five symbols served as military standards: the eagle, the wolf, the minotaur, the horse, and the boar. The eagle held a special symbolism for the Romans. The eagle was associated with Jupiter, the chief god of the Roman pantheon. Jupiter was the god of the sky and thunder, hence the thunderbolts often seen on the aquilae. He was regarded as the patron of the Roman state since the days of the Roman Kingdom.
Besides the religious symbolism, the eagle was associated with strength, courage, and farsightedness in the ancient world. It was because of these associations that the eagle was used as Rome’s official emblem.” Kevin Chiu

[Source: Quora] “Why did the Nazis use Roman symbols? Where is the connection between these not very apparently similar philosophies? Because they were claiming continuity with Rome.

A popular term for the Nazi state was the Third Reich. Why "Third"? Who were the other two?
The second Reich was the German Empire, which Hitler was still somewhat upset about being dismantled after the First World War.

The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire (which was neither holy, nor Roman, but never mind that). And the Holy Roman Empire was named that because Charlemagne was crowned Emperor by the Pope, and saw itself as the rightful successor to the old Roman Empire which was actually based in Rome. (They had some delicate diplomatic interactions with Byzantium, who also saw themselves as the rightful heirs to the title of Roman Empire, and with a somewhat better claim.)
So after the Roman Empire, the greatest conquering force known in Europe (as far as they were concerned, anyway), there came the Holy Roman Empire in direct rightful succession, which just happened to be based in Germany. And after Napoleon dismantled the Holy Roman Empire, along with the rest of Europe, it lay dormant until the German Empire became its rightful successor (or so the theory went). And after that was ended by the loss of the First World War, Hitler's propagandists declared that this was merely a pause until the Nazis could build the Deutsches Reich as its rightful successor. And the connections to the original Roman Empire were played up to emphasise the continuity from that to Hitler.” David Cameron Staples

While it is generally regarded and biblically explained and that the Daniel 7 dream pertains to Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, why wouldn’t it also relate to Great Britain, America, Russia, Germany, and the final Beast System?

“I had a vision at night; I saw there before me the four winds of the sky breaking out over the great sea, and four huge animals came up out of the sea [peoples], each different from the others. The first was like a lion [Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon/Great Britain], but it had eagle’s wings [Nebuchadnezzar’s hairy seven-year phase/America]. As I watched, its wings were plucked off, and it was lifted off the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man, and a human heart was given to it. Then there was another animal, a second one, like a bear [Cyrus the Annointed one of Medo-Persia/Russia]. It raised itself up on one side, and it had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. It was told, ‘Get up, and gorge yourself with flesh!’ After this, I looked; and there was another one, like a leopard [Alexander of Greece/Germany], with four bird’s wings [After Frankfurt, four locations-London, Paris, Vienna, & Naples] on its sides. The animal also had four heads [Mayer Amschel Rothschild had four sons], and it was given power to rule. After this, I looked in the night visions; and there before me was a fourth animal [Caesar leading the Roman Legions with an Aquila Eagle preceding/the Pope leading the New World Order with an Aquila Eagle leading it too], dreadful, horrible, extremely strong, and with great iron teeth. It devoured, crushed and stamped its feet on what was left. It was different from all the animals that had gone before it, and it had ten horns. Daniel 7:1-7 (CJB)
“…my thought was that the Eagles represented the eagle on our country’s seal that is actually a Phoenix in disguise ( I read this in Tom Horn’s book Zenith 2016) that stands for the NWO, defeating the USA, the Patriots. And from the destruction of the USA comes the New World Order.” Eve Marie McLellan Chase

Most of the world’s wealth and precious metals are controlled by the Pope, Queen Elizabeth, and the King of Saudi Arabia. These three, leading the New World order (NWO) will conspire to force you to take the Mark of the Beast via various means.
Here’s the problem with linking the Daniel 7 dream to present-day countries: Germany wants a quick money transfer from chaos. They aren’t interested in nuking the world or managing an apostate worldwide religion. Only countries with huge land masses can survive a nuclear confrontation. And, we all know that Pope Francis, and not Germany, will guide the world’s false religion. Thus, the argument breaks down; or does it?

Consider Military and Banking; Do you see it now? Years ago, the sun never set on the British (Lion) banking system. The Eagle’s Wings (America) became the world’s banker after Britain rejected the Jews. As America will separate itself from God and the Jews, so banking power will be transferred via war to Russia. However, Russia will fail at becoming the world’s banker, so Germany and the Rothschild Family will take over the responsibilities until the final beast will rise like an Aquila Eagle, taking everything from everybody via the Mark of the Beast.

Now, consider John’s Revelation Beast application:
and I saw a beast come up out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads. On its horns were ten royal crowns and on its heads blasphemous names. The beast which I saw was like a leopard [German Bankers], but with feet like those of a bear [Russia] and a mouth like the mouth of a lion [the British Queen has even more money]. To it the dragon [China] gave its power, its throne and great authority. Revelation 13:1-2 (CJB)

If God is allowing us a glimpse of the near future, then it looks foreboding. Our trusted prophetic voices have been very active lately, after a quiet few years.
[Source: Byron Searle 2.4.18] “As the Lord was speaking this word to me, I saw what looked like a graph of the stock market that had been heading upward, and then I saw the drop on Friday, 2/2, of 666. From there, the line continued to go down, and it appeared to me that it would be on Monday, 2/5, what looked like an auto shut down or close to it. Then the line continued heading down with another drop and auto shut down closely following, but I didn't see the timing on that. Then I saw the line continue on with the arrow pointing on a downward trend. Transcript of Word from the LORD: My son, many have said that something will happen during the Super Bowl, but I say to you, watch the next day. The world only cares about money, so I will take it away from them. Watch the money markets as they are going to crash. The world is drunk with the drink of money. I will make it wormwood [bitter]. The crash dive I spoke about is in progress. The plane has been flying along, but going down slowly, so slowly people have not noticed. My son, one engine is on fire called Crypto-currency. The second engine called Bonds is now on fire. The third engine called DOW is smoking. When that catches fire, the plane will crash. My son, this nation is fat with debt, and being a debtor is being a slave to the master. Who is the master that this nation is enslaved to? Satan is the god of this world. He manipulates people and nations. He brings wars and killings, heartache and sorrow, all over money. My son, this nation has fallen so much in sin because of one thing - money. Satan is the master this nation is enslaved to. People start wars over money. People kill other people over money. People steal because of money. People murder babies for money. You see, my son, everything in this world that is sin driven by Satan is over money. Envy, strife, murder, pride of life, haughty attitudes, love of flesh, pornography, all for money. My son, Heaven is made of gold, silver, and precious stones. Money means nothing to Me, I own it all and all the cattle on a thousand hills. When the plane crashes, Satan will be furious and come out with his own money. This money will be a Mark [of the beast] that will change the heart of man away from Me. My Remnant must be ready, for the plane is coming down. The world will be in flames, and a nation will be no more. Be ready, Be ready, BE READY!! Messiah Jesus”

[Source: Byron Searle 2.4.18] Transcript: I am preparing you for what is coming, the time of perils. t has already begun but many have not noticed because you are caught up in worldly things and with worldly people. You are not using discernment. It has already begun and many have not noticed! You have seen the signs in the moon, another marker in time. All scripture will be fulfilled that was prophesied by my messengers and prophets. It will quickly happen before your eyes! Events will take place in a whirlwind! Remember these words, keep them close to your heart. I will call some of you away, the others will remain until the appointed time. This is the end of the age, the time of perils. It has already begun but many have not noticed ! Soon you will meet me in the clouds.
[Source: Mena Lee Grebin 2.4.18] "I would like to share something that was shown to me...

Over the last two weeks, I've had visions and dreams of flood waters coming in. Finally, two nights ago, the Lord spoke to me during the 4th watch and said that the land will see many devastating floods. He was not specific on how this would occur. We know that flooding can be caused by torrential rains, tropical storms, tsunamis (which are caused by earthquakes), hurricanes, etc. I also saw many rivers, bayous and streams flowing out of their banks and damaging homes and cars.
As with all things, take this to prayer for confirmation. Shalom  Mena Lee Grebin  Faithful Walk Healing Ministries"

Mark Biltz explains our current signs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpR42mUAuPo  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eIi0EC5zes

Then I looked, and I heard a lone eagle give a loud cry, as it flew in mid-heaven, "Woe! Woe! Woe to the people living on earth, because of the remaining blasts from the three angels who have yet to sound their shofars!" Revelation 8:13 (CJB)


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