Friday, April 5, 2013

Feeling Desperate? When Will North Korea Or BRICS Attack? Where Is God In All This? Wag The Dog!

What comprises an attack against the USA and Western Nations? If you think nuclear weapons or war are the only forms of attack, guess again. The USA is at war, and the nature of the war is yet to be determined.

The annual BRICS convention of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa just concluded. Five nations overtly declared war on Western banking, while covertly declaring war with their puppet state, North Korea. Have you noticed the odd reports our of North Korea lately? Watch as North Korea increasingly behaves like the junk yard dog on a leash, barking with no bite. Then watch for the covert creation of a new international banking system, devoid of the USA, the dollar, or Western influences.

The BRICS Nations are employing a process known as "Wagging the Dog." Bill Clinton used the process masterfully, as he focused our attention on war, instead of on his affair with Monica Lewinsky. There is no imminent attack forthcoming from goofy North Korea. However, there are imminent deceptions coming, so watch the other [BRICS] hand that's "Wagging the Dog."

From World Net Daily:

‘New economic world order’

The U.S. military shift comes as the so-called BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – seek to create a monetary system to rival and even surpass the West.

While it received little U.S. media attention, last week at its fifth annual summit the BRICS group unveiled what it said was a new development bank aimed at breaking the monopoly held by Western-backed institutions.

The bank would use $50 billion of seed capital shared equally between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa but would clearly be dominated by China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave support for the bank while India’s trade minister said BRICS will “have a defining influence on the global order of this century.”

“It’s done,” said Pravin Gordhan, South African Finance Minister, last Tuesday, adding that “we made very good progress” on the formation of a World Bank-analogue development agency

Iran’s Press TV described the deal this way: “The BRICS bank will present an alternative solution to the Western-dominated global banking system comprised of the Bretton Woods institutions – the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“The new bank will provide a collective foreign exchange reserve and a fund for financing developmental projects in order to address the needs of emerging and poor economies.”

Press TV reported, “BRICS members say the current global balance of power is unworkable, with institutions such as the WB, the IMF and the United Nations Security Council irrelevant in addressing matters concerning global economics.”

Under the deal, the two largest economies of the emerging power groups, China and Brazil, agreed to remove nearly half of their trade exchanges out of the U.S. dollar zone – a significant blow to the U.S. dollar.

Some in the U.S. are skeptical the BRICS moves will actually work.

Joseph S. Nye, a professor at Harvard University, wrote in The Australian newspaper: “Tellingly, the meeting in Durban failed to produce any details of the structure of the proposed new development bank, suggesting that little progress had been made in the year since the BRICS’ last meeting in New Delhi, where the plan was announced.”

Continued Nye: “In fact, despite a commitment to launch “formal negotiations” to establish the bank, disagreements about the size and shares of the bank’s capital have not been resolved.”

The New American took the other side, arguing the BRICS bank is a step closer toward a world government. (End)

Where is God in all of this? We kicked God out of our schools in 1963. We kicked God out of our government, and out of our homes too. God doesn't honor most new age churches. We have no time for God, thus we deserve judgment.

04.07.2013 Update: They're printing more worthless currency!

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