Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sixth Seal: CERN Opens Abyss: Real Or Imagined: Many Signs Of The End Times?

Something is rotten in Denmark (and not just the unique perspective of a rare solar eclipse on 3.20.2015); but, what is it? Is this a trend, or another set of signs of the end times? My job is to warn you when something real affects you, but what is real in the news today? Here are the recent headlines and my opinions to match.

3.3.2015-Netanyahu appeals to Congress about Iran's nukes (The Purim Story with Haman portrayed by Iran)
3.4.2015-The Purim story about Haman/Iran

My opinions: While Obama talks to TV/Youtube Hosts, Netanyahu acts like Churchill. May we swap leaders, please?

3.5.2015-Where's Waldo (Putin)? Where is Vladimir Putin? Russia's President has been awol for 10 days and the rumour mill is in overdrive – See more at:

My opinions: Putin is former KGB, and he's incredibly vain; there is a very good reason why he's hiding. Stay tuned.
Putin returns and Defcon 3 begins? - See more at:

3.13? or 20?.2015-CERN “The Search For The Smallest [God] Particle” Restart-CERN's Move to Restart Large Hadron Collider at Double Power Reignites Doomsday Fears – See more at:

Grotesque Dance at CERN Video – See more at:

My opinions: Somebody, lacking wisdom, is attempting to play God. They're also lying about when they will restart playing God. The best guesses are 3.20.2015 to begin again, to match the Spring Solstice. My other guess is that they will open up the Abyss/Tehom to cause a huge earthquake found in Revelation's Sixth Seal, and release demonic beasts found in Revelation's Trumpet Judgments. The implications are creepy, like Minerva. 
From what I can biblically discern, Noah was Tawmim (uncorrupted) in generation (seed), and that everyone else had Nephilim seed. God wiped out most of the Nephilim seed during the flood, but some survived. Then, God chained these wicked spirits until our idiot leaders unlock them. sources are 1 Peter 3:18-21, Ephesians 5:8-9, Jude 6 and 2 Peter 2:4-5. CERN is opening the gates of the Abyss/Tehom to unleash Hell on Earth. 

MINERvA searches for wisdom among neutrinos – See more at:

3.15.2015-Beware the Ides of March? CME and Space Radiation Event – See more at:

My opinions: There was Global Warming, and that ended a few years ago. Today, we are experiencing extremely low solar activity, which is driving extreme climate changes, and phenomena. I don't know why the sun suddenly woke up on 3.9.2015, and the CME's became earth-facing 3.14.2015.

3.17.2015-Israeli Elections
My opinions: Pray for Israel/Netanyahu please.

3.20.2015-Total Solar Eclipse on the Spring Solstice/Festival of Minerva/Head of Jewish religious year (Adar 29/Nissan I)

My opinions: Solar eclipses are associated with Judgment on the Nations, and lunar eclipses are associated with Judgment on Israel. We'll see both this year in spectacular fashion, especially if CERN is at full power. (I don't endorse this video, but it's weird enough to match CERN.) CERN's Owl god MINERVA: 3-20 ECLIPSE Festival of WAR: QUINQUATRIA! - See more at:

3.30.2015-Begins four day inspection of the Passover Lamb-Nisan 10
4.3-4.2015-Passover/Third Blood Moon Eclipse
4.5.2015 First Fruits/Barley harvest/Easter: Jesus' Resurrection date shared by Orthodox Jews and Messianic believers in Yahushua and Western Christians
My opinions: It's rare to have all three groups share the same fifty day Omer count to Pentecost/Shavuot.

5.24.2015-Pentecost/Shavuot for Jews, Messianic believers in Yahushua, and Christians.
7.4-26.2015-Dire Straits for Judaism and Comet Siding spring's particles could arrive?

My opinions: In earlier posts, I have established the probability that we will soon see the Fourth Seal judgments, including a quick, decisive war. Based upon NASA cutting the feed when Comet Siding Spring hit Mars, and the comet exploding, we should expect Sixth Seal burning debris around Av 9, 2015, during July.

9.13-15.2015-Rosh HaShanah-Partial Solar Eclipse on 9.13.2015

My opinions: Shmittah year begins this day, and the Jubilee year begins on Rosh HaShanah 2016. Rosh HaShanah celebrates the King returning to His fields to inspect them.

9.22.2015-Pope Francis arrives in Pennsylvania

9.23-24.2015-Yom Kippur-The Holiest Day of the Jewish year. 
9.27-10.6.2015-Sukkot-God dwelling with us.

My opinions: The Jewish scriptures for this holiday strongly reference the Gog-Magog Wars. That war will occur after the upcoming war.
September 28, 2015 ~ Fourth (4th) Blood Moon

My final opinions: This is going to be a wild year of condensed disasters. I expect war to begin any day now. I also expect the world's economies to fall soon too.
Read any article:

Based upon solid research, I believed that God was going to begin judgment on the earth in 2013, and begin the Great Tribulation in 2015-2016. Then, some godly people began to pray, and God delayed. I talked to one of those people last week, and he confirmed what occurred. God told him and others to pray and fast for 40 days in early 2013 to stave off the downfall of the world, just prior to the Great Tribulation.

It seems to be the moedim (appointed time) now. I believe that we will see sacrifices on the Temple Mount on Nisan 10, 2016, if this is the appointed time. God has delayed events. Will He continue to delay?
Here's another opinion on the why everything has been delayed. (I don't endorse much else in this video).
Questionable Rabbi Kaduri News (via N. Gordon): An ad in an Israeli newspaper warning of the imminent advent of the "Great and Terrible Day of the Lord". The ad announces a prophecy of the famous Kabbalist Rabbi Kaduri that the Messiah is already in Israel. It predicts that a mega tsunami from Lake Michigan will wipe out Chicago on March 17, 2015. This will be accompanied by major earthquakes throughout the world and Paris, Rome and London sinking into the ocean. Will Rabbi Kaduri be proven to be a false prophet or will the end begin on March 17, 2015? The Rabbi in the photos are Maimonides (left) and Rabbi Kaduri (right). The word Mashiach (Messiah) appears in red throughout the ad. The ad was put out by

Flood news: March 2015:

3.9.2015-Jewish Temple Alter Rebuilt, Ready For Use - See more at:

Casting all your cares upon him, for He cares for you. I Peter 5:7



  1. Joel, what's your take on the Jubilee cycle? I think we could get a pretty close approximation on where we are based on how long the actual cycle is and when it was first observed in the Land.

  2. Karduri was wrong I guess. Next!.................

  3. Wednesday, March 25 before the CERN beams collide again: